Date: 8/29/2005


Calling the multi-culti fanatics to account /// 27th August 2005/// News article filed by BNP news team /// There are about 18 homicides a week in Britain (853 in England and Wales, 108 in Scotland in the year 2003). Some are horrific murders of children by sick sexual perverts, others are vulnerable pensioners and war veterans murdered in their own homes. A handful each year are racially aggravated murders but if viewers were to believe the rubbish peddled by the BBC then it would appear that only white Britons are racist murderers and that a racially aggravated murder of a white person is of little importance. How many typical BBC viewers could name just one white victim of racially aggravated murder? On the other hand how many BBC viewers could fail to name the victims of alleged white on black murder such as Stephen Lawrence and latterly Anthony Walker? /// Let’s be clear on one thing, murder is wicked, it leaves untold agony on the victim’s family and friends. Murdering someone; black, brown or white simply because they are different is indefensible, wicked and a consequence of the failed multi-cultural experiment, so why then is there such a contrast in the media reporting of racially motivated murders? Why is there such a contrast in the reaction of the media, the police, the churches and the entire liberal-left establishment to racially motivated murders? /// Live coverage /// Just 48hrs ago the BBC broadcasted, live on its 24 hour news channel the full coverage of funeral service of the murdered black teenager Anthony Walker. Live television coverage of funeral services is usually reserved for members of the royal family, deceased former prime ministers and the occasional film “star”. Not only that but the service itself was held in Liverpool cathedral and the city council provided a big screen in the city centre to allow shoppers and commuters to view the service which was attended by the Chief Constable of Merseyside Bernard Hogan-Howe and Louise Ellman, MP for Liverpool Riverside. The life of this young man has been dissected and analysed by assorted hacks and television presenters, filling countless hours of airtime and yards of newsprint. The life of one teenager was tragically and brutally ended in a senseless attack and of course it is newsworthy and the nation should know the circumstances of his brutal slaying. /// Brutal murder of schoolboy /// However just 17 months ago 15 year Kris Donald was murdered on the streets of his native Glasgow in a cold blooded act of savagery by a gang of Pakistani youths who abducted him at random just because he was white, held him captive for nearly 12 hours castrating him, torturing and stabling him repeatedly before setting his body on fire. There was no service in Glasgow cathedral, no live coverage of his funeral courtesy of the BBC, no appearance at his funeral service by the Strathclyde Chief Constable and no appearance by the local MP. This was probably the most savage murder ever committed in Glasgow, if not in all of Scotland, the circumstances of the schoolboy being abducted at random simply because he was white, made it even more so. The family still grieve and three men are still in custody in Pakistan awaiting extradition proceedings to face justice in Scotland. /// When 32 year old David Henkel was beaten and kicked senseless in a racially motivated attack on July 23rd in Chatham where were the cries of condemnation by the press, where were the camera crew from BBC interviewing the victim’s relatives, analysing his life, his career prospects and family ambitions? Did the Chief Constable of Kent attend his funeral? Did the local MP sign a nook of condolences? Why does the very name of David Henkel not appear at all in the BBC online search tool? Why did not a senior churchman speak out against anti-white racism when Gavin Hopley, Ashley Hedger, Sean Whyte were senselessly slain by anti-white racist thugs? /// Worthless white trash /// We know the answers and we know why! The message coming from the BBC, the churches and the police chiefs and the government is that White victims of racist murder are nothing more than worthless trash, expendable cannon fodder on the frontlines of the racial war which has been brought on to the streets of Britain by multi-cultural fanatics who, like all bigoted fanatics are singularly selective in what they see, how they feel and how they respond to external stimuli. /// Response /// The double standards is sickening and this phenomenon is getting noticed, not just by the observant commentators and writers of the BNP, it is being noticed and talked about on the council estates where the white people are growing weary of being treated as second–class citizens in their own land. It is being noticed and talked about, just occasionally, in the likes of the Daily Mail and the Telegraph, not often but just one well written article by the likes of Peter Hitchens has a much greater readership and a greater impact than our modest publishing operations. It is being noticed and talked about by the more observant and cerebral members of the electorate. /// The multi-culturalists in the BBC, in the senior ranks of our police force and the government will not continue to get away with this display of hypocrisy and brow-beating. The more that the British electorate notice and subsequently talk about this disgraceful display of double standards the quicker the talking will lead to political action and the whole lot of the multiculti fanatics will be called to account. /// ...........................000000000