Date: 9/18/2005


THE CHILD OF MAN, 2004. /// WHERE IS THAT LITTLE LAD?/// WHY MY HINDU HEART BLED (1st. to 3rd. September, 2004) /// ADDRESS TO THE UNITED NATIONS /// Your Excellencies, /// Let me say at the outset that the image of the little boy seen in the video taken by a hostage taker, has been fixed in my eyes and on my mind since I saw the video. I could not but “RELATE” to him strongly, continuously thinking of him in those few moments that the video captured him. /// What I write below is not for the “politically correct” leaders who are here today and will be gone tomorrow. /// I had never seen the Devil before though I had heard about him, that he wears BLACK, is a coward who hides his face behind a mask, is a merciless murderous destroyer, anti civilisation, anti culture, intolerant to the extreme, brutal, carries weapons in hands, has cold eyes full of hatred even for the young babies in their mothers’ arms, and is callous. The DEVIL has no horns, but also has NO human traits and feelings. He is a MORON, a cold calculating human ROBOT that is programmed only for killing or being killed. /// He takes hundreds upon hundreds of people hostage, confines them in one room, keeps them huddled together day and night, denies them food and water in sweltering heat, reads verses of KORAN in Arabic to “firm” his black soul deeper in sin and crime. /// Tuesday, 7th of October, 2004, was the most noteworthy date in my life. Until that day I had only heard of the Devil. I knew how he advanced from Mecca some 1400 years ago, arbitrarily declaring people, many pious and decent among them- young and old alike, “infidel”, in order to find justification in killing , pillaging, destroying, subjugating, degrading human souls, destroying human dignity besides human bodies and minds, attacking, abducting and converting, while at the same time turning his own followers into morons, held down mentally and intellectually, condemned to threat of death by Fatwa if one ventured out of the mould into something different, or criticised the self righteous, self conceited and murderous man who wielded the sword in all directions and spared neither man nor the child. /// The scene in the school gym at Beslan was shown in chilling depressing detail on the video taken by one of the black clad “animals,” the hostage takers. It shows the large gym hall wired to explode, booby traps, bombs suspended from wires strung across the basket ball posts overhead. /// We saw the Devil’s foot on the detonator. Generations of children had PLAYED basket ball in that hall and enjoyed themselves at every match and tournament but sport for the DEVIL is MURDER. It was a rare but incisive insight into the Muslim’s mind. /// There at his feet, slightly to the right we see a small boy, barely 11, with hands put up over his head. He looks expressionless, terrified. His fate is hanging in balance. He could go free in minutes to run out happily like a butterfly released out of a glass jar, or meet a bloody end within seconds, and become a lump of mutilated, mangled, cold human flesh. It all depended on the teachings of KORAN, engrained deeply and indelibly in the psyche of the hostage takers. /// The young lad would have gone home after school to talk to his excited parents about his first day at school in the new year. Then he would have gone out to play with his pals in familiar streets of Beslan. /// The boy does not yet know his fate- the fast approaching death. He is sitting beside a woman fanning herself in that heat. There are several more seen fanning themselves with sheets of paper. With all the windows shut, it is very hot and stuffy in there. /// To deepen everyone’s depression and gloom there is constant yelling by the frenzied captors, threatening to kill if anyone moved, cried, asked for water or food. /// Hundreds are huddled together on the floor, yes, on the hard wooden floor, packed like the sardines in a tin. Such mental and physical torture inflicted on the others satisfies the Devil, puts him in command of the others, the fate of governments, of life and destiny of the others, of DEATH. /// Is that innocent lad, full of life’s vitality, apple of his parents’ eyes, joy of the whole family, handsome and full of energy, still alive or did he get blown up in smithereens and now lies buried deep under earth in an unmarked grave? /// Did he also become a witness to God’s Glory? Has his soul reached heaven in the company of Christ’s angels or does he sit captive, scared, stone faced, hands up, in the company of the black clad animals howling “Allah Hu Akbar”, now all in HELL, being fed on pig roast? Where is he now? /// Some nervous grandmothers, hiding their own fear, are whispering softly into the tiny ears, “Don’t worry darling, they will not harm us. It will all be over soon.” They grossly underestimated the dark EVIL that sprouted out of Mecca 14 centuries ago and has covered the earth. /// And there is the glimpse of a FEMALE suicide bomber, the so-called “Daughter of Mohammed”, wrapped up in black shroud, heavy with weaponry, not with new life, not with new light, a new divine spark, a soul, a baby. /// The Hindus in Gujerat address a female as “Ben” (sister) and the Punjabis are brought up from infancy regarding one as a “Devi” (goddess). Hindu culture, civilisation and outlook on life are poles apart from the ideology where “sisters” and “goddesses” can KILL other women and their babies. /// There is one kind of a Prophet who considers all mankind as one related family and addresses the others, regardless of their creed or religion, with the endearing term “Bhai” (Brother), though their Muslim “Bhais”, conditioned like dogs in another doctrine, attacked the Unity of their