Date: 10/17/2005


The world media are totally devoted to the MUSLIM side of borders. Not a word about the devastating earthquake on the Indian side. /// Huge aid will pour in from outside, possibly even from Bharat, where it is the way of life to IGNORE own family but rush out to help the ENEMY. /// India under FOREIGNERS is like a dead nation, like collapsed mound of mud. Wasn't this the time when three divisions of Paki army are busy in relief work, to take back North Kashmir in one bold action? /// But Indian army is now a fatted career army and not fit for such initiatives. If at all they were to advance, then they would be asked to accept cease fire and go back to their wives. /// Everyone on earth waits for the slightest weakness in enemy ranks to attack. /// When Hindu world was VULNERABLE at the time of British departure, the Muslims availed of the opportunity in a flash, and attacked. /// Stunned and shaken Indian leaders quickly signed the unconditional surrender of ONE THIRD of India in one second. Now when Pakistani side is weak, there is absolutely NO sign of any initiative or move from the "half dead" Indian side groaning under the foot of supreme commander abdul kalam./// The biggest misfortune for any nation is to have FOREIGNERS ruling it. Both Abdul Kalam and Sonia Gandhi are totally FOREIGNERS. /// If we accept Partition, then we cannot accept Muslims as fellow citizens. /// Indian inability to ENFORCE this rule will cost us dearly. As a result of this concession India itself may vanish like West Punjab and North Kashmir. /// The second point is the fact that a HINDU is regarded a "dog" or "donkey" in every Islamic country. Since India is not prepared to do anything to correct such a rotten image, we could approach the Western countries, especially UNO, to send relief workers under their auspices and flags who are HINDU. /// When the wild and hatred-filled Muslims see Hindu soldiers and charity workers giving food to the starving Muslims, the image of Hindus will go up. /// We expected the Government of India to think of such points but Abdul Kalam and Sonia Gandhi, who are bent upon lowering the Hindu image even further, will not lift a finger in this direction. At least India could have protested at the name of that mountain, HINDU KUSH. /// Don't we know what KUSH means?/// If Abdul Kalam and Sonia don't know this, then they had to be kicked out of our world that is reminded of Hindu massacres but not of ONE Hindu victory over the rascals. /// ..........................000000000