Date: 10/26/2005


SERIOUSLY WOUNDED HINDUS IN BHARAT, WHO DARE NOT EVEN SHOW UP IN AYODHYA, LEAVE ASIDE IN SRINAGAR, CANNOT FEEL THE BLOOD LETTING OF THE SIKHS. /// Thousands of Sikhs are expected to gather on Sunday 6 November in London to commemorate the November 1984 ant-Sikh pogroms and share with non-Sikhs the continued suffering and lack of justice for the tens of thousands of innocent Sikh victims. /// For those of you that may be in two minds on whether or not to take part in the Sikhs in the Square event in Trafalgar Square between 1:30-4:30pm please read the testimony of Gurdip Kaur taken from 'We Share Their Agony-Sikh Women Victims of November 1984' /// [On November 1, Gurdip Kaur, her three sons and her husband were at home. At about noon a mob of young boys attacked her home. Here is how she described the attack] /// 'Three of the men ran out and were set on fire. My youngest son stayed in the house with me. But they came into the house. Those young boys, 14 and 16 year olds, began to drag my son out even though he was hiding behind me. They tore my clothes and stripped me naked in front of my son. They raped me right there, in front of my son, in my own house. They were young boys, maybe eight of them. /// After they had taken my honour, they left. I took my son to sit among the women but they came and dragged him away. They took him to the street corner, hit him with lathis, sprinkled kerosene over him, and burnt him alive. I tried to save him but they struck me with knives and broke my arm. At that time I was completely naked. I had managed to get a hold of an old sheet which I had wrapped around myself. If I had even one piece of clothing on my body, I would have gone and thrown myself over my son and tried to save him. I would have done anything to save at least one young man of my family. Not one of the four is left.' /// It is the heart-wrenching experience of thousands of mothers like Gurdip Kaur that place a duty on us to NEVER LET THE WORLD FORGET 1984. /// Please share the experiences of Gurdip Kaur with friends, family and the Sangat. This will help those who can spare a few hours on Sunday 6 November to highlight the continued lack of justice for the November 1984 ant-Sikh pogroms to the thousands of non-Sikhs that will be in Trafalgar Square and the millions that are likely to learn through media coverage. /// Where possible share the personal testimony of Gurdip Kaur with the Sangat from the stage at Gurdwaras. Some may then feel a greater desire to take part in the Sikhs in the Square event and Gurdwaras themselves may feel obliged to arrange transport. /// .......................000000000