Date: 10/22/2005


TO GIVE REAL EDUCATION, INDIA WILL HAVE TO EXTERMINATE CONGRESS (ITALY AND ISLAM). THEY ARE ENEMY NO. 1 OF GENUINE EDUCATION AND SPREAD OF COMMUNICATIONS AMONG THE MASSES IN INDIA. THEY KNOW THAT THEY CAN RULE FOR EVER BY KEEPIING THE HINDU NATION AT THE LEVEL OF MORONS. /// AMRITA UNIVERSITY, a Deemed University designed to provide the best higher education has transformed University Education in India so radically that it has received respect and acclaim from the professional community around the world. The Amrita University inspired by Mata Amritananda Mai has transformed higher education with spiritual values and has been providing quality value based education for several years. Hindus and non-hindus have been attracted to the university for its quality, professionalism and value based higher learning. /// Hostile forces inimical to value based higher education have been creating obstacles ever since Amma introduced value based education. Several vested interest groups and Communist party have been trying to discredit and marginalize Amrita University ever since Amrita University attracted students and faculty from around the world. For several years, Communist media and pseudo secular intellectuals have been making inflammatory accusations to create a negative image of the esteemed center for higher education./// Now Communist Party aligned with the Central Congress government is trying to force the central government to withdraw Deemed University status of Amrita University. This will enable the Christian/Muslim led government in kerala to interfere with the daily operation of the Amrita University. Several professional colleges including the medical college will become under the purview of Kerala government. They may interfere, disrupt, undermine and subvert value based education and dismantle the university system formed by the divine inspiration of Amma.. /// It is time for hindus around the world to wake up and thwart the destruction of our sacred University established by Mata Amritananda mai. Hindus need to unite and stop this chaos, disorder, and political manipulation by atheist anti-national Communist party and their fellow travelers. /// Dr.Babu Suseelan/// ...........................000000000