Date: 9/11/2005


Today is 9/11 again, and the West, especially the USA, will go mad commemorating their dead of 2001. They commemorate the dead of all wars, battles and disasters in a big and conspicuous manner that involves the whole nation to weld it in unity, pride and strength. Suppressed and ENSLAVED nations do not commemorate their dead. They look at themselves through the eyes of their alien masters. They get conditioned (brainwashed) into thinking of themselves what their foreign masters think of them. This results in tremendous INFERIORITY COMPLEX. The inferior of this world are not worth remembering, least of all, HONOURING./// Unlike these smashed and crushed nations, the STRONG, the MANLY, the PROUD and the HONOURABLE nations on this earth have great self esteem and a sense of worth & value of each and every individual. /// Thus, in order to commemorate the dead of 9/11 in New York and Washington DC, There will be parades and shows all over America, and the media will give prominent coverage to the events and speeches. Television and Radio will cover the commemoration ceremonies and church services round the clock. The Heads of State will address the nations and explain the steps taken to keep the Islamic JINN in bottle so that it does not leap out of it again to cause havoc somewhere else./// On 1st of September every year, Russia will recall the dead of BESLAN year in and year out. We saw just over a week ago how they commemorated the FIRST anniversary of that diabolic and savage ISLAMIC attack on small children at school. They commanded the hostages, some as young as two or three, to sit still, keep their mouths shut and not demand food or water. While this is exactly that was happening daily and round the clock across the DARK Mogul (MOHAMMEDAN) Era that lasted CENTURIES in Bharat till the British ousted the beasts from power finally in 1857 AD. Who will persuade the Hindus to enter any gurdwara and see the pictures on the walls? You will NOT find this unique record of HINDU Holocaust in any mandir. For this alone, we should SALUTE the brave Sikhs though yet they have not had the guts and courage to put them OUT in a purpose built HOLOCAUST MUSEUM as the Jews have done all over. What thoughts go through the mind of a Hindu who visits one of these in Washington, Prague, Vilnius or Jerusalem? There is a feeling of SHAME, DISGUST, and NEGLECT and a sense of BETRAYAL by PARTITIONED India's ruling establishment under Sonia and Kalam. They represent mighty powerful "camps or blocs" on earth. The latter gave us MILLIONS of DEAD and the former is entertaining of KILLING or CONVERTING MILLIONS of us in the coming decades and centuries. That WE HINDUS have given them the ultimate say in POLITICS ("uncrowned queen" Sonia) and DEFENCE (Supreme Commander Abdul) of our HINDU Territory, Lives and Dharma, speaks for the "state of shakti" of our nation at the moment. The visible proof of demise of that "shakti" is that this posting will not be taken note of by all the LEADERS of Hindu nation. /// If they have not recalled and commemorated the Dead of the last ONE THOUSAND YEARS so far, what hope that we will hear tomorrow that the Temple in Ayodhya is coming up or a Holocaust Museum is being built in Delhi or Amritsar, even Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata? It will be a miracle if they do. This is something where the Hindu LEADERS need not fear arrest, torture or firing squad. So WHAT and WHERE is the problem? /// 0/11 has become the milestone in American history while the death of MILLIONS and the unconditional surrender of one third of India (and BETRAYAL of Secularism, too) in 1947 is not even a ripple in the calm waters of Bharat. /// Today in the UNITED States of America, children at schools will recount the events of September eleven, and do Project work on Terrorism in classrooms. They will LEARN as to "who is who" in our free, democratic and secular society./// In our own case it seems a "PAKISTANI" Abdul Kalam and an "ITALIAN" Sonia Khan (the worthless import of Bofors Chor) will rather die than approve of a memorial being put up in the honour of MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of Hindu dead over centuries. 1947 alone accounted for some TWO MILLION dead Hindus (and SIKHS). Whole provinces were cleared, or cleansed, of them. /// Can the great Indian nation let the present fooling (ruling) DUO treat our DEAD with such disregard and contempt? /// It was not just in one year, 1947 alone that countless Hindus lost their lives with the survivors and the FLEEING mercilessly butchered, looted, abducted, raped and forced out of their ancestral homes. /// No other country on earth treats its dead in such a cowardly, callous and pathetic way. /// Had our "rotten TWO" at the top been Indian, leave aside Hindu, they would have THEMSELVES thought of this vital issue and done something about it a long time ago. /// But let us forget Sonia and Abdul for a moment, and ask, "What are those (Advani ji and Atal ji), who are aspiring to occupy the top posts in Hindustan, doing about it? Why are THEIR lips sealed? Why have THEIR guts gone totally dry?/// In the USA and other countries, such COMMEMORATION and MEMORIALS are not conceived in the minds of the NRI'S (minus dual nationality) or ordinary men and women in the street, but in the minds of the LEADERS who are supposed to give a LEAD. /// Our dilemma is, HOW CAN THE INDIAN PUBLIC GET RID OF THEIR ANTI NATIONAL HINDU BASHING TOP who are currently squeezing the nation of its remaining pride? /// This is a prerequisite if we wish to see the Temple in Ayodhya rise, the Hindus returning to Srinagar, and a HOLOCAUST MUSEUM established somewhere. /// -----------------------------/// QUESTION:/// An embarrassed Hindu sister wondered, why can't we forget those DEAD and MARTYRS of 1947, just as Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan would wish us to? /// NO, dear sister. Thank you for your Raakhi. We will rather catch these Despicable Two at the top who treat our dead so contemptuously, strip them naked and throw them together in a dungeon full of scorpions and snakes than forget our dead. /// Let us just go to BESLAN, a small poor Russian town and see how THEY are COMMEMORATING their dead of September 3, 2004. Those were just three days, not even three centuries./// We Indians have waited and WASTED sixty years already (since the departure of the last foreign masters) unmindful of the world opinion about our lack of self-esteem and patriotism./// ONE DAY I AM BOUND TO HEAR SOMEONE SAY, "INDIAN SERFS AND SLAVES DO NOT COMMEMORATE THEIR DEAD. THEY HAVE THE DEEPLY ENTRENCHED TRADITION OF BEING SLAUGHTERED AND OF LICKING SLAVERY UNDER THE BUTCHERS." /// ............................000000000