Date: 11/3/2005


We are feeding Butchers, so that they can come and massacre us tommorow,/// Even a day hasn't passed since the netaji's in Delhi announced 25 Million $ aid to 'PEACE LOVING' Pakistan for quake relief, bombs rocked Delhi. When flood victims of coastal andhra and other parts of south India are desperately waiting for relief aids from the centre, our rulers have made this benevolent act to a Barbaric Enemy, as if those 25 Million $s were their 'Baap ka maal'. Or let me put it this way, what would have been their reaction if those 70+ were congress politicians and not common people. And how much would these 25 Million have meant to people of coastal Andhra or any other flood affected state. /// Coming back to the point, not even a day has passed since the bombs rocked delhi, our netajis have decided to open up 5 points at the LOC. Probably to allow more Jihadis enter and target more peaceful cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. I can only see those 25 Million as ransom to leave these cities alone for some time. Pakistan never officially asked for any aid from India. It was us who were bent upon displaying this brotherly attitude towards a neighbourhood nation of Barbarians, Rapists, Landgrabbers and Extortionists. Or shall we a more suitably name it PAPISTAN. /// Are we a perfect example of a Prey which feeds its Predator. Janakiraman S.D Chennai /// This site is focussed on fighting the WaronTerror. /// ........................000000000