Date: 10/15/2005


HOW TO WIN A MUSLIM'S HEART AND MIND?/// To win a Muslim's heart is to embrace Islam, or give your daughter in marriage to a Mohammed. There is NO other way to win their hearts./// The ISLAMIC scourge on earth has to be eradicated like VERMIN or CANCER. It is savage, brutal, crude, intolerant and violent to the core./// The world needs to remember how the INDIGENOUS Muslims attacked, robbed, abducted their fellow citizens who happened to be NON Muslim in India in 1947. /// One billion HINDUS have forgotten, by and large, the RAPE and MUTILATION of a country we call "Mother India." Some TERROR of Islam even in our genes./// Having discovered the characteristic of a SNAKE no one should be a fool to set about winning its heart. /// Koran is the modern counterpart of MEIN KAMPF written by Hitler under direct inspiration from GOD./// Islam MUST BE eradicated from earth like LETHAL PEST. /// MUSLIMS of all shades need to be wiped out just like the NAZIS. The free, secular and DEMOCRATIC world cannot have two standards, one for NAZIS and the other for the followers of MOHAMMED. They have to be dealt with in the SAME way. Both need to be eliminated. /// The goal of Islam is to dominate the others and all the earth. The free secular world has been losing TERRITORY due to weakness. The weakest people on earth are the HINDUS for one reason alone, longest slavery under ISLAM, MOHAMMED AND KORAN. They were liberated in 1857 when Union Jack replaced the Mogul flag over Delhi. /// But the DEVILS bounced back with vengeance in 1947 and captured ONE THIRD of India, and soon wiped out the entire HINDU population in the newly created BASTARD State called Pakistan. (NB: "Mother" was gentle native Hindu lady whose own children DESERTED her in a minute, "Father" was MUD ALI JINN(AH) follower of Crude Creed from Arabia, and the Pimp was Mountbatten from London. The newly born "BASTARD" that IMPOSED Koran and Islam on all the NON MUSLIMS trapped under its HAMMER and SWORD, was called Pakistan.). /// Even in the present tragedy of earthquake while the world was rushing aid to them, they MURDERED ten Hindus in South Kashmir. India's Supreme Commander, a MOHAMMEDAN, is the proof of Hindu weakness and lack of manliness. By all counts of TRUTH he is a PAKISTANI since the Islamic State of Pakistan was meant for ALL THE INDIAN MUSLIMS. His family chose to stay BACK in Bharat in order to do the damage at the right moment in the future. /// That NO Hindu actor has reached the top in Bollywood like Sameer KHAN, Akbar KHAN, Shah Rukh KHAN and Any Damn KHAN is due to such HINDU lack of conviction and courage. We need to realise that Bollywood is in PARTITIONED INDIA, or BROKEN BHARAT. Film studios in Lahore were equally glamorous BEFORE Partition, but all their HINDU actors and actresses were murdered or CHASED OUT. /// To spare the life of a snake is to be bitten one night when one is asleep or off guard. Prithvi Raj Chohan, like MILLIONS MORE who were KILLED during centuries after him, is not alive to pass on the wisdom to us now. We have remained chicken hearted, soft and vulnerable- an EASY PREY. /// Today if you ask a Muslim from Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Sialkot, Jehlum or Multan, "Who built your house?" The reply will be, "A Hindu." Or "A Sikh." If we then ask, What happened to those who built your house, the answer will be, "WE KILLED or CHASED OUT the KAFIRS. What THEY possessed came into OUR possession." Not a bit of shame or remorse. /// So all YOU kafirs, wake up. All Muslims, whether HOME GROWN, INDIGENOUS OR FOREIGN, are your deadly enemies, just waiting for the right time to ATTACK, to disembowel you, abduct and RAPE your women and loot your property./// One must be TRUTHFUL disregarding the bogus political correctness of the civilised world that is crumbling and yielding under the pressure of MOHAMMED. /// Muslims have INCREASED on earth LIKE RABBITS due to what MOHAMMED declared. When asked, "We have KILLED all the male infidels in this city. What shall we do with the weeping widows?"/// Mohammed answered casually, "DISTRIBUTE THEM AMONG YOURSELVES and to ensure your reproduction abilities, DON'T BE GREEDY. LIMIT THE NUMBER TO FOUR. Then produce as many as you can, AT LEAST FOUR A YEAR, to increase our army of MUJAHIDEEN. Glory be to Allah who is merciful to us but terrible to them."/// Now let us think of CENTURIES of such practice to produce and reproduce like mad. /// Result? ONE THIRD OF INDIA went under their foot on ONE day in 1947 because they had increased too much. The head count gave them a great advantage. The civilised secular world COLLAPSED./// Next on the Islamic List are Europe, Russia and Australia./// KURU/// Just go to any gurdwara in India, even in EAST Punjab on a Sunday and count the number of MUSLIMS enjoyihng a free meal at the cost of sword bearing "NISHKAM SEWAKS" whose granparents were wiped out in WEST PUNJAB. They have no clue since they cannot erect a Memorial to the Dead of 1947 (nor can the HINDUS who lost TWO MILLION in that year alone.) . ./// =======================/// In a message dated 15/10/2005 18:57:09 GMT Daylight Time, xxx writes:/// The above phrase is an often heard one, of which we saw an example during the massive earthquake in South Asia. American, British, French, Dutch doctors and paramedics helping