Date: 9/7/2005


For Bharatiya Media people &TV Stations/// During Nehru / Gandhi family rule, no media person could dare to write against Nehru and its family. If somebody dared to speak about the policies of Nehru Gandhi family, that media person along with its magazine or newspaper was destroyed. There used to be one monthly English Magazine called “Mother India” published from Mumbai. That magazine once wrote a big article that due to wrong policies of Nehru, Bharat would be attacked by China. As article has predicted, Bharat was attacked by China. /// But Nehru could not tolerate his criticism by any Bharatiya magazine. Congress Government put a heavy fine and taxes on the publishers of Mother India for insignificant reason and forced to close down the magazine Mother India. The magazine was not only destroyed, but its publisher and Editor Sh. Babu Rao Patel was also destroyed. /// At one time RSS started publishing a daily newspaper called Motherland from Delhi. This paper also wrote many articles, which were critical of Nehru Gandhi family policies. At one time when Indira Gandhi was Prime Minister, she imposed emergency, soon after she destroyed this newly started daily English newspaper Mother Land. Indira Gandhi forced to close down the publication of Motherland. This paper was never allowed to revive again even after the emergency was removed from Bharat. /// Bharatiya media was always afraid to speak against the policies of Nehru Gandhi family and congress party as well. But even then some daring Bharatiya journalist speak out clandestinely or in private forums. These journalists were of the view that what to say of the post of Prime Minister, Nehru was not fit or suitable for any government clerical post. Some journalist even after critically analyzing Nehru and Gandhi family’s policies came to conclusion that Jawaharlal Nehru and so called Mahatma Gandhi was big curses for Bharat and Hindus. Many such daring journalists even designate so called Mahatma Gandhi as Duratma (a person with wicked soul) Gandhi./// Bharatiya people, or at least most of the Hindus liked leaders such as Sardar Patel, Veer Savarkar, Netaji Subash Chander Bose, Madan Mohan Malviva, Lok Manay Tilak, Subash Chander Bose, Dhingra, Bhagat Singh Azaad, Swami Shradanand, Hakikatrai, Bada Vairagi, Maharana PRATAP, Shivajee, Rani Jhasi,Sardar Bhagat Singh, Khudi Ram Bose, Mangal Pandey, Chandrashekhar, and many more unknown leaders. These known or many unknown people have contributed more in making Bharat independent country. The contribution made by congress party, Nehru Gandhi family and by Duratma Gandhi for the independence of Bharat is of doubtful nature./// During Nehru Gandhi family, all sorts of media were controlled by the congress party and Nehru Gandhi family. All radio stations, TV stations; print media were controlled by the congress government. These all sorts of media keep praising Nehru Gandhi family, Durtama Gandhi day in day out for 24 hours every day. Many people wondered if Bharat got independence for Nehru Gandhi family and congress party only. The people who really contributed for making Bharat independent country were never mentioned by the Bharatiya media. All the credit for making Bharat independent country was usurped by Nehru Gandhi family, congress party, and Duratma Gandhi. Many people and journalists are having doubts if Nehru family and Duratma Gandhi made any contribution in making Bharat independent country./// Nowadays there are lots of private Radio and TV stations, free from government control; it is the responsibility of these independent media people to analyze the contributions made by Nehru family, Duratma Gandhi, and those unsung, unknown people who contributed enormously in making Bharat independent country. It is the duty of media people to do some research about the people who contributed in making Bharat independent country and protecting the culture, languages, and ethos of Bharat. /// The people, who really contributed in making Bharat independent country, are never mentioned by the media. Media people no longer reports but creates, controls and mentions more pliable type of news of Nehru Gandhi family and other ruling party members. /// A sophisticated Hindu TV channel is among the best things that patriotic Hindus should work for and make it happen. But to achieve the desired effect, we need to become savvy with words and presentation. First, we have to stop using English words that the west uses to degrade Hindu religion. For example, cult...we need to use the word 'faith' instead. Another word is 