own country and nation in 1947, holding every non Muslim hostage. /// Their cancer ridden leader even spoke of “rivers of blood flowing”, and threatened to unleash a ferocious civil war across India unless his demand for Partition was accepted. And to think that THAT Devil had returned from London with the top legal and secular title of “barrister at law”. /// Appropriately, the word “JINN”, or DEVIL, was an integral part of his name. At birth MOHAMMED Ali JINN had EVIL, the destructive killer nature, deeply embedded in his name and psyche. /// Did we ever contemplate on the “JINN” in Jinnah, or link that name with the scene of evacuation of panic stricken Hindus from Lahore, the massacre of Sikhs in Rawalpindi and the extermination of both in North Kashmir? /// Looking at those pictures on the walls in every gurdwara, that show MUSLIM brutality and savagery to the naked eye, did we ever think that they could act like the DEVILS on September 1, 2004 at a time when satellites are flying around the earth, exploring space?/// This video is a remarkable account of the INTRINSIC destructive/killer nature of ISLAM and amazingly, it is “politically correct” for all the “sadhus, sants” and political leaders who unilaterally call the pitch dark side of evil as sunshine. /// Another news came on this date: Four days before the 3rd. anniversary of September 11 attack in New York, the total of American dead in Iraq, since the war began 18 months ago, reached ONE THOUSAND. /// One thousand grieving families, many young widows and orphans, in the world’s largest democracy, the only guarantor of our own safety from the DEVILS who are claiming entire Kashmir, are mourning the loss of their own dear ones who perished in the prime of their youth, trying to preserve peace on earth, not only in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also in soft and decomposing Hindustan. /// We must ask, “What is BROKEN Bharat, or PARTITIONED India, doing to support this international war on international terror?” /// SHAME ON ONE BILLION OF US if the answer is “Sweet EFF-AYE,” or “NOTHING.” /// Hindustan has LOST not one thousand but perhaps a HUNDRED THOUSAND TIMES that number of her sons and daughters to the SWORD of Islam. Our own gruesome tally of the Hindus murdered, killed and massacred, started in 712 AD, and has run on, and on, and on, continuously, ever since. /// This text is not an emotional outburst but truthfully describes the bloody past of the Hindus on our own territory (Hindustan) that our chicken hearted leaders are suppressing in order to appease the DEVIL, and it is a foreboding of even bloodier future of our ignorant and intimidated nation. /// With reins of POWER in the firm and strangulating grip of Sonia Khan and Abdul Kalam (Italy & Islam), we are on a precarious ledge with dark and deep “snake-infested pits” on EITHER side of our country. One is called Pakistan, the other Bangladesh. Do we know the pedigree of these “BASTARDS,” their ideological killer fathers, and black-clad mothers, like those seen in this video? /// On March 23, 1940, the black “crows and vultures” of Mohammed- many KHANS among them, gathered in Lahore, took the entire nation hostage, and shouted, “Pakistan Zindabad!” after reciting a few unintelligible verses in an ALIEN language. /// The imported language that the hostage takers used was an AFFRONT to the language spoken by the proud Punjabis, and their own mothers. Those who thought of mutilating and fragmenting India, and massacring millions in the process, were the blind followers of DEVIL, the “bastard” who does not understand or speak PANJABI even when in Punjab. /// That Resolution was like the “AZAAN” (cry) of the DEVIL. It sent a cold shiver of death tingling down the spine of our gentle Lady Hindustan, from Kashmir to Kerala. /// One could have taken a video of all the residents of Lahore, innocently and happily going about their daily chores on the day that “Pakistan Resolution” was passed, and then COME BACK a few years later, to see the vultures hovering over decomposing dead bodies strewn across the open landscape, burnt down shops, homes, temples and gurdwaras, and the endless foot-convoys of fleeing humanity, barely able to walk with blistering feet and fatigued bodies, thirsty and hungry, the sick, the young and the heavily pregnant, trying to keep up with the rest, each carrying a few belongings, all heading towards the Unknown, the Wilderness, known as the “Rest of India”. The Resolution had CLAIMED the “Best of India,” and we could not give the Devil a “BLOODY NOSE” then and there. /// Had we done so, the siege of Beslan would NOT have taken place. The COWARDS carry the blame for the bloodshed of the innocent in the years and decades afterwards. /// In that short video, the world saw a day in the life of Prophet Mohammed, sword in hand and cursing Kafirs and Infidels, in the 7th century AD, laying siege to human civilisation. /// In the end my thoughts turn to that little boy and I ask, “Where is that little boy, sitting on the floor, fear gripping his innocent heart, looking up at the personified Inspiration of Mohammed and Koran, the Devil, with the foot on detonator? /// Where is that handsome little boy who resembled my own lively and vivacious grandson, so full of joy that innocence brings, who moved my heart so deeply? /// Where is that young boy, the joy of his grandparents, the promise of Russia’s future? /// Where is that sweet little ANGEL? /// He sat like a LOTUS flower in the middle of muddy Mohammedan pond known as “JIHAD”? /// The whole world ought to “adopt” him as the “Child of Man, 2004”, or even the “Child of Mankind, 2004,” through UNESCO. /// .............................000000000