Date: 9/7/2005


dying by default./// HINDUS PERISHING BY DEFAULT./// It is the saddest thing that the number of Hindus is excessively low in the North-East India. Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram and Meghalaya now has Christian majority. Only in four states- Assam, West Bengal, Sikkim and Tripura, we Hindus are dominating in the statistics. But our existence in the East will soon meet a challenge, if we do not consider the migration of the Bangladeshi Musims into the Border States as a severe problem of the East. /// The problems concerning the Eastern Indian Hindus are many. First, the Christian majority of the Tribal States threats the demolition of the traditional tribal Hindu culture. The missionaries instigate them to set apart from India and establish a separate Christian state. In Bengal, Assam and Tripura, people suffering from a great disorder sat by the Muslim migrators. The Government in these state seemed to be puppet of the pseudo-secular political force. In this state of things Hindu Organizations should come forth to Eastern India. /// As a Bengali and a resident of the East I would like to give some advice to those Organizations: /// 1. Bengal is the heart of the Eastern India. Bengal dominates in the educational and intellectual spheres of the society. That is why, a strong Hindu Organization should be established in Bengal first. /// 2. After the establishment of the Organization, it should start advertising what it believes. Here we should remember, Bengalis are very very sensitive about their language. What keeps away the RSS or VHP from the most of Bengalis is the language barrier. The Organization should be Bengali in nature and culture. /// 3. To enter into the most of Bengali heart is a Magazine or more effective, A DAILY NEWSPAPER. /// 4. One of the most rudimentary characteristics of Bengalis is their love for literature and music. If the Organization can patron a special trend of literature and music that reflects the Hindu view of culture, it would be more effective. /// 5. But one thing should be remembered; the whole thing should be Bengali by heart. Common Bengalis cast their interest about any other language that seemed external to them./// There are many things to say. But I am more willing to set an Organization first- A strong Organization. That would be the instrument of solution. /// I must ask the favour of the Sangh to help me in this specter. /// Arnab Dutta /// .........................000000000