Date: 8/30/2005


Message 28 of 28 Subject 4 of 45 /// Subject: Re: Faith Schools /// Date: 30/08/2005 08:54 GMT Daylight Time /// From: Rashtra1947 /// MsgId: 34351:17570 /// If Mr Blair persists down this road (against the better judgement of 2/3 of the electorate ) he is condemming English society in 20 or 30 years time to the sort of society we have seen in Northern Ireland where religious hatred is now part of the social fabric of society./// ----------------------/// Not Ireland, but LOOK AT PARTITIONED INDIA where Faith Schools led to her bloodiest event in 1947 when TWO MILLION innocent citizens were caught in the trap manufactured by ISLAMIC Faith Schools and the country was fragmented and bled to death. We also saw how Afghanistan got the Taliban who came from Faith Schools in Pakistan./// Mr. BLAIR, We say, "If you wish to restrict any kind of such schools, then have the courage to ban ISLAMIC schools. They are the only ones that teach separateness, superiority of Islam, world domination, even Jihad./// I do not know of any other Faith that is still stuck to its roots under the surface of earth (7th century AD) like Islam./// -KURU. /// Aug 30, 2005./// ==============/// FURTHER COMMENT: The Catholics or Protestants of N. Ireland are not blowing trains and buildings in THIRD COUNTRIES like the Pakistanis who exploded bombs on the bus and the underground trains in London on July 7, 2005./// Nor do the Catholics in Ireland relate so strongly to their fellow Catholics in Southern Phillipines as to go there to slaughter the Muslims./// So let us recognize that the other conflicts are local while to touch the "whiskers" of a Muslim in Chechnya or Kashmir instantly makes it a GLOBAL act of war against the Muslims from North Pole to South Pole./// ..........................000000000