Date: 10/21/2005


COMMENT BY A SIKH READER OF "THE DAWN", KARACHI. /// October 20, 2005 Thursday Ramzan 15, 1426/// From Dawn, the Karachi newspaper founded by Mohammed Ali Jinnah /// 10,000 children could die, warns Unicef: Call for more helicopters /// ISLAMABAD, Oct 19: The United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) on Wednesday warned that 10,000 more children could die from hunger, cold and disease in coming weeks because aid has still not reached certain parts of quake-hit Pakistan. /// Unicef called for immediate steps to push through more supplies, saying that children would be the first victims in a possible “second wave of deaths” as winter approaches./// ===================/// COMMENT: /// Being part of world's RICHEST Umma', the World of Islam flooded with PETRODOLLARS, these children have a BILLION godfathers. /// How were OUR OWN Sikh children helped in 1947 and 1984? Which government, UNO, or public institutions were involved? Which Charity went to their aid? Did we see Red Cross or Edhi Foundation there? /// amarinder "AWWAL KHESH, BA'D HU DARWESH" does not apply to our Sikh community. We ran to the aid of Bangladesh flood victims but NO Bangladeshi thought that Sri Nankana Sahib should be as SOVEREIGN as Sonia Gandhi's Vatican and Abdul Kalam's Mecca or even that East PUNJAB ought to be as independent of Delhi's bogus secularism as East BENGAL./// Did we hear of UNICEF then?/// We also wish to ask BBC, "Did you give even one hundredth of publicity to the Sikh victims of WRATH OF INDIRA in 1980's, what you are giving to the victims of earthquake in a State that could not have been born if Secularism was not crushed under Mr. Clement Attlee's foot in South Asia with the help of the British rulers of the time?"/// And in 1947, at PARTITION, there were at least five million grieving crying starving orphaned HINDU/SIKH children IGNORED by the world when Imperial Servant, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, was havving "good time" with Edwina Mountbatten in New Delhi. /// =============================/// ........................000000000