'idol'. We must not use this word, we should use 'image' instead. Actually, this is proper. The three words for the Deity images are pratimaa (a statue that is pratim or similar), viraha (manifestation) and murti (in which God is immanent or murta). We do not do idol worship. We have, however, the archa-vigrahas (worship able manifestations) that are the result of special blessings to a devotee, usually a promise that He will accept worship through the vigraha. A third word we use is mythology, which suggests fiction. Wherever possible, we must avoid this word. Why should we call the Ramayana a mythology? Is Lord Rama a fiction? or Lord Krishna a fiction? /// A second area that needs immediate improvement is in our devotional videos. Currently, most are shallow and cheap. We have to change our attitude here. Our devotional programs should not be petitions to God for material benefits. We should follow our Gurus and Saints. They taught us what to ask from God, absolute devotion or paraabhakti. Our devotional videos must reflect this. /// If we Hindus cannot improve the quality of our presentations, we will never impress anybody. Many Hindus feel truly sad to see that Christians, manage to accomplish this so well, even though their religion is basically theological and they have no spiritual practice. /// Radio and TV stations should make documentaries of 30 – 60 minutes of such people, who have contributed in making Bharat independent country and in protecting the culture of Bharat. Such documentaries should be shown on various TV stations from time to time and also at different times all over Bharat. It is the only way that future Bharatiya generations will know who made contributions for Bharat and would also prepare future generations to make sacrifices for Bharat. /// Some congress people, pseudo secular people keep saying that Nehru family and Duratma Gandhi made sacrifices for making Bharat independent country. This message is repeated again and again since Bharat got independence that Nehru family made many sacrifices for Bharat. What are those sacrifices? In jail they had privileges. Nehru Gandhi family has sucked Bharat and Hindus billion or even trillion times more as compared to their so-called sacrifices./// I am confident that RSS's Seva Bharti is doing more than it can do, as there is the constant installing of feelings for our fellow Hindus. The concrete step the media should take is to expose proselytizing religions. TV stations show such documentaries having scenes projected in the Sudarshan TV or in any other TV station, where the Christian schools shake the faith of young innocent Hindu children from their original faith in Shri Ram or Durga Maatarani, or Shri Hanumanji... /// Christian proselytizers show that a Christian 'father' takes the children for a picnic; on the way there, the driver pretends that the van stopped and just would not move. All the children are made to say their respective Bhagvaan's name. Van would not move. Then the father asks them to call for Jesus. All of a sudden the van starts. They have been using such tricks for a hundred years now, every time it works without any protests as the children are warned not to reveal this incidence to their parents. Can we Hindus not show such incidents happen on the TV so that all Hindus can be careful? If converting us is not illegal, why showing such Christian criminal acts is illegal?/// We have to make high quality videos and set the standard and sell them so cheap that they will have to pay attention. It is so difficult to get the news these days through the pseudo secular media, a tragic reminder of the state of non-functioning sycophantic anarchy ruled by Vides'i Nari and an incoherent constitutional framework, which gets subverted day in, and day out. The English p-sec media is beyond redemption, reporting only platitudes about the Kanchi Acharya case. Distressing that Bharatiya are so very dumb and falling for this kind of self-serving propaganda! This very Christian and foreign family is wrecking India on a massive scale, by subverting its polity, democracy and constitutional government. It may be too late already to reverse the damage being caused./// It is about time we dispatched with God-speed and one-way tickets, our out-and-out human rights crusaders to Diego Garcia. I am, of course, talking such bitches that continue to wail for Modi's blood and will do so till eternity: Arundhati Roy, Husband Snatcher Shabana Azmi and Smita Narula and more people like these bitches. The mother of them all, Irene Khan, niece of Khaleda Zia from neighboring