Date: 10/10/2005


DEATH KNELL OF HINDU NATION. /// To start with, the Sikhs are on the way OUT. The pillar supporting the western defences of secular Hindustan against the surging aggressive thrusting World of Islam is crumbling with the Hindus themselves standing by or tied to the yoke of Italy & Islam. /// The Hindu nation offers a vulgar spectacle of Disunity and Collapse. It is like a COW led in front by Italian born Sonia KHAN (fraudulently named Gandhi) pulling it forward with a MUSLIM Abdul Kalam, Pakistani by definition, holding its tail at the back, and urging it to STOP. Hindus are extinct in Kashmir, crushed in West Punjab and East Bengal and dare not make a move in AYODHYA. /// The Sikhs’ political backbone was broken with loss of Lahore and more and with surrender of more territory of their State to create new states. The only Sikh Maharaja, Ranjit Singh, was without religious zeal like his Hindu counterparts all over and FAILED to change the demographic pattern of his Kingdom. As a result Lahore, the magnificent capital with its large military cantonment, prosperous bazaars, renowned Punjab University and numerous cultural centres, vanished in 1947 along with four other capitals (Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar and Dhaka), due to a lot of ISLAM and MOHAMMED on the territory that was HINDU at one time. The Sikhs were reduced to be struggling and striving INDIVIDUALS with no COLLECTIVE head to deduce that mere “nishkam sewa” was a direct route to extinction. /// The Sikhs also got divided by sticking to Symbols, “langar sewa” and an attitude of humility, trust, and love of entire mankind at the cost of their own tiny community under pressure and threat. /// Sikh leaders have not learnt any lesson from history and their past relentless persecution right up to this day. They show total lack of INITIATIVE. /// Dull leadership pushes their following to massacres and holocausts. That is exactly what has been happening to the core of Sikh community while geo-political conditions are changing all the time, rotting, flattening and eliminating the Sikhs all the time. /// The Sikhs live in a very hostile and treacherous environment. How were Guru Gobind Singh, Banda Singh Bahadur and their followers and families treated on our own soil by the ALIEN and HOSTILE Muslim emperors and the Muslim governors through centuries? /// How were they treated throughout West Punjab in 1947? /// How were they treated in 1980’s under Congress Party and State design? Why was that Sikh massacre instigated and encouraged by State and Prime Minister? What was no compensation paid for what the State wrecked? /// While rushing to help the grieving widows and orphans, none has looked into how and why of India’s political scenario. With the underlying anti Sikh and anti Hindu ethos of Congress rulers and their Muslim allies, the native is in extreme danger. The Sikhs can be thrown down a precipice with a quick shove and push while the Hindus are perishing piecemeal all over, all the time. /// If the Sikhs are not living in a hostile environment, then what is it? Are they sovereign like the LITHUANIANS in their Dynasty free and Muslim free small country that is now progressing by leaps and bounds? Are they even sovereign like the EAST BENGALI Muslims? /// Yet no conclusion has been drawn from recent history and contemporary world and the Sikhs go on chanting, Hindu style, “Tere Bhaane Sab (sic) da Bhala.” None is investigating or looking into the nature of these “sab.” Isn’t it like the goats praying for the well-being of tigers? (“Buckray ki maan kab tak khair manaa-ay gi?” 1984 ought to have been an EYE OPENER. A government that was supposed to give useful direction to the youth and cater for their EDUCATION launched Operation Blue Star to kill them. A Catholic, JF RIBIERO, hailing from a distant State who shared nothing with the Sikhs of EAST Punjab, was made Inspector General of Police with unlimited powers to eliminate the Sikh youth. Thousands were shot dead in the most brutal manner. That was the future of the nation delivered to rascals and murderers. We do not know even the names of the dead. Such is the fear of the Sikh leaders who are afraid of further reprisals from State if they spoke for the dead or erected a memorial to them.. /// It is, therefore, time to take the 5 K’s OUT 0f the Sikh doctrine. One of them in particular, the hair and the turban make a Sikh stand out from a mile for quick arrest and assassination. