Date: 10/21/2005


A GREAT DISASTER STRUCK THE REGION AND THE WORLD RESPONDED WITH GOOD WILL AND AID. /// BUT THE MUSALMAN "BEIMAN, SHAITAN, HAIWAN" DID NOT DROP HIS SWORD AND GUN./// IN MAD FRENZY TO IMPOSE ISLAM AND KORAN ON ONE AND ALL, AS THEY DID IN LAHORE AND EAST BENGAL IN 1947, THEY KILLED THE STATE MINISTER OF EDUCATION, MR GHULAM NABI LONE, A FEW DAYS AFTER THEY SLIT THE THROATS OF TEN HINDUS IN THE SAME AREA./// HOW TYPICAL OF THE RASCALS TO KILL THE MINISTER OF EDUCATION. ACCORDING TO THESE "GOOD" FOLLOWERS OF MOHAMMED, THE WORLD CAN BE CONVERTED TO ISLAM BY REMOVING EDUCATION./// THAT IS WHY IN ABDUL KALAM'S BHARAT, AUTHORITIES FROWN UPON MAKING COMMUNICATION THE KEYWORD AND SPREADING COMPUTER OWNERSHIP. /// PERMANENT SOLUTION TO ISLAMIC TERRORISM IS TO DEAL WITH THE LETHAL IDEOLOGY OF MURDER AS THE FREE WORLD DEALT WITH NAZISM IN MID 1940'S. THERE IS NOT OTHER WAY. /// ============================= /// Terror in quake-hit J&K unacceptable (BUT TELL O WISE GUY, WHERE IS TERRORISM ACCEPTABLE?) /// http://www.expressindia.com/fullstory.php?newsid=57005&headline=Terror~in~quake-hit~J&K~unacceptable:~US /// Press Trust of India /// Posted online: Friday, October 21, 2005 at 1307 hours IST Updated: Friday, October 21, 2005 at 1332 hours IST /// Washington, October 21: Terming as unacceptable acts of terrorism committed in Jammu and Kashmir in the wake of the killer earthquake, the US has said the need of the hour was to save innocent lives and overcome the natural disaster which has ravaged the state. /// Testifying before the US House' Asia-Pacific subcommittee yesterday, Assistant Secretary of State Christina Rocca said, "there are those who are cynically using the situation" caused by the earthquake to conduct violent terrorist acts as "demonstrated by the assassination of Jammu and Kashmir state Education Minister Ghulam Nabi Lone." /// "This is unacceptable. The real battle going on in Kashmir today will be to save the hundreds of thousands of innocent lives and overcome a natural disaster the likes of which this region has never experienced," Rocca said. /// Lauding India and Pakistan for putting aside their differences and working together to help quake victims, Rocca said that the us hoped this would lead to increased cooperation between the two nations in the future. /// ..........................000000000