out to rescue those trapped in the debris as a result of the quake. A noble act in any other circumstances. But when such a calamity strikes a Muslim population, whom are we trying to rescue? We are rescuing our future murderers. The suicide bombers on the London Tube came from Pakistan./// They were the kin of those whom we rescued in Muzafarrabad. They shared the same ethos and morals, the same emotions and passions as those of the victims of the earthquake! Do we even realize that? /// We would be castigated for suggesting that helping the victims of a natural calamity is counter-productive. But let history speak for itself. We helped many Indonesians during the Tsunami in December 2004, but did that prevent three Indonesian suicide bombers from blowing up the beach resort and marketplace in Bali a few days back in October 2005 at the beginning of Ramadan? No it did not. And what is the justification of these murders to murder us - that we are infidels and the holy(sic) Quran - the Instruction Manual of Terrorism commands Muslims to kill non-Muslims till they either submit to becoming Muslims or die for refusing./// We would be looked upon as uncouth for suggesting that the only language all Muslims understand is that of blood and death and only death can stop them. As long as they survive on this planet, they will be a destabilizing influence and never allow civilized people to breathe freely. There is no hope of transforming the Muslims into a good peace-loving and noble community. The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim. This is the harsh reality. And so we need to face the seemingly heartless and brutal fact of life that all Muslims need to be given the choice of leaving Islam voluntarily or being put out of harm's way, i.e. put out of the way from harming anybody else! No other way has the prospect of resolving the Muslim problem across the globe./// The day we face this harsh reality and start resorting to tactics that give the Muslims a choice of giving up Islam or death would be the we would start winning the war on terror. This is the way Islam was in fact spread; Islam or Death, this was ultimatum that spread Islam among its billion followers today. We need only to get to know the History of Islam to realize this. So we need to resolve the Muslim problem in the same way that it was born - by the sword. In modern parlance with neutrons and nukes and take out a few of their major cities like Makkah (Mecca), Medinah, etc. Those who refuse to submit to this ultimatum of leaving Islam will have to be made an example of./// And when Muslims see this resolve on part of the civilized world, after a few million of them perish, better counsel should prevail on the rest and they shall come to their senses. If not, they face more neutrons. In either case the human species stands to gain./// We should never commit the cardinal folly of nourishing the Muslims when they face any crises, especially a natural disaster like the quake in South Asia. This sounds heart-wrenching and barbaric, but there is no other go with a mindset that is itself barbaric to its core! Those whom we are helping to save in Muzaffarabad will come to murder us in London, Paris, Rotterdam, and New York. We need to hunt these murderers in their den. Especially so when a natural calamity has struck them, we need to leave them to their fate, if we are not yet ready to hit them hard when they have been hit by nature's fury - the way David hit at Goliath with his slingshot and when Goliath was incapacitated, David put Goliath out of harm's way from where Goliath could do no further harm./// In fact the Muslims have always attacked those of their dversaries who have been struck by a natural disaster. When a sandstorm struck a Sassanid Persian army at the battle of Quadisiya in modern day Iraq, the Arab Muslim attackers took full advantage of that Persian discomfiture and slaughtered the entire retreating Persian Army. The 5th columnists amongst may say that this was done during a war and so it was justified on part of the Muslim to do so. We cannot do it with those struck by a disaster like the Tsunami or the Quake. We need to remind those amongst us who use this logic that today also we are in a war a war against terror, a war to save civilization. And so today also in this war time situation, such a tactic is absolutely justified, as it was for the Muslims at Quadisiya and in all battles Muslims have fought ever since, as also during peace times as on 9/11/2001. /// We need to take a leaf out of the book of the Muslims and do unto them what they have done to others and continue to do till this day at New York (9/11) < Madrid (3/11) London 7/7) and at countless other place across our globe./// So while our hearts reach out to the victims, but our minds tell us that we need to act in fashion that will solve the problem and not nourish it further. We nourish the problem when we save our future murders struck by a quake in Pakistan, by the Tsunami in Indonesia. We need to have the resolve to stand aside while making suitable noises of helping out, if we cannot take advantage of an 'act of God' and complete the work that God has left unfinished with nukes and neutrons. As the only way of winning a Muslim heart is by putting a bullet into it /// More at: ........................000000000