Date: 9/19/2005


They can NOT be deleted./// Nothing in the Quran can be altered, even by a comma. /// From Allah who? Mr No allawhomrno@ntlworld.com, BarbaraJStock <dickens502003@yahoo.com>; Islam_Undressed ///<Islam_Undressed@yahoo.com>/// << In an article it was mentioned that the verses in the Quran which call for killing Hindus -9.5, waging war till Islam rules the planet 8.39 and demean women 4.34 women are inferior and to be whipped if they speak up, must be deleted. >> /// Evidently, Allah is Mohammad (PBUH)’s alter-ego and can not exist without Mohammad (PBUH)! That’s why the knowledge of all-knowing Allah was limited by the 1400+ years old ignorance of Mohammad (PBUH) that knew nothing beyond the then known world ---the Arab-world and the thorn in Prophet’s heart (Hindoostan)--- and arguably all tenets of Islam were dictated or ‘revealed’ to conquer the wealth of Hinoods. Otherwise, how could one rob the idols of their jewels and golden ornaments without breaking them! /// Most importantly, Islam is a still minority religion in the wider world, the ‘dar-ul-harb’. And according to the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), the day of judgement shall not be decided (by Him) until this situation is redeemed, by converting all known world to Islam to make it a ‘dar-us-salam’: an abode of peace and submission through covert warfare – of ‘Jihad’, for their ultimate goal of establishing a world Moslem government, or ‘Caliphate’ and, implement Sharia as the only law for the one community ‘Ummah’ where every ‘survivor’ is Moslem! Any such Caliphate would have a ‘deathly peace’ like Taliban’s Afghanistan and no resource to sustain it, like a grand empty ‘communist supermarket’! What to say of Muslims, even Hindus are destroying Hindu temples and Hindu culture Will they dare to touch a church or a mosque in "secular" India? /// Religious Leaders Protest Demolition at Tirupati Temple http://newstodaynet.com/27jul/rf7.htm /// CHENNAI, INDIA, July 27, 2004: The ongoing demolition work in Tirumala, as part of the works to construct a mahapraharam (large enclosed courtyard) has come in for criticism from Vaishnavites throughout the country and efforts are on by Vaishnavite acharyas to consolidate the support in a bid to halt the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) move. Addressing a press conference, Sri Vadhikesari Azhagiya Manavala Jeeyar of Kancheepuram, said the TTD has been going ahead with the destruction of heritage monuments in Tirumala despite a stay by the Andhra Pradesh High Court. The devotees of Lord Venkateswara in Hyderabad obtained the stay order recently against demolition of the Periya Jeeyar Mutt in Tirumala but the Devasathanam authorities are blasting the entire area surrounding the Mutt using powerful grenades which would ultimately result in the collapse of the Periya Jeeyar Mutt. Strongly condemning the demolition of the centuries-old 1,000-pillar Mandapam in front of the temple and several historical monuments surrounding the temple, the Jeeyar said the Periya Jeeyar Mutt was built based on Agama Sastras and any displacement of it would have an adverse effect on the Vasthu of the temple. The whole exercise of the TTD seems to be borne out of the problem of plenty and the authorities were acting in this manner only to spend the US$320 million wealth of the temple./// Thirugostiyur Madhavan, treasurer, Divya Desa Parampariya Padhukappu Peravai, said the TTD instead of destroying heritage monuments in the name of constructing the Mahapraharam, could spend the amount to renovate temples with meagre income and adopt schools throughout India to upgrade facilities. Endorsing this view, the Jeeyar said what you require is not money but protection of Tirumala. Recently in a single day, 46 grenades were blasted in Tirumala giving the impression that a small Kargil war was going on. This would have an adverse impact on the main shrine and the icon of Lord Venkateswara, he added. Asked what might be the motive behind the actions of the TTD despite severe criticism, a devotee from Hyderabad who was also present at the press meet, said it seems the authorities have understood that they had embarked on a misadventure. "What is now preventing them from stopping the works was nothing but white collar egoism, which does not allow them from accepting in public what they have been doing as wrong," he said. /// ==============/// The majority of Muslims are Peaceful, so what? /// 1. When people say that majority of the Muslims are peaceful, you become a party to the terror they are spreading. /// 2. If they are truly good or peaceful, they should stop the terrorists doing such wicked acts. Who is supporting the terrorists /// with loads of money? Sons and daughters as living bombs? These very peaceful Muslims and none else. /// 3. And when you buy anything from Muslim countries like OIL or anything made in a Muslim country you become part of terrorism. Remember that Islam is another name for terrorism just as Christianity is another name of terrorism. /// 4. Have you all have any brains to think? Have you all see a single Muslim protesting against terrorism? No, never. Even when there are riots in India, have you seen the Muslims protesting against those Muslims start riots or kill innocent people? No, never. /// 5. At the same time you have seen with your own eyes Hindus condemning their own, Christians condemning their own. The whole world was against Iraq war, but do you think any Muslim would come and protest when Hindus are being killed or any Christians or Jews being killed. No, never. /// 6. And those morons that say that majority of the Muslims are peaceful people, are themselves party to the violence! /// 7. To allow violence is violence itself! /// ===========/// Why are we reluctant to defend Hinduism when someone criticizes our way of Life /// It is absolutely true and is the main difference between Hindus on one hand and Christians and Muslims on the other. For Christians and Muslims community comes first. I have seen this in the day to day experiences in a city like Mumbai from my childhood. Hindus however attack Hindus. Whether it is in the buses, trains, neighbourhoods the Hindus are always attacking another Hindu. This is also the reason why historically we have been a conquered nation. But we must change at our individual level. More importantly, we must ask whose words does the Hindu listen to? Is it the religious leaders such as Satya Sai Baba, Mata Amritanandamayee, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Do these people talk of Hindu Unity? They should. Next what about RSS/VHP, they talk of Ram Mandir, which is fine. But Ram Mandir does not convey Hindu Unity which the VHP feels is a source for building Hindu Unity, Hindu Resurgence. RSS/VHP should also speak of Hindu Unity in clear terms. Keep repeating Hindu Unity, no Difference between Hindus at all forum. Uniting Hindus should be every Hindus duty. /// Unfortunately unlike other major religions, there is lack of Hindu brotherhood and lack of strong links between Hindus. Therefore the community is vulnerable to any form of attack from other religious communities, evangelists and etc. Even if there is some form of Hindu brotherhood, another Hindu would declare it as "racist, militant and etc". Lack of community cohesion among Hindus, too much of division encourages proselytizers to destroy Hindu religion. Therefore the whole thing partially collapses. Therefore one of the main solutions is to allow some form of "Hindu brotherhood" to be formed. Evangelists wouldn’t dare to convert any Hindus if Hindu unity exists. Hindus around the world would face less discriminations. Mixed responses, some argued that this is the kali Yuga period and we have to "take care of our own devotion to GOD" rather than to worry about others. Many members pointed out that the problem lies in "Bharatiya culture”, lack of support for "Hindu unity". /// A professor has made statement: "Muslims can only live as an oppressive majority or a turbulent minority." /// ............................000000000