Date: 9/5/2005


"You Royal Highness, you are a babe in these woods."/// Prince Charles, the future King of the United Kingdom is keen on a new mosque being built in Cornwall, a favourite holiday area in the South./// Money would be NO problem. Any oil rich ISLAMIC Republic will be willing to pour in TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars for the mosque to make it the best in Europe, if not the whole world./// But what does it show about the FUTURE of this great country? Would the PRINCE also be around when the CANCER calls for SURGERY or mutilation of this UNITED country to PARTITION it, India style?/// The number of Muslim residents in the area is said to be 33 but with the mosque in place, it will increase to 3,000 and then to 300,000 within a decade. Islam has its own way of reproducing itself manyfold in short time under a benign rule. Please see their rate of "explosion" in PARTITIONED INDIA since 1947. /// Up to now we thought that Prime Minister Tony Blair, being a Catholic, would like to see the Catholic Church use Islam to flex its muscles to get the Act of Accession to throne changed to allow a MUSLIM or a CATHOLIC ascend the throne and wear the Crown. But now even a senior member of the Royal family is doing something that will mark the END of monarchy, albeit in distant future. The building stone will soon be laid unless the people of this country are shaken out of complacence and see through the eyes of the Prince that in turn are looking at ISLAM and PAKISTAN through the eyes of Diana, the former Princess of Wales./// When she was happily in company of Dodi Al Fahd, there was the rumour that if they married, one would see a mosque in Buckingham Palace. Will that prophecy be fulfilled via the Duchy of Cornwall? /// With regard to the Hindu disquiet over this mosque coming up, one can forgive the Prince if he said, "HINDUS, WHO ARE THEY? Never seen them around. Do they appear in the Constitution of INDIA?" /// He will get the answere, "NO, Your Rohal Highness. The word "Hindu" is not heard in North Kashmir, East Bengal and Ayodhya but the word ISLAM does appear in FIFTY TWO Constitutions of the Islamic republic on the earth, INCLUDING THE TWO CARVED OUT OF THE PROFUSELY BLEEDING BODY OF HINDUSTAN."/// He will also be told, "At one time the sun never set on the British Empire. Today, it never sets on the Empire of Mohammed." /// With regard to the Hindu Clout in Bharat, the Prince will be asked to consult ABDUL KALAM and SONIA KHAN. /// ...............................================ /// "ASIAN VOICE", London, England, 2-8 July 2005. Front page. /// CHARLES MOSQUE PLANS STIR UPSET./// (Picture: Controversial Prince Charles, pictured at an Islamic function, has plans to build a mosque in Newquay.)/// Prince Charles has caused a revolt over plans to build a mosque as part of a new 250-acre settlement in Cornwall. /// The Prince wants the mosque to adorn the southeast fringes of Newquay. But his plans, as put forward by his duchy of Cornwall e, have come under severe opposition from over a 100 local residents, who have formed an action group to stop a development consortium from building the mosque on the land./// The main objection seems to be that a mosque would not serve any purpose in the new development complex as there are a very limited number of Muslims in the area. Official government figures estimate that out of a population of 22,000, just 33 are Muslims./// The settlement is thought to cost millions of pounds to build and is predicted to be completed by 2016. The upmarket development would comprise several urban villages and hamlets with about 1,200 new homes. Aslo planned are various community oriented services such as a holistic health center and the masonic lodge. /// Although the development has been tentatively welcomed by the local council as a potential regeneration boost to the area and has been supervised by the prince through the Prince’s Foundation and local holiday park owner, George Hautot, the locals have been less understanding./// The action committee, which calls itself the Newquay Mosque Opposition Group, last week sent an open letter to a local newspaper asking instead for a cinema complex/ ice skating rink/supermarket/bowling alley or something for the whole community…. that will not be out of character with the area.” The letter further stated, “All these facilities would generate revenue, giving us something that would generate jobs for the Cornish people. /// Local resident Steven Briggs, as quoted by the Sunday Times newspaper, stated, “I could think of a hundred other things local people would prefer. A mosque is the last thing they would want.”………………/// Not heeding the backlash that has been caused, the Prince’s Foundation is continuing with its plans and has stated that the idea to build a mosque came as a result of “local interest” generated. However, the final outcome will emerge after a public consultation process./// Over the years, Prince Charles has courted religious controversy by describing himself as a “defender of faith”. This angered the traditionalists who say that the future King should pledged his full allegiance to the Church of England only. The Prince has also been noted as a strong supporter of Islam./// These latest development plans have also caused disdain from Hindu community groups, who feel slighted that the Prince has overlooked Hinduism despite publicly espousing secular and non biased religious views./// Commentators have also questioned the usefulness of such gestures as something that can breed of further Islamophobia and broaden the religious divide between various faiths. /// .......................000000000