Date: 11/4/2005


EVEN A SIKH UNDER IMMACULATE CHARMING NAME IS A "DOG" UNDER DIRTY DYNASTY IN PARTITIONED & ENSLAVED WAYWARD HINDUSTAN/// Sir,/// Thank you for this eye opening posting (below)./// No wonder Manmohan Singh, BLACK SHEEP under immaculate Sikh name like SITA RAM KESRI and (KR) NARAYANAN "dynasty's despicable dogs" under immaculate Hindu names, was the first choice of Sonia KHAN, daughter of Mussolini & Polish Pope for the post of Prime Minister, and followed her like a POODLE in the highest and most sensitive offices of our HINDU land./// No wonder he went to Pakistan (OCCUPIED INDIA) in the foot prints of another coward, "Bottle Bihari" Vajpayee, to shake hands of MURDERER OF KARGIL and is opening up all roads and channels to the most destructive Mohammedan Fifth Column within and from outside to really BLAST what is left of our sacred secular Hindustan between Wagah and Hoogly./// No wonder he has shattered all our expectations that went as follows, that:- /// AS A SIKH he will have the attack on Golden Temple and curfew across the whole of EAST Punjab properly INVESTIGATED and then HANG the criminals of 1984 wanton attack on Sikhs' holiest shrine in Amritsar where the DEFENDERS were not Khalistani as yet but were protesting against the rule of bandits, thugs and BOFORS CHOR and the political Witch Mrs. FEROZE KHAN, who was masquerading under immaculate Hindu name and calling herself "INDIRA IS INDIA". The nation was made to lap up her ideology as the nation is now made to lap up and lick up the worthless cheap ANTI HINDU Italian import called Sonia who has seen her Pope visit our sacred Hindustan TWICE as State Guest. /// He will heal the wounds influcted on the Sikh minority through politically motivated brutal "Operation Blue Star" in June 1984. /// He will UNITE the Hindu family, integrating the alienated Sikhs, and isolate the ENEMY who occupies our FIVE provinces by brutal force under the banner of JIHAD and has chased out all the HINDUS from Srinagar./// He will march on to AYODHYA with his entire LOK SABHA (of "baboons") to raise the Sri Ram Temple there. /// He will move the subservient "baboons" of LOK SABHA to revise the Constitution by BANDIT NEHRU to blast its provocative Article that puts Kashmir above Gujerat and Maharashtra and accepts the full sovereignty of East Bengal while refusing petty concessions to East Punjab, Bihar and Orissa.. /// He will DEMAND compensation from NA-Pakistan for the immense loss of life and property in 1947. He will take the United Kingdom and its LABOUR PARTY to UNO and WORLD COURT for the Himalayan crime of IMPOSING Partition on India without referendum in 1947 that COMPELLED India to surrender UNCONDITIONALLY one third of her TERRITORY to rabid bloodthirsty and perpetually warring Jehadi Islam./// S.o.B Manmohan Singh will establish EIGHT Hindu Holocaust Museums (one each for Sindh, Baluchistan, NWFP, North Kashmir, West Punjab, East Bengal, the district of Sylhet taken from Assam and for the millions of Hindus massacred in Bharat itself since 1192 AD) and at least ONE Sikh Holocaust Museum to tell our coming generations of the PERMANENT lethal enemy that has infested our land like VERMIN and CANCER since 712 AD and goes directly and instantly for our LAND, DAUGHTERS, PROPERTY, TEMPLES and SOULS. /// He will give full compensation to the management committee of Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee for total destruction of priceless and peerless edifice of Sri Akal Takht Sahib and for the destruction of the unique historic LIBRARY and MUSEUM at Golden Temple. That attack was like the one by Babur on Sri Ram Temple in 1526 and by intolerant fanatic brutal CATHOLIC Spaniards on great INCA civilisation and temples in "LATIN" America in Middle Ages. /// He will raise the profile of native HINDI language and make it as respectable as LITHUANIAN is in that tiny Baltic Republic, or as supreme as English is in England./// He will look at the ACT OF PARTITION that destroyed his own place of birth, and persuade the ignorant "baboons" of LOK SABHA to declare the Muslims ALIENS (PERSONA NON GRATA) and keep them under surveillance till Pakistan and BOGUSDESH are dissolved by THEIR OWN free choice or OUR guns and bombs./// He will order the rebellious obscene ISLAMIC republics on either side of secular Hindustan to remove their FLAGS and high commissions from New Delhi. These PARIAH MOHAMMEDAN States should be treated as China treats Taiwan. /// He will persuade the "BABOONS" of Lok Sabha to boycott Eid and Iftar with the ENEMY who occupies not only North Kashmir but also Lahore, Multan, Karachi and Chittagong and has EXTERMINATED their fellow Hindus in Srinagar. /// He will ask Fiji and Uganda to APOLOGISE for the treatment of Indians that was the direct result of betrayal of nation by CONGRESS "SWINE". /// He will put two qualities in the Hindus: 1. RELATE TO FELLOW HINDUS just as a Bogusdesh Muslim relates to Chechnya, and a PAKI Muslim relates to Kashmir and Palestine. 