Date: 9/3/2005


FOR HINDU / SIKH LEADERS (for action)/// TO THE REST (for awareness/information/comment)/// One reason why the natives of India are so LOW DOWN on our territory is that we have useless uninspiring leaders and thus TURN AWAY from our own causes but step out boldly and spiritedly to serve FOREIGN causes. Some of us (luckily not all) are "goats" when it comes to a Hindu cause but "tigers" when we speak for the NON Hindus. /// There are NO tigers among us when we think of the Kashmiri Hindus, Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, even raising a Memorial to the Dead of Partition, but ask the security forces to catch those who come across the borders to explode bombs in Bharat, then the majority is SILENT. /// In the UK, too, it is no different. When the government tries to clamp down on Islamic extremism or deport those who are illegal, it is the Sikhs and the Hindus who cry out for their "civil liberties". /// In our mandirs and gurdwaras "Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai" is as much in evidence in United Kingdom as it is in Partitioned india although we have yet to hear this in a mosque or church- be it in UK or USA. /// When the British National Party cried out, "Watch out for ISLAM!" it was the Hindus and the Sikhs who started trembling in fear of Muslim displeasure. /// Although the BNP is doing in UK what the Hindus and Sikhs were supposed to do in East Bengal and West Punjab BEFORE Partition, there is hardly any supporter of BNP among the NRI's in UK. /// The Muslim "dominated" media call the BNP a threat to all immigrants regardless. This is not so. BNP has yet to express displeasure over the Hindu and Sikh communities who are regarded an asset for UK's economy and defence respectively. /// Here is another example which will surprise nobody. /// The Sikh Council Of Australia Inc., 170- Ninth Avenue Austral, N.S.W 2179, has spiritedly taken up the cause of Muslim females' head wear, and written to Hon John Howard MP, Prime Minister Of Australia, as follows;- /// Dear Prime Minister,/// Ref: Hon. Bronwyn Bishop's proposal to ban Muslim girls from wearing headscarves. /// Ms. Bishop's remarks are unfortunate, out of place, and outdated. In the prevailing tense climate of fear, panic and anxiety, /// (Actually the Sikh Council of Australia is expressing their own fear, panic and anxiety, while the Muslims have 52 ISLAMIC Republics to stand by any Musalman male or female. The Muslims can also blow up trains and towers to give force and urgency to their demands, and can still put up a brave face. /// In 1947 while the Sikhs were trembling merely to think what might happen to their Muslim brethren after PARTITION, their Muslim brethren slaughtered half a million Sikhs and chased MILLIONS out of their homes. The Muslims not only stayed put in what was left of India but increased their presence in East Punjab too. /// Today while the Sikhs are gathering funds to feed the widows of Indira's OPERATION BLUE STAR, the Muslim clout, Mr. Abdul Kalam, can speak to the President of Australia if any Muslim is hurt from Australia to America. The term Muslim brotherhood is unknown to the Sikhs in Australia./// Obviously the ignorant Sikhs show GENETIC INFERIORITY and habitual subservience to Islam and champion Muslim causes while a Muslim will not touch any Sikh cause even with a barge pole. /// The Sikh Council of Australia can try this out by commending Sikh religion to Abdul Kalam or Sonia Khan, and get a "slap" in turn) /// The letter continues: it should be the aim of the people's representatives to make statements to dispel misunderstanding, to strengthen the bonds of understanding and friendship amongst the people, and not to fuel racism by making such xenophobic statements. /// The Sikh Council Of Australia strongly opposes any such proposal. In a multinational and multicultural country, such as Australia, where the constitution guarantees freedom of religion and cultural practices and where people from diverse ethnic backgrounds are living harmoniously, one wonders how some one's dress can symbolise a clash of cultures. /// People should not be discriminated against on the basis of dress or ethnicity. /// Sikh Council Of Australia highly appreciates your insight into the long term consequences of the proposal and your views and subsequent stand on the matter. /// Yours sincerely,/// Bawa Singh Jagdev Tel: (02) 96619960/// Secretary, For and on behalf of the Sikh Council Of Australia./// ================== /// We hope the Sikh Council of Australia will also ask the Government ot Pakistan to let the Sikhs in Australia travel visa free to the sacred Janmasthan of Guru NANAK. /// We hope the Sikh Council of Australia will ask Pakistan to respect the human rights of the Sikhs in Lahore and replace the ISLAMIC Constitution by a secular one like that in Australia. /// We hope the Sikh Council of Australia will write to Government of Pakistan to let the Sikhs repossess their properties in West Punjab from where they were chased out by guns, stick, sword and bomb in 1947. /// We hope the Sikh Council of Australia will ask the chief minister of EAST Punjab to move his capital out of Union Territory. /// We hope the Sikh Council of Australia will donate computers to the illiterate Sikh councillors in EAST Punjab who hold world record in ignorance. /// We hope the Sikh Council of Australia will write to the Prime Minister of Australia to copy the noble example of India and import a "Rashtramata" from Italy and the President from Pakistan to show prove their multicultural credentials. /// We hope the Sikh Council of Australia will send a delegate to see the state of human rights of Sikhs in North KASHMIR and East Bengal. /// We hope the Sikh Council of Australia will explain to the people of Australia the difference between a Sikh and a Taliban. /// We hope the Sikh Council of Australia will write to the President of India to declare a Day of Mourning when all the Sikhs of West Punjab were WIPED OUT by an invisible Devil that blubbered out "Kafir & Infidel" in Arabic. /// If the Sikh Council of Australia will do none of this, then we request them to write to Prime Minister of Australia to commend BURQA to his own wife, to appease the Muslims of Australia and enhance the multifaith flavour of the Australian society. Their vote bank is quite a clout./// Who would enlighten us on the psychological motivation of the Australian Sikhs to champion the cause of head dress of a Musalmaani? Is it the FEAR that their own turbans will come under attack? In that case they could approach Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India to write to his Australian counterpart to spare the Sikh turban that has NOTHING to do with any Musalmaan's and Musalmaani's head dress./// The Muslim head dress was meant to save their clean shaven heads from the burning sun of Arabia and protect the women from the lustful gaze of men. The Sikh head dress was meant to take on the turban wearing TALIBAN, swords drawn. In Australia it is an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT WORLD. Hence both ought to be banned. /// The same goes for Sikh KIRPAN. Now it is more a provocation to their enemies than an effective weapon to defend Hindu Dharma. In 1947 the KIRPAN was damn useless if hey had to vacate Lahore in panic and fright, and get slaughtered in Rawalpindi like the Hindus in Noakhali and North Kashmir./// It is time for the Australian Sikhs as well as the British Sikhs to approach RSS and VHP, Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal, in order to appeal to ALL THE HINDUS to carry KIRPANS so that the tiny Sikh minority is relieved of this heavy BURDEN and extreme danger, inherited from the wretched centuries of enslaved Hindustan during the savage Islamic rule. /// The Defence of Hindu Dharma need not be the responsibility of Sikhs alone if the Hindu nation is keen to obey the Italian female as their prime minister. The Italian female, her powerful all-knowing backers and Muslim allies can turn the whole Hindu nation upon the Sikhs once again, and ensure their FINAL SOLUTION. How much of "Hindu Will" was there to defend Lahore? /// ...................================/// To accept Mohammed's flag over LAHORE today is to see the same vulgarity and obscenity over DELHI tomorrow. ........................000000000