Date: 10/22/2005


BBC WORLD TV reported of first major anti immigrant demonstration in Malta. The people are protesting against their small country becoming a BRIDGEHEAD, or transit camp, to facilitate Europe's silent invasion by all-conquering Mohammed’s vast armies. /// The tiny island of Malta is under under siege but no help will arrive from NATO or the UK to save it from the thousands of illegal MUSLIM migrants (all male, single and “fighting fit”, educated under ISLAMIC constitutions) who are drifting across the Mediterranean from the entire coastline of North Africa in all sorts of sea craft. /// Their ultimate destination via Italy is northern Europe with LABOUR'S ideological love of Islam (i.e., rapid social and political destabilisation of United Kingdom) in this country acting as magnet. /// Today's harmless Muslim "On The Run" in Asia and Africa is tomorrow's separatist Jehadi, potential recruit for Al Qaida in Europe. /// The killers of July 7, too, were at one time impoverished harmless immigrants, begging for permission to stay. They found many friends here who wished them well. To the clueless Britain seemed to be taking them on in the manner this nation took on the persecuted Jews in 1940’s. One could easily identify THEIR killer enemy. So why have we failed to identity the killer enemy of these new migrants? Clearly they are the natural product of World of Islam, ruling generals, dictators and thoroughly corrupt and treacherous rulers. Thus every ISLAMIC republic is potentially their KILLER who is chasing them out by enforcing LAWS OF KORAN that were valid in 7th century savage Arabia. /// More Islam in Europe does not mean deletion of word “KAFIR” (Infidel) from the pages of Koran or mixed congregations in mosques, or discarding of hijab, jiloba and burqa, or banning the practice of more than one wife, or more softening of its thrust forward on earth, or any change in its commitment to re-establish the Caliphate. /// More Muslims, more mosques, more secret or open “madrassas”, more ideological anti secular propaganda, more champions of separatism and more enemies of integration. /// The ever widening wedge of Islam is penetrating deep in “SOFT and LIBERAL” Europe. There is the prospect of ultimate "clash of civilisations" not away from Europe but WITHIN this continent despite present government's treacherous "political correctness" by shutting the eyes to the approaching Tsunami. /// If Islam was a religion of peace, we would see less of armed police standing around tube stations in London and at airports across the country and all our troops back from Afghanistan and Iraq tomorrow. /// The more the Islam, the less the secularism & liberalism, and weaker the Will to resist & survive. /// The best example is offered by INDIA whose surrenders before Islam are seen in the choice of her Supreme Commander. /// India's MUSLIM President (despite Partition) shows not only appeasement to the extreme, but surrender ultimate. /// A MUSLIM President in HINDU India? /// Indeed, a bold precedence for the dithering hesitant Europeans. It might be something Mr. Blair, too, secretly hopes will happen here- a MUSLIM head of state for the United Kingdom. /// In India with a large Muslim population the natives' Will to Survive was so destroyed through long centuries of slavery and continuous erosion and appeasement that in 1947 all the good, liberal, secular, decent and peace loving leaders and parties in India readily agreed to the surrender of one third of territory to Islam. /// Lacking the Will, or Force, to bounce back due to terror of Islam in their midst, the Indians are still ruled by the same political party (Congress) that signed the unconditional surrender of five provinces in 1947. /// Newly established Islamic Pakistan has never been able to get rid of her Generals on top, becoming the breeding ground of terrorism that has spread to Afghanistan, Kashmir, Nepal, Chechnya and even England. /// Is Europe not on the same course like India, to receive and appease Islam and then go under imported brides (prime minister Rajiv Gandhi's from Italy and member of parliament Rahul Gandhi's from Columbia)? /// It won't be long then before this country, too, appoints a MUSLIM as its Supreme Commander and Head of State, following the brilliant secular example of India. /// Isn't it time to show solidarity with Malta? /// OCTOBER 22, 2005/// ...................000000000