2. RELATE TO TERRITORY so that we regard Karachi and Lahore as much INTEGRAL to our Hindu territory as the Mohammedans relate to territory and grab what they can get, Kashmir to Northern Cyprus. If we are not serious about TERRITORY then Delhi will go the way of Lahore just like those earlier despicable times when we were enslaved by Arab, Turk, Iranian, and Afghan (MUSLIM) invaders and bandits, yelling "ALLAH HU AKBAR" going about in the middle of our Hindu masses, terrifying all girls and women and children, EVEN MEN, in sleep. /// He will make the word "Hindu" sound decent and acceptable in Bharat's social circles./// He will appoint a Commission of ENQUIRY to look into all the ailments that have come into the Hindu collective body due to centuries of slavery, oppression, suppression and persecution. /// He will EDUCATE his fellow Sikhs and Hindus to see who their ENEMY is and not go out like the dumb cattle chanting "HINDU MUSLIM BHAI BHAI" that is totally meaningless to the Muslims. /// He will demand that two words are deleted from KORAN being read in Hindustan: KAFIR and JIHAD. /// He ought to have some sense to see that he himself is a (damned dhimmi) KAFIR as per KORAN and destined to be CONVERTED OR KILLED. /// He will demand the right of return to their homes and ancestral properties by ALL THE HINDUS AND SIKHS, not only to SRINAGAR but also to LAHORE and RAWALPINDI and SYLHET and DHAKA. The Muslim "bastards" cannot be allowed to KEEP WHAT THEY GRAB FROM HINDUS and come and go across borders and frontiers as they please. /// He will tell the Hindus to STICK to the original cry and goal of AKHAND BHARAT. That concept and destination cannot be buried or forgotten just because the present demolished and subservient LOK SABHA is a bunch of despicable cowards and Sonia's "ar*e lickers". /// He will see the court case for fraud and illegal commission against BOFORS CHOR properly dealt with and taken to CONCLUSION. It cannot be buried or forgotten due to TERROR of SONIA KHAN or Mohammed on the TERRITORY OF SRI RAM and GURU GOBIND SINGH. /// Manmohan Singh, in his present job due to TOTAL COLLAPSE OF MANLINESS AND WILL OF THE ONCE BRAVE HINDU NATION, has disappointed me totally and I wondered about his motivation to serve Dirty Dynasty and on his Collapse as a Sikh, not only as a Hindu./// We should all be most grateful for this eye opening posting by a patriot (below). /// 04 Nov 05. =========================/// In a message dated 04/11/2005 06:53:43 GMT Standard Time, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX writes:/// The rise and fall of 'Crooks & Cocaine' By Robert Miller (Filed: 03/11/2005)/// How an unremarkable international bank became the focus of major investigations by authorities around the world http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/main.jhtml?xml=/money/2005/11/03/ccbcci03.xml&sSheet=/money/2005/11/03/ixcitytop.html/// *******************************************************************//// The legal fight/// BCCI collapsed in 1991 owing $16 billion and the BoE battle has lasted 12 years The trial began in January 2004 and made history for the two longest opening speeches = 119 days for the Bank, 80 for Deloitte./// Costs: Deloittes 38 million Pounds; BoE 70 million Pounds/// ***************************************************/// The origins of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International were quite unexceptional. Founded in 1972 by Pakistan's Agha Hassan Abedi and a group of wealthy investors, BCCI was incorporated in Luxembourg, with a London base, because the founders feared they might be caught up in the proposed nationalization of Pakistan's banking industry./// By 1980, BCCI had a Bank of England licence as a deposit taker, but without full banking powers and was on the way to becoming a worldwide operation employing 14,000 at 400 branches in 73 countries. It was supervised by the Bank of England as well as the authorities in Luxembourg and the Cayman Islands./// BCCI's main claim to fame was the generous rates of interest it paid to depositors including a number of local authorities. The Western Isles Council, for example, had 24m invested, while Westminster had 3.5m and Harlow 3.5m. In total it had 150,000 depositors worldwide of whom around 6,000 were UK-based, including many of BCCI's own staff. /// In 1987 accountant Price Waterhouse was appointed as worldwide auditor to BCCI, while the Bank of England, the Luxembourg Monetary Institute and others formed a College of Regulators to co-ordinate supervision of what had become a huge international banking operation./// A year later, though, marked the beginning of the end as a US Senate sub-committee began to investigate allegations that BCCI was involved in money laundering for drug dealers and corrupt businessmen as well as having links to the Panamanian dictator General Manuel Noriega. The