Date: 9/3/2005


BESLAN, SEP 3, 2005./// Today the people of Beslan commemorated the dead of that town one year ago. 331 white balloons went up to sky, each one for a killed child. There was one minute silence across the whole of Russia. In Beslan during that one minute the world could hear the uncontrollable anguished wails and cries of the bereaved mothers and families. /// The siege of Beslan enforced by heartless, callous savage MUSLIM terrorists shook the soul of the whole world, especially of those who are the children and grandchildren of another bloody siege, the worst in human history, that resulted in the death of not just 331 humans but TWO MILLION betrayed Indians. /// At the hour of midnight, when Bandit Jawaharlal NEHRU was addressing his own slave colony (Partitioned Indian Secular State or P.I.S.S.), a STEEL CURTAIN dropped across the whole of Western and Eastern India. Those on the OTHER side who went under the dark flag of Islam, now helplessly sat under the gaze and murderous power of their killers. /// It was like letting in a pack of hungry wolves into the sheep pen. A blood bath began with people killed, abducted, raped, mutilated, burnt to ash, in their homes, in fields, shops, factories, temples and gurdwaras and on the run. /// All escape routes were cut. For the betrayed, their dear motherland India became a giant furnace in a FOREIGN country in one second. /// There were lucky HIndu / Sikh survivors, too, like those from Beslan, who managed to evade the eye of murderous, lusty, vulgar and bloodthirsty “Mohammeds”, and escaped. /// They have now scattered across the whole world, from Australia through Europe to Canada and the United States, a living testimony to India's greatest unconditional surrender, her worst ever defeat at the hands of her own home grown INDIGENOUS Muslims. /// Muslim terrorists and killers, who held hundreds of innocent small children hostage and kept them in terror without water and food for three days, also held the passports of Russia. Like our own DEVILS in Noakhali, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Multan and North Kashmir, they were also indigenous. /// The memory of our dead and the grief of Hindu refugees still living in refugee camps away from their ancestral homes in the Valley, will not vanish from our souls and from the collective psyche of Hindusthan simply because our Land of Gods is once again hostage to the evil Will, and the strategic goals, of Hindu bashing / Sikh KILLING Congress Party and the ONE DYNASTY that still rules the roost in our sacred land of Sri Rama, Sri Krishna and Guru Nanak, despite the departure of the British colonial masters some SIX DECADES ago. /// The word "secular" in P.I.S.S. now takes precedence, as per Constitution and daily practice, over the word "Hindu". The word "Sikh" brings to one's mind the picture of a turbaned Taliban holding the gun in hand. /// Not a single tall scholar or great Hindu professor tells us the truth that is bitter. /// Here is that bitter truth from which there is NO escape for the captive Hindu nation, living in state of siege like the innocent small children of Beslan: /// "Secularism to be valid in Delhi has to be RAMMED DOWN the throat of every Mohammed in Lahore." /// In the end either the Hindu will PERISH in Delhi or survive in LAHORE, too. /// None in the Lok Sabha (Parliament) of “serfs, servants and baboo(n)s” is occupied with the questions, “Why it happened,” and “How India’s siege will end.” /// Thank you to all the world media, especially BBC World TV who are covering the Siege of Beslan and will broadcast a special programme entitled "Children of Beslan" next weekend. /// It is FUTILE to expect a programme on the "Hindus of Noakhali”, “Children of Lahore" and "Women of Rawalpindi", who could not escape the horrible siege in 1947, on India’s own “Doordarshan” and “All India Radio”. /// No white balloons go up into the sky over Hindusthan on August 15 each year, one for each killed human. The sky would be covered from horizon to horizon. /// Shame on YOU, President Abdul Kalam, for wiping out the memory of our betrayed dead. We expected you to be present in Beslan today. /// You could also have sent either prime minister Manmohan Singh or the future “father of nation” Rahul Gandhi, who went to KABUL with sacks full of dollars. Some of those dollars will eventually go to the terrorists in Chechnya./// ---------------------/// PS: The brave but innocent British were shaken to the bone marrow on July 7 last at the totally unexpected murderous misdeed of their own "HOME GROWN" terrorists. /// 56 white balloons will go up into the sky over London next year, one for each victim./// We ask the Mayor of London to invite the President of P.I.S.S. (Partitioned Indian Secular State) to the ceremony. /// .........................000000000