Date: 11/2/2005


HINDU AND SIKH "COWS, GOATS AND SHEEP FEEDING THE MOHAMMEDAN WOLVES AND TIGERS." WHOSE APPETITE FOR HINDU FLESH, TERRITORY AND MAIDENS IN INSATIABLE./// Sikhs were exterminated throughout West Punjab. The Hindus were wiped out in FIVE PROVINCES of our land that are now NA-PAKISTAN. /// ISLAMIC PAKISTAN WAS BORN TO OVERWHELM THE REST OF HINDUSTAN while we have become DHIMMI even in AYODHYA. /// HINDUS' DEFENCE IS IN THE HANDS OF A MUSALMAN, BEIMAN, SHAITAN, HAIWAN CALLED ABDUL KALAM who refuses to touch Hinduism even with a barge pole. The HINDU nation from KERALA to KASHMIR remains under the shadow of ITALIAN BORN SONIA KHAN. Hindu males are looking at our own females through the eyes of POPE./// BEST OF HINDUSTAN IS PAKISTAN NOW, and the REST OF HINDUSTAN is leaderless, floating like a leaking floundering ship heading towards the ICEBERG like The TITANIC. /// We are being slaughtered piecemeal in our own KASHMIR, even in NEW DELHI on auspicious days of celebration. We are inviting our own slaughter and the degradation of our wives and daughters. /// We refuse to recall the manner of conversion of Hindus to Islam in Kashmir during the reign of bloodthirsty emperor Aurangzeb when the WEEPING CRYING HINDU PANDITS CAME TO GURU TEGH BAHADUR IN 1675. /// We Hindus do not celebrate our VICTORIES over our ENEMY as the British and the Americans do in case of their victories over Germany and Japan./// We do not REMEMBER OUR DEAD IN AN HONOURABLE WAY. We dare not erect even a single HOLOCAUST Museum anywhere We do not erect a Memorial to the DEAD OF 1947. /// We are dying under HIMALAYAN INFERIORITY COMPLEX since none dares to commend our NATIVE FAITH TO EITHER ABDUL KALAM OR SONIA KHAN. /// Our cowardly leaders say, "WE ACCEPT PARTITION." Another says, trembling with terror, "IF THEY ALL COME BACK, WE SHALL ALL BE SLAUGHTERED."/// Not one has suggested, "LET US PUT GURU GOBIND SINGH IN OUR CONSTITUTION and call ourselves SINGH even for two years to see the ENEMY fleeing towards MECCA./// NO! We won't even mention him since OUR CONCEDING APPEASING, SURRENDERING Bapu Gandhi called him a "misguided patriot" but MOHAMMED ALI JINN his "brother" saying "HINDU MUSLIM BHAI BHAI"! /// In the ancient land of Sri Krishna and Sri Ram, where Battle of Kurukshetra was fought and Ravana vanquished in BATTLEFIELD, we all have turned NISHKAM SEWAKS and SERFS AND SLAVES, who are going about our daily chores and lives as if we are free, independent and sovereign./// Ignoring the provocative name ISLAMABAD and even more provocative obscene suppressive ISLAMIC Constitution over our cities like Multan, Lahore, Karachi and SRI NANKANA SAHIB, we are gong about COLLECTING FUNDS FOR THE RELIEF OF OUR SWORN PREDATORS IN KASHMIR. Our aid to the "bastards" has to be CONDITIONAL: Either accept Secularism in Lahore and Dhaka, or DIE due to Wrath of Allah. We cannot look up to UNO to ENFORCE its Charter of Equality and Human Rights upon the SAVAGES owing first loyalty to TOP TERRORIST AND KAFIR KILLER of 7th century AD./// EVEN WORLD'S SUPER POWER IS NOT ASKING TURKEY TO VACATE HER ISLAMIC AGGRESSION IN CYPRUS OR APOLOGISE FOR THE MASSACRE OF ARMENIAN CHRISTIANS. None is asking Pakistan to pay compensation for all the HINDUS murdered, raped and expelled from their homes in 1947. None is thinking of asking Pakistna to wipe out the word "ISLAM" from its eeparatist Constitution. In human society a Muslim should be avoided like a leper or de-brainwashed of hsi ISLAM like the NAZIS and cured of his separatist POISON. /// "NO RELIEF YOU MOHAMMEDAN "BASTARDS AND BITCHES" TILL YOU ALLOW THE HINDUS AND SIKHS TO RETURN TO THEIR LANDS AND HOMES IN PAKISTAN AND BOGUSDESH (BANGLADESH), TILL YOU DISSOLVE YOUR BOGUS OBSCENE ISLAMIC REPUBLICS."/// .........................000000000