Date: 10/26/2005

Comment /// Hamid expressed need for coordination efforts /// PESHAWAR (inp): Corps Commander Lieutenant General Muhammad Hamid Khan stressed the need for enhanced coordination at local level so that the relief could reach to the deserving survivors of earth quake hit areas of NWFP. /// ================/// COMMENT BY A SIKH FROM UNION TERRITORY of Chandigarh (created by BANDIT Jawaharlal Nehru in order to humiliate EAST PUNJAB after surrendering the State capital at LAHORE):-/// What would be so terribly wrong at this time of extreme adversity and "Wrath of Allah" in the 60 year old artificially created ISLAMIC Republic of Pakistan if the Muslims of WEST Punjab put their KORAN in their private lives, exactly as they are doing to the Holiest of Holies, Sri Guru Granth Sahib, but put Punjabi LANGUAGE on top in Constitution, in order to UNITE East Punjab and West Punjab with Vatican like sovereign status for Sri Nankana Sahib? /// Then it will not be the case of adoring Mohammed (born in Mecca) "as per Constitution" IN PUBLIC while shunning the Divine Son of God, Guru Nanak of the soil of Punjab. /// How else does Muhammad Hamid KHAN and his FRONTIER Post imagine the future of today's Punjab in FIVE fragments, and by corollary, that of the partitioned neighbouring "bleeding" Sate of Kashmir, once called "Paradise on Earth", now ravaged by brutal occupation by decomposing, disintegratiung, Bharat under corrupt and treacherous irreplaceable NEHRU Dynasty, and gun fire? /// This COMMENT is also meant for “Mohajir” Manmohan Singh of Bharat, Captain Amarinder Singh of Union Territory, and Delhi-born General Musharraf of Pakistan. /// FOR THE ENTIRE "HALF DEAD" HINDU WORLD, BARELY BREATHING UNDER THE TERROR OF ITALIAN BORN SONIA KHAN AND THE HEAVY FOOT OF "PAKISTANI" ABDUL KALAM: /// CONCEDE Khalistan because there is Pakistan!/// SUPPORT the demand for Sovereign East PUNJAB because East BENGAL is sovereign!/// 26 October 2005./// ............000000000