Date: 9/21/2005


O NO, MR. PRESIDENT, DO NOT BECOME A HINDU! /// Abdul Kalam has often thought of embracing Hindu religion. He loves Sanskrit. He is vegetarian and he adores Gita. He is not only the President of Hindusthan but also her SUPREME COMMANDER. So where lies the problem? /// The problem does not lie with Abdul Kalam or Sonia Khan, the problem lies with the HINDUS. /// The size of the problem is the size of Himalayas. So let us examine this gigantic problem facing the Hindu nation since the unopposed, uncontested and unchallenged PARTITION of India. /// The kitten that was thrown into water started swimming immediately. The scholar, seeing this asked, “Who taught it how to swim?” The answer came, “Swimming is an INSTINCT and instincts are not taught.” /// Instinct is born, embedded in psyche and confirmed as result of EXPERIENCE itself and is inseparable. It is the cumulative experience gathered, layer upon layer, through centuries. /// We Hindus offer a good example of such acquired instincts some of which stand in contrast with those of the Arabs and the Europeans. /// Encourage a group of young Hindus to go out to conquer neighbouring Afghanistan. In contrast, young Alexander got some young men together in Macedonia and set off to conquer Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, Afghanistan and Hindusthan. /// Put an American soldier in Iraq and the natives will not rest till he is ousted from their territory. /// Similarly there is no chance of the Afghans accepting any UN contingent with a single Hindu in it. /// In contrast, the Hindu soul feels insecure unless there is a FOREIGNER on top who will guarantee our security. We have no confidence in our own arms and manliness that have been subjected to unprecedented HAMMERING OVER CENTURIES. /// The latest example of this INSTINCT I saw only the other day. /// A Muslim came to appreciate the open presence of women and girls in a gurdwara, the divine service, all conducted in music, the free food and friendliness of the congregation. He was so much moved and touched by it all that he decided to embrace the Sikh Faith. /// Gathering courage he approached the head priest and expressed his wish. What he saw and heard was amazing. /// The Sikh head priest felt very uneasy and uncomfortable with the Musalmaan. The force of history enveloped him. He passed out momentarily and entered another world. /// In that brief nightmare he asw ISLAMIC flags flying everywhere, Turk and Persian soldiers were going past him, riding fine horses. /// Two of them happened to be nearby when they saw a native born Muslim coolie approach a Hindu. /// “Friend, yours is truly a religion of peace. I want to become a Hindu like you.” /// "HAZOOR KHAN SAHIB," said the Hindu. "That’s the best thing I have head in life. Come to Mandir tomorrow and we shall do your shuddhi.” /// The Mogul soldier heard the Hindu and promptly dismounted from his horse. Drawing his sword from the sheath in a flash, he BEHEADED the Hindu, shouting, “Kafir, how dare you commend your Faith to a Muslim!” /// Then, abusing the sheepish repenting Musalmaan he yelled, “You dare think of embracing any native religion? You dare!” and rode off to report the matter to the City Mayor (KOTWAAL). /// The Kotwaal had a public crier shout through the town for two days, “No Hindu will commend his religion to any Muslim. The culprit will be beheaded in public.” /// Such experiences OVER CENTURIES then became the instinct that holds back the Hindu nation from commending their native religion to President Abdul Kalam and the same instinct holds back the sword carrying Sri Singh Sahibs of Amritsar (SGPC) and all the KHALSA from appearing before Rashtramata Sonia KHAN to appeal to her to embrace the Sikh Faith. /// Today when I put this idea to the Hindus, I hear, “It is not our way of life or tradition to commend our religion. Those who are fortunate will themselves come into the fold.” (But how can we expect one from the conquering, killing, marauding and converting race to enter the camp of cowards?) /// Today when I put this idea to a Sikh leader or priest, I hear, “Guru Nanak Dev ji warned us against conversion. He said to the Turks, the Persians and the Moguls, “Brother become a better Muslim. That’s all.” /// Of course, Guru Ji had read the Koran and knew how it commends CONVERSIONS as a Muslim's mandatory duty. He knew well how ISLAM spread like mushrooms and reproduced itself like rabbis and mice in Punjab, Sindh, Bengal, Assam and Kashmir. But to save his Reform Movement from being nipped in the bud, he advised his followers to the contrary. /// Another “Guru” appeared in the 20th century who INSTINCTIVELY advised the Hindus to submit to every demand that the Muslims made. /// Accordingly, when the Muslims demanded five provinces of his Mother India, he let them have (conceded) North Kashmir, too. His name: MK Gandhi. /// Some Hindus who have managed to cast off the shackles of defeatist (eunuch) instincts now think of approaching Abdul Kalam with their request. /// Similarly some Khalsa who have shed the leprosy of INSTINCTIVE cowardice, are now about to request Rashtramata Sonia Khan to consider embracing their native religion. They say, “When Afghanistan has a HINDU President, we, too, shall concede the post of Rashtrapati to any Abdul Kalam.” /// Like the kitten, we Hindus have our own innate instincts deeply embedded in psyche, like NOT commending our native religion to any foreigner. /// As a result in some towns and cities in Bharat, a Hindu must go past two churches and three mosques before he can get to his own small mandir in the far corner. /// Thus the fate of these cities like Srinagar and Kolkata is hanging in the balance like the fate of Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar, Dhaka and Sylhet prior to partition in 1947. /// The Hindu will really be FREE when he replaces this slave's INSTINCT by something better, nobler and (visibly) more decent. /// Let us now stand up and DARE to do the unthinkable: COMMEND HINDU RELIGION TO ABDUL KALAM. /// To accept Mohammed's flag over LAHORE today is to see the same vulgarity and obscenity over DELHI tomorrow. (www.partitionofindia.com)/// ........................000000000