Bangladesh should be included with the trio. If Sonia Gandhi be also dispatched to Diego Gracia, it would still be better. The island is now occupied by the great white man whose "immense luck and the fortuitous circumstances. /// We Hindus should start at least a '' and try to bring some awareness and expose the so called 'charity work'. In fact world vision officially claims that it is helping people in poor countries, but in fact it is a proselytizing organization. What we are seeing in such stories and in the activities of Tehelka and its ilk is "Media as sleaze merchants. We may call it "Sleazization of the media." TV stations should make documentaries to expose the leftists and their dirty dealings. /// The situation is such that media people laugh in English, dance in English, eat in English, walk in English, sit in English and dream in English. Patriotic media people have to replace English with Hindi, Sanskrit and some other Bharatiya languages. /// Jis ko na nij bhasha tatha nij des par abhiman hai, wah nar nahi nar pasu nira hai aur mritak saman hai. /// Hindu TV channels/// The Hindu channels of devotion and cult Gurus should not be confused with a Hindu-societal TV network we need. This can be from gross-roots too. A Hindu Samaj conscious TV channel will basically aim at the same sections BBC, NDTV, Discovery and NG target - the intellectual. Here is an iterny of the dream Hindu TV of my -hmmm- shall I say pipe dream. /// Some suggestions for programmes on Hindu TV Channels Morning: Gayatri mantra or Ganesh invocation with the Universe (Hubble pictures) as backdrop. Kalam Talk [Extracts from Kalam's lectures]/// An interview with a social activist who most preferably works in Vanvasi or Dalit areas [No blunt attacks on Christian missionaries - the attack -if any- shall be subtle] The interview should stimulate the viewer to reach the near by Hindu mission. A documentary of a famous temple. Strict Documentary -a Hindu touch will be given [For example a Vikraha will not be called an idol etc.]/// Afternoon -/// Film Songs, News, Feature movie [Movies like Roja, Gadhar and English movies like ET, Matrix, Lion King which promote Hindu/Heathen beliefs], Kalam Talk/// Evening/// Cartoon for children [The five princes, Ramayana etc.], News, News Analysis, Film Songs// A programme on a page of history-a week day Programme on a scientist [Einstein, Darwin, Galileo, C.V.Raman, Subbha Rao etc.]-a weekday Interview with an eminent Scientist like Subhash Kak, Capra, George Sudarshan etc.- a weekday /// We need for a channel like this a huge capital./// We need innovative script writers, directors, editors - who are like-minded. We need to prepare some programmes in advance. They can also be recycled. Six months of hard work will be needed. Someone who is capable and willful and someone who knows how to translate pipe dreams into reality - perhaps before it is too late. /// s.aravindan neelakandan/// ==============/// To all Loyal Media men/// From: save India renaissance India /// <>/// Brothers, Please Boycott channels like NDTV, STAR NEWS, Times of Italy, The Hindu AND ZEE NEWS, It clearly shows it licks the ass of Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka. Circulate this message to all your friends to boycott the mouthpiece of Rahul, Priyanka, Sonia (Antanio Miano)./// A Hon Request to ass lickers Vineet & Sameer Jain, Mariam N.RAM, Mr.Prannoy Roy , Subash Chandra, Rupert Murdroh Please ask your soniaji not to use Water or Napkin in the morning, but make sure you are present wherever she is there and whenever Soniaji has a Natural Call./// Keep highlighting more news of Drug Peddler Raul Gandhi who was caught by THE FBI Two years back/// Rahul going to Afghanistan /// No money for guessing why a smuggler caught by the FBI previously is now going to Afghanistan. /// A Few Grams Of Heroin. /// I am sure there must be any number of hardcore drug addicts in Afghanistan who will gladly bump of this Islamo-Italian pup for some highly refined heroin. This will be one of the cheapest way to save our country. The cost-benefit ratio will be unbeatable. /// Re: A Few Grams Of Heroin. /// AS RAHUL GANDHI FROM WHERE HE DID HIS BA? Note: Associate Bachelors degree is not a qualification for Cambridge University, then how he got into that/// /// Why he is not getting married? There are some rumors that he is not only a drug addict, he had AIDS. /// Just Imagine, the "HOPE OF INDIA" that too great grand son of Nehru unmarried even after 35 years ...... THERE IS SOMETHING FISHY. /// =========== ...........................000000000