Date: 9/3/2005


Dear Sir,/// When Al Jazeera shows such film of suicide bomber, there is generally a coded message for further attack: suicide or other. /// Coming events cast their shaows before, even the Hurricane Katrina gave plenty of warning but it is the human inertia that people don't react and act in time, to their cost. 10,000 people are already dead in Luisiana alone.This is no third world country like India but only they ignored the writing on the wall.or in this case, coming hurricane over the sea.. /// Kashimir issue is the reason for Pakistan to exist as an independent country otherwise it would become or remain as a part of India as a Muslim majority state or be divided between Afghanistan and India../// Pakistan has already aquired nuclear bombs and is hoping to obtain F!6s which is likely to tip the military balance of power in its favour.Win or lose, trouble is brewing for all to see.clearly.. /// Hindu and Sikh leaders in India have been given many wake up calls including a jolt in 1947, please tell your people how prepared you are and what are your disaster plans., it not if but when/// / - A PATRIOT/// +++++++++++++/// (Original Message) /// TELEVISION IN BRITAIN reporting today September 2, 2005. Please don't watch it as an entertaining film. Draw conclusins and LESSONS from what the Pakistani bomber said on Al Jazeera TV, He said, "I will kill you if you kill my BROTHERS in any other part of the world."/// And THAT brings in KASHMIR./// Since the TARGETS will be HINDUS, and the real fireworks will be happening iin Bharat, what are our leaders planning to do? /// Are they waiting for another PARTITION?/// Who are our GENUINE leaders, behind the facade of Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan? Come on, we are a HINDU nation, more so after surrendering ONE THIRD of our country at Partition. Secularism since PARTITION is a lethal trap that we must reject. /// India will be secular ONLY when Lahore is in its map. /// ==============================/// writes:/// ..............Also tonight - the justification of the London bombings as enunciated by one of those who carried them out. The Edgware Road bomber's explanation for what he did poses many problems for those trying to combat Islamic radicalism - not least the fact they agree on many of the foreign policy grievances against the US and Britain. We'll be examining the impact of the video statement and what it tells us about al-Qaeda's involvement. /// -----------------/// NEWSNIGHT BBC 2 TV/// Bomber video /// Our diplomatic editor Mark Urban examines the significance of the video message left by Mohammed Sidique Khan, one of the London bombers, which has been aired on Arabic television. When and where was the tape recorded and what does it tell us about who ordered the attacks? /// =================/// LETTER TO BBC by an NRI:/// Dear BBC,/// You have done well to show us the video in which the Muslim (Pakistani) suicide bomber, who killed the passengers on a tube in London on July 7 last, is giving his blood chilling warning. /// But what about showing his WIFE? They say, "There is a woman behind every remarkable man." So what about HIS woman? /// Is she in BURQA? /// Is she a non entity? /// Is she illiterate, straight from Pakistan? /// Is she a graduate from a British University? /// Has she flown back to Pakistan, Is she in hiding at a secret address in this country?/// How are the British public to know about her, while the media have given such huge publicity to her husband? /// So please, when you show a Muslim "hero" or "ciminal" shw his wife, children and parents, too./// Thank you/// NRI IN UK./// Sep 2, 05./// =====================/// ........................000000000