Date: 9/5/2005


RAHUL (bogus) GANDHI IN HIGH POWERED INDIAN DELEGATION TO AFGHANISTAN, being groomed to become the Foreign Minister and later PRIME MINISTER. /// One is not sure whether it was reported in any Indian news media that Rahul, the son of loafer cum Chor Rajiv, is part of the high level Indian delegation to Afghanistan, dishing out TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS collected from Indian (Hindu) tax payer. /// Nehru dynasty likes to have control over millions of dollars whether white (legal) or black (illegal)./// A couple of years ago Rahul with his COLUMBIAN CATHOLIC female friend were apprehended at an American airport. They found in his suitcase two hundred thousand dollars in CASH. The Indian embassy and ruling establishment rescued him from American justice. Back home he became a Member of Parliament of Baboo(n)s. They now lick his shoes for a smile from his mother./// Rahul is senior member of this Indian delegation under the "leadership" of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. There is no doubt that when it comes to protocol or status, Rahul is far above and superior to native, ex refugee Shri Manmohan Singh. Man-Mohan, the Mind Charmer, has only ONE mind to charm these days. That of Italian born ex maid Sonia Khan./// What qualifications or merit does this bogus "Gandhi" youngster have to represent Hindusthan in Kabul with the authority to dish out TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars in aid for the reconstruction of that country. /// Afghanistan has received immense aid from the world's richest nations including JAPAN, USA and the UK besides Germany and France. So where does india come in where not all can afford a pair of shoes, or get clean water and an adequate meal a day? /// Before setting out to dish out TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, India had to improve her own hospitals, schools and roads and transport, and above all the administration that is corruption, red tape and bribery ridden. /// Questions must be asked, "Is there NO other MP, more senior, capable or patriotic in the whole of LOok Sabha than Rahul to represent India abroad in the company of Prime Minister? it must be a very "cheap and timid" Prime Minister who must include SONIA'S SON, yet another GANDHI, in his high powered delegation travelling abroad, executive class. /// What about a HINDU young MP, of the same age as Rahul? When will WE get HIM out of the dark corner of anonymity? /// Why must it be only a Gandhi that is selected promptly for any LUCRATIVE foreign tour? /// Rajiv had yet to be tried as a criminal involved in Bofors case. But here we have his wife who will not let that case in court proceed and then here again we have his son who is heading for the post of Manmohan Singh in the near future. /// Hindus must throw up a viable, dynamic and WARRIOR opposition. /// Gandhian submission will not do if we have to see only Sonia and Rahul in headlines and in limelight. What a terrible impression we are passing to the rest of the world about Hindu MANLINESS and CAPABILITY. /// But for an accidental or chance viewing of BBC WORLD TV yesterday, one would not have seen Rahul (bogus) Gandhi shaking hands with Prime minister Mohammed Karzai of Afghanistan in Kabul. /// At the age of 19, university student INDIRA accompanied her father NEHRU on an official visit to JAPAN. What a reward to be prime minister's daughter in our Broken Bharat. Little did I know then (1948) that one day she will rise up to be PRIME MINISTER, unopposed. /// Today I see Rahul in the company of Prime Minister of India visiting Kabul, all expenses paid. Little do we yet realise that he will be in the same post as Simpleton Docile MM Singh today, after throwing the Sikh "nishkam sewak" in dust. /// That time is not far if the entire Hindu Jagat does not manage to throw this RAHUL in Dust promptly. /// O yes, politics is so cruel. When India winked an eye, Lahore and Karachi with all the Hindus and Sikh in them, were GONE out of her map. All the might of the world cannot put them back where they truly belong./// In 1947 Mohammed gave a slap to Secularism, and prevailed. Now Rahul is bent upon prevailing over the whole of Bharat, not just his own constituency. Free, secular, democratic and PATRIOTIC forces need to move fast and FORWARD, to curtail the damage to our nation of one billion HINDUS. /// ISN'T IT TIME HINDUSTAN WENT OUT TO HELP THE POOR DYING NEPAL AND THE STARVING OR STRIFE RIDDEN BUDDHIST COUNTRIES TO THE EAST AND SOUTH? /// ..........................000000000