should a housewife be paid

date: 10/10/2005

should a housewife be paid

is there anything indian in nehru/gandhi family with all the noises about india's economic progress, happiness index etc, we have reasons to be happy. but what is really shocking is that indians have an extra-ordinary capacity to be fooled by crooks. first, muslim invadors, then british, portugal colonial powers, and now nehru/ gandhi dynasty. this dynasty successfully removed our maharajas to force down on us a nehru dynasty consisting of mediocre persons, but who were richly endowed with a burning desire and assumed divine right to rule and fool indians. let us see if there is anything indian left in this greedy and corrupt family. hindu blood........10% kashmir blood polluted by muslim/parsi/muslim/ and italian virus. indian money .....100% the family controls billions of us dollars. indian hostory knowledge 30%. capacity to fool indians 90% only laloo and mayavati are ahead of them. concern for hindu values and traditions 0.0 % belief that they have divine right to rule and fool indians 100% respect for indian laws when their interests are at stake. 0% (bofor, export of rare artifacts, maruti, goa, bihar etc.etc...) capacity to collect greedy, and scheming villains in congress....100% we all knew that this "india's tragedy" called sonia gandhi was behind the dissolution of bihar (and also goa) newly elected assembly. now we have the supreme court certificate to say so. but why blame buta singh, manmohan singh and kalam. they are worthless shoe polishers of madam sonia and keep running here and there to do her errands. if we have any pride as indians, the first thing we should do is to destroy this have any pride as indians, the first thing we should do is to destroy this corrupt, anti hindu nehru/gandhi dynasty and the group of goondas and corrupt servants constituting congress party. when are indians.....if at all... learn our lessons and throw away these leaches.

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