Date: 10/27/2005


1. /// IT IS FUTILE TO GIVE “KIRPAN” TO VEGETARIAN "NISHKAM SEWAK KAFIRS” /// It is futile to arm a KAFIR to the teeth and then bring him up on the lore of “All mankind is one family.” Such defeatist conditioning (brainwashing) totally NEGATES his warrior Spirit. /// He will then ONLY use his sword or kirpan, to the disgust of his vegetarian parents, siblings and society, being used on a chicken, goat or sheep who offer no resistance to being killed or converted. /// More important than sword or gun is the IDEOLOGY or SPIRIT that not only tells a person who his enemy is, but also ENCOURAGES him/her to lunge forward at the enemy with weapon to disembowel him on the spot and drive him back to where he came from. In the case of India, where he came from was LONDON till August 15, 1947. Since then it is MECCA via Kabul and Teheran. /// With the benefit of warlike fiery ideology of their KORAN and the life long battles and wars of Mohammed (Hadith), the Muslims in 1947 easily overpowered the secular Hindu armies of Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, even Guru Gobind Singh, and in a flash overwhelmed. overran and occupied ONE THIRD of our secular country on one day. /// Afterwards, when they set upon ETHNIC CLEANSING of the Kafirs, the whole world saw the grand rout or flight of KAFIRS from areas that were surrendered unconditionally by India and became PAKISTAN overnight. /// Kirpan-bearing Sikhs and the gentle unarmed Hindus were all WIPED OUT from those vast areas, bigger than France and Germany PUT TOGETHER, within days. Today Iran is just repeating what Islam has done repeatedly on earth over centuries. /// Lacking quality leadership, NO lesson has been drawn by teachers and preachers on our side. We are told that all over India, especially Kerala, Assam, EAST Punjab, Rajasthan and WEST Bengal, Muslim numbers and mosques are increasing rapidly. The natives have no idea of the approaching doom if their teachers and preachers are still calling “all mankind ONE family with NO enemy in sight.” /// -------------- /// 2./// INDIA CLAIMS SOVEREIGNTY OVER KASHMIR!/// How is it that while India claims that Kashmir is a part of India, she is not asking the governments flying all the relief aircraft and helicopters in that area to take prior permission of Government of India? Shouldn't they have at least registered their protest on paper? /// What is happening on GROUND is showing the world that India's claim of sovereignty on the State is bogus, meaningless and NIL. /// By default India has lost the legal case in 2005, having lost it militarily in January 1948. /// 3. /// The world is taking serious notice of Iran's threat to wipe Israel from the map. But that is still only a threat and given the "Shakti" of West as seen in Iraq, it will remain only a threat. /// Now what about ISLAMIC Pakistan itself, that is the size of France, Germany and Spain, that WIPED out (one third of) the State of India and her Secularism, too, in 1947? /// If the world let ISLAM have its devilish way then, there is no doubt that the world of Islam will call West's bluff this time, too, and drop nuclear arsenal on Israel. /// Why is India too shy to tell the world of her own experiences with Islam over centuries? Is she too ashamed of her own rape and mutilation like a raped maiden, too embarrassed to "educate" the others about the rascal? /// Obviously the world can see with their own eyes that India practises bogus moral superiority of the coward, of the slave wearing His Master Abdul Kalam's nose ring. /// ............................000000000