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS have perished due to this VISIBILITY, given that the RULERS of the time have been NON Sikh and ANTI Sikh all the time right up to now. Let us not stand against the all flattening wave of TIME and AGE when the flag of our Miri is down in dust but that of Piri is raised sky high. /// There is need to establish a SIKH HOLOCAUST MUSEUM. There is even a bigger need for a HINDU Holocaust Museum since the Sikh, like a tick, is riding the Hindu sheep towards the abattoir of history. /// Let everyone see the persecution in earlier decades, even centuries, especially the manner of our extermination in each and every town and village in WEST PUNJAB in 1947, and the contemptuous and brutal treatment during 1980’s. The Reign of Terror ended with the assassination of Rajiv in 1991 to be revived by his son Rahul in the future. He is already called the future prime minister of India with his Columbian consort whose love of the native Sikh and Hindu is even more questionable like the Drugs and Mafia culture of her land of birth. The scenario is of Muslim and Catholic WOLVES (Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan) in sheep’s clothing let loose in a pen of SHEEP bleating “Sarv Bhala” (“Tere Bhaane Sarbat da bhala”) that translates into “Feed your kids along with the tiger cubs from the same dish.”. /// Some conclusions must be drawn and broadcast to the world just as the JEWS are doing. In PARTITIONED India today the Muslim is defiant, the Hindu is pliant with the Catholic Converter moving about in camouflage. /// With 29 States in BROKEN BHARAT (Partitioned India) perishing before our eyes, not one has called itself HINDU RASHTRA (e.g., Hindu Rashtra of Gujarat or the Hindu Rashtra of Tamil Nadu). At least ONE was needed to ensure the survival of Hindu religion and way of life before India’s bogus secularism conveys all and everything to the lap of Mohammed and Vatican. /// Israel’s bold example could be followed at least by one Indian state while all are now under the foot of Abdul Kalam and foot of Sonia Khan. Not even Nepal could retain her Hindu Constitution. Such is the relentless pressure by the ENEMY that the once stable Nepal is now going into anarchy. Hindustan is not far behind, being ridden and driven towards anarchy. /// What are the consequences for the Sikhs of EAST Punjab for living next to the ISLAMIC State of Pakistan that comes right up to within16 miles from Amritsar? /// How long will Amritsar be safe? Will it not go the way of Lahore? The world of the Hindu still lies collapsed to the east. There is no sign of Hindu recovery or resurgence across South Asia. Hindu performance was seen in 1947 when they vanished from FIVE provinces overnight and have never looked back. /// By not having an Institute of Ideology, Hindu/Sikh Holocaust Museum in each and every State in Partitioned India, the Hindus tell the world that they are ready for self immolation and the Sikhs tell the world that they are HINDUS despite symbols and swords, protests and pretensions. /// The Hindus though claiming that the Sikhs are part of them, still shy away from mentioning Guru Gobind Singh from public stage. Great (in mere head count) parties like RSS and VHP do not show his picture on any stage. Only a few know what Swami Vivekananda said about him but that is only lip service. /// In 1947 the Hindu nation saw itself butchered in five provinces that became Pakistan, and in 1984 the Hindus stood on side and saw the Sikhs butchered in Amritsar and the rest of EAST Punjab. That is not like being part of the Hindu family. Is it? /// Sikhs are people of DIGNITY while Hindus have zero self respect if we care to see the way they are clinging to the feet of Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan. One is a “fatted” MOHAMMEDAN bull, the other the fatted ITALIAN cow. One is Supreme Commander, the other “Mother of Hindu Nation”. Both are running down the Hindus while raising the Parsis, Muslims, Catholics and Italians. Slowly production lines are going into the hands of these foreigners. There used to be Birla and Dalmia groups in the hands of Hindus but now such major concerns are owned or led by NON Hindus. /// The Hindus are being eliminated from power politics of India with five State capitals already in MUSLIM hands and totally out of Hindustan. They are being pushed down into economic stagnation under State design. Individually they are tolerated as useful manipulated fools who donate lavishly to every NON Hindu cause and Bogus Foundations established in the name of “haraami aulaad” and sidekicks of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, but collectively they look a “donkey” if the President of Partitioned India is a Muslim, a Pakistani by definition, and the White Elephant “Rashtramata” is a Catholic imported from Italy. /// Similarly the Sikhs are being pushed down into economic stagnation under State design with East Punjab