Date: 9/7/2005


September 2, 2005 /// KEEP FAMILIES TOGETHER/// To be happy, keep your family together lovingly. United we stand, divided we fall. One of the many formulas for being happy, is when everyone in the family does their dharma, everyone helps each other. /// If a marriage breaks down, and gets divorced, then the family breaks down and each member goes through a great deal of pain. However if you really look into it, youíll see that society benefits financially a great deal. /// In America two out of three marriages are broken. That is a sad thing. When a marriage is broken, a family splits, society is benefits. One manís poison is another manís food. This sad day for a family is a hey day for society. /// When a family is splitting, private investigators, lawyers and courts get busy. Grandparents and sometimes friends are sad, but many others are sadly entertained with juicy gossip. Talk shows are extremely happy broadcasting the melodrama of broken families. /// Now broken family members do not feel good and that makes doctors, psychiatrists and marriage counselor offices very busy. Unhappiness created by broken families leads them to take more medicine and sometimes leads them to alcohol and drug abuse. That makes substance abuse clinics and hospitals busy. /// As the family breaks up, the Realtor is busy selling the house and now the family needs two apartments, two cars, and of course, two credit cards and two bank accounts. /// Now there is loneliness, so bars are flourishing, single groups are crowded and dating related businesses are very active. Restaurants, travel agents and resort places are busy. On weekends the father will take the children to McDonalds and, of course, going to a movie is topping on the ice cream. /// Broken families are going to spend more so the banks are happy, Government is very happy, as their bureaucrats are busy taking care of the single mothers. /// I can go on and on, but who is the victim of this disaster? It is the family, and most importantly, little children in the family. In the long run society might get rich, but it gets weak. Let us pray that no family gets broken up and let everybody make less money. Let love win and money lose. Letís concentrate more on keeping marriages together. /// Professor Bharat J. Gajjar /// ...........................000000000