Date: 9/14/2005


TO THE ORGANISERS OF CONFERENCE ON FORGIVENESS IN MUMBAI./// Sir, /// forgiveness is the way a meek and coward assures his survival on earth. Mahatma Gandhi forgave Mohammed Ali Jinnah in a second. So did Bandit JL Nehru who saw the glow of his own freedom to enslave the Hindus (in what was left of Hindustan) once again, but NOT the "rivers of blood" of the innocent perishing by the million across the new borders. /// Thos who have NO stake in nation or country preach forgiveness. /// Take the most ferocious MUSLIM ONSLAUGHT on India in August 1947. It ought to have been repulsed resolutely. But the forgiving HINDU nation being weak, suffered the worst ever defeat of our history./// Seeing the ISLAMIC DEVIL on both outside and inside the new frontiers of much truncated India, HINDU leaders at once took up the chant of FORGIVENESS. /// This encouraged the DEVILS and they invaded KASHMIR, too./// Thus the two million dead of 1947 are to the account of cowards preaching FORGIVENESS. /// Of course, there are some to be forgiven, members of your own side and family, for example. If you SLAUGHTER them in revenge, you weaken your own side. But showing forgiveness towards the SWORN ENEMY whose KORAN is the eternal fire to consume the KAFIRS and the HINDUS, to forgive is to weaken our own side and invite another aggression, more brutal than all the previous ones put together./// We hope this note of dissent will also be displayed from your stage to warn the Hindus of approaching slavery or death since we forgave our enemies for the atrocities & brutalities of 1947 (BLEEDING PARTITION)./// The key to bring all the religions together (your declared aim) is for the MIGHTY of this world, the UNO, for example. /// A weak, mutilated HINDU or JAIN "goat" will not attract but REPEL those fighters who have not left a Hindu alive in Kabul and Karachi. Who are we going to forgive there?/// 15 Sep 05/// ====================/// In a message dated 14/09/2005 18:26:33 GMT Daylight Time, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX writes:/// ‘MENOW’ The Relationship Institute & VARISHTHA NAGRIK SEVA SANSTHA , /// JAIN SEVA KENDRA/// THIS IS AN INVITATION TO MEETING /// TIME 4:30 pm to 7 pm/// DAY AND DATE: Friday 16th September, 2005 /// VENUE: Marigold Hall, Tholiya Bhavan, /// 10th Road, Next to Regency Hotel, /// Next to Vakola Highway Signal, /// Santacruz East, Mumbai – 400 055 /// Title of presentation: "Kshama aur Svasthya " (Forgiveness - a Key to Good health) /// Speaker: Rashtra Sant Shri Kamalmuniji 'Kamlesh' /// (Jain Saint who wants to bring all religions closer) /// ...........................000000000