Date: 10/25/2005


INDIAN MPS ARE THE MAHARAJAS OF INDIA/// Prior to 1947 there were only a few Maharajas and we had to keep them happy. Now we have hundreds of MPs, and they are poor so they are the leeches of India and they are never satisfied, they keep wanting more. In the Oct. 16th issue of the Organizer Mr. Man Mohan Sharma says the following: /// ďPampering white elephants: Recently there was news that our MPs are asking for a hike in their salary, considering the hard duties they perform as elected representatives and being accountable to their constituency. Letís have a small look at the salary perks they draw. An MP gets a pay and DA of Rupees 30,000 per month, constituency allowance of Rs 10,000 p.m., office exp. of Rs 14,000 p.m., free electricity 50,000 units p.a., water charges Rs 1,500 p.a., telephone calls Rs 1,70,000 p.a., three telephones, one mobile, fully-furnished A.C. accommodation, 32 free air tickets-wherever in India, return air ticket-one p.a. with spouse, unlimited A.C. rail tickets, five star hotel boarding, lodging, taxi fare, when Parliament is in session Rs 500 per day, two crore rupees per year for development of constituency, which many manipulate for their own development, An MP also gets free medical aid in a first-class hospital, A.C. II tear unlimited tickets for his assistant, after five years Rs 3,000 p.m. pension for life, a palm top computer and a desktop computer with a printer. Shri Rajiv Shukla, Member of Rajya Sabha, has compared his pay and pension with a clerk in government office and peon who draws Rs 3,000 pension p.m. after completion of 30 years of satisfactory service and not after completion of just five years of five star service as a king of the constituency. If MPs are so poorly paid then why is there a mad rush of doctors, engineers, MBAs, ex-IAS/IPS officers, military officials, industrialists and cinema celebrities to join this bandwagon at every cost? What is the big attraction for spending lakhs to get the ticket and spend many more to win elections? Is it for serving the nation or earning from the nation?Ē/// When an MP gets elected, he is given a bungalow and when he finishes his term most of them donít move out. Thatís a lot of free housing. In America a senator gets a salary and thatís it. He or she has to pay for everything they buy. I recommend all the Indian MPís be given a plain salary and take it or leave it. India is a poor country and it should not waste money the way they are wasting it now. /// Prof. Bharat J. Gajjar /// .........................000000000