DENIED or REFUSED State aid, funding, subsidies and investments at par with South Kashmir. Individually they are grand Sardars but collectively they look an ass if the Governor of Punjab is a Non Sikh and the chief minister of Punjab is sitting on Union Territory instead of LAHORE.. /// The Hindus are unable to move in Ayodhya and the Sikhs are not interested whether their State of East Punjab is ruled from Patiala or Union Territory. /// Small countries like Latvia, small regions like Tyrol, and impoverished Tajikistan, even private individuals abroad own Airlines (Ryanair of Ireland), but the States of Tamil Nadu, East Punjab and Gujarat, some bigger than Germany, cannot fly a single plane under their flag. Hundreds of millions of HINDUS and Sikhs living in them are smashed by Centre. /// FEAR of “Sarkar” is GENETIC in Hindu nation including Sikhs because the Sarkar has been DEVIL for its own subjects. The Holy book Guru Granth Sahib, UNLIKE KORAN, does not INSPIRE the adherents into collective endeavour of any kind. In contrast, the Koran INSPIRES, ENCOURAGES and EMBOLDENS the Mohammedans to THRUST forward on earth whenever an opportunity arises, even unexpectedly as in India in 1947. In that fateful year the native Muslims attacked their own land of birth, violently thrust forth to cover one third of India on one day, and imposed ISLAMIC Constitution on one and all without fear of UNO and regard for world opinion. /// The proof of our INFERIORITY is that the world has FORCED India into secularism so that the enemy flourishes. The powerful and “Hindu killing” world opinion has similarly “ordered” the Sikhs to die of fright at the mere idea of a Sikh Republic around Amritsar, Ludhiana and Patiala that will still be bigger than proud and sovereign Latvia. Mention sovereignty to the chief minister of West Bengal and see him die of heart attack. The Hindu “rat” is not inspired in the least by the Constitution of neighbouring EAST Bengal. His shameless Sikh counterpart in EAST Punjab is happy to be ruling his State from UNION Territory. /// There is no breath left in any Sikh Sardar, or political and religious body, to demand Vatican style status for Sri Nankana Sahib and Sri Amritsar though both names have the prefix “Sri”, the equivalent of Reverend. The Sikhs are AFRAID just like the HINDUS, living under the terror of Italian born Sonia and “Pakistani” ABDUL KALAM. /// The terrified Hindu nation has put the word PARTITION out of mind and the Constitution of India. The Hindu nation dare not claim North Kashmir back from murderous Muslims, nor raise their top temple in Ayodhya. In fact, disregarding the Hindu public opinion, the Muslims are constructing more mosques across Partitioned India, including much mutilated EAST Punjab, to preach their rabid and virulent ANTI KAFIR ideology. Catholic Rahul “Gandhi” can ride rough shod over all the Hindus to import his spouse from the drugs and mafia infested COLUMBIA. A native female is inferior in his eyes as in the case of his father, the BOFORS CHOR. /// Due to FEAR of Nehru Dynasty, masquerading under the bogus surname of “Gandhi”, no court in OCCUPIED and ENSLAVED India can dare to proceed against Rajiv for his corruption and BOFORS commissions. There is no thrust and push in the Hindu psyche to see any corrupt Gandhi punished or hanged. /// The death of Hindus in Pakistan, BOGUSDESH and Kashmir causes no ripple in the entire Hindu body that is like the dying old elephant. /// Hindus and Sikhs are now suppressed and crushed as a people. A few millionaires in the sea of poverty and impoverishment are ineffective while the power house is dying due to lack of fuel. /// The earthquake in Pakistan on 8 October 2005 showed the response by the Pakistanis living in the UK. ISLAMIC AID, the counterpart of impoverished and lacklustre SEWA INTERNATIONAL, sent two million pounds and plane loads of equipment, tents, medicines and food within hours. We learnt from a BBC broadcast that one ISLAMIC charity is supporting 350 schools across North Kashmir. God helps those who help themselves. Britain and the USA send aid worth TENS OF MILLIONS OF POUNDS besides equipment and rescue teams. Pakistan is a nation merely 6 decades old as compared to Hindustan over six thousand years old whose response to earthquake in Gujarat a couple of years ago was ludicrously small. The future is clearly the Islamic flag over DELHI with Sikhs re-living the era of Aurangzeb once again. Time to avert that “FINAL SOLUTION” (“ENDLOESUNG”) OF THE PERISHING PAGANS IN SOUTH ASIA was now. /// Survival on earth is a challenge, especially for those without a COLLECTIVE head, tail, teeth, guts and backbone. /// 10 October 2005 /// .........................000000000