Date: 9/20/2005


In J-K, new worry for Army: CD with bomb manual /// Majid Jahangir/// Posted online: Tuesday, September 20, 2005 at 0206 hours IST/// Updated: Tuesday, September 20, 2005 at 0406 hours IST /// Srinagar, September 19: The Army is now facing a new breed of militants. Highly trained in firearms, this fresh lot of hardcore militants are tech-savy, and use computers to learn the art of manufacturing sophisticated explosive devices, including car bombs. /// This new trend came to light when Army seized a CD (compact disc) along with a huge cache of arms and ammunition during a raid in the remote Gurez sector along the LoC where militants had hidden it in a natural cave. /// The CD contained formulas, manuals to assemble various types of IEDs, bombs and rockets. ‘‘It also contained arms training manual and bomb-making techniques,’’ said Major General Mukesh Sabarwal, General Officer Commanding 28 Infantry Division. /// Besides the CD, Army claims to have recovered explosive material used to manufacture 50-100 car bombs. These explosive accessories included pre-fabricated board, printed circuit, RDX sticks, detonators, battery-operated IEDs and a large number of remote devices, said Maj. Gen Sabharwal. The haul also included 14 AK rifles, rocket launcher, rocket-propelled missiles, under-barrel grenades, Chinese grenades and 5,000 round of AK ammunition. The recovery was made from a jungle near the Kishan Ganga river. /// ........................000000000