bank was quickly dubbed the Bank of Crooks and Cocaine International. In 1988, in a scene more akin to a movie than real life, undercover officials from the US Internal Revenue Service staged a wedding party to lure several BCCI executives to Tampa in Florida in a sting against the alleged money launderers. In January 1990, four officers were convicted in the Tampa case and the bank paid a fine of $14.8m. By now, BCCI was on the ''watch'' list of its supervisory bodies around the world. Only months after the conclusion of the Florida case, Price Waterhouse alleged the bank's 1989 accounts contained "false or deceitful" transactions and Abu Dhabi, which had become BCCI's majority shareholder, pumped in $600m to raise its stake to 77.4pc. The fraudsters had even stolen 335m from the account of Sheikh Zayed, the ruler of Abu Dhabi. More bad news came in October 1990. The accountancy firm said BCCI "may have colluded with major customers to misstate or disguise the real purpose of significant transactions". Mr Abedi, who had retired after a heart attack, severed his ties and former colleague Saleh Naqvi resigned. As the investigations into BCCI were stepped up, Price Waterhouse concluded in a June 1991 report there was "evidence of massive and widespread fraud" over many years. The following month the Bank of England ordered the closure of BCCI in a co-ordinated action with central banks in the US, Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, Spain and France. In the UK. the Serious Fraud Office launched an inquiry and this led to a total of six trials that ended in convictions of all the main defendants. This included 14-year prison term for Abbas Gokal, who was arrested with the help of German authorities when he was spotted on a Pakistan Airlines flight refuelling en route to America. /// Who permitted BCCI to open its branch in India? Our PM Manmohan Singh. Read the parliamentary proceedings given below:- http://parliamentofindia.nic.in/ls/lsdeb/ls10/ses1/0306089101.htm RE. BANK OF CREDIT & COMMERCE INTERNATIONAL /// The present Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh was under the payroll of Pakistan's ISI for permitting the opening of the Pakis bank BCCI, also known as ISI bank in India while he was RBI governor against the advice of RAW. Manmohan lied under oath that he was an ordinary resident of Assam, to become an M. P. from Rajya Sabha. As finance minister in 1991, he provided Rs. 100 Crores to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, a private trust headed by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, a private citizen, in his maiden budget at a time when India was facing the worst financial crises since Independence and our gold was pawned for getting foreign exchange to finance our imports. Abedi the Paki who started the BCCI happened to be a major donor to the Indira Gandhi memorial foundation, money donated by ISI, and the foundation was later controlled by Sonia. The first Indira Gandhi Peace Prize was awarded to Yasser Arafat, with money donated by Abedi! In addition, several members of the Gandhi trusts have close ties to Pakistan. A high official of the Nehru Museum and Library was a Pakistani. As per U.S. Congressional hearing records Indira Gandhi's family of Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi, were on the payroll of the Pakistani Banker the late Agha Hassan Abedi, who founded the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI). All this are available in the U.S. Congressional hearing records. Antonia Maino alias Sonia was working in London for one Thassir an ISI operative who had an office in Dubai as well. India is being run by two ISI agents and thus we see an increase in muslim terrorist activity all over India and christian terrorist activity in North East India. Manmohan Singh is now our PM. Sonia the foreign agent is the de facto PM. Sonia received the Sadam Oil Bribe as well as the foreign minister Natwar Singh. Another central minister is being arrested who was evading arrest for the last 16 years. An Rs1000 crore thief Laloo is our Railway minister. India never had such a concentration of criminals in the central government. Meanwhile Sonia is busy filling up all state DGP, RAW, and other senior posts with christians and muslims. The criminals never had it so good in India. //// Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv/// Scandal seeped into every corner of Britain /// The hunt for missing billions /// http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/story/0,3604,1607197,00.html/// Jill Treanor, Thursday November 3, 2005, The Guardian /// Anyone wanting to witness the collapse of the claim by the liquidators of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International yesterday might have been surprised to find no mention of accountants Deloitte on the Royal Courts of Justice daily cause list. The claim was in fact brought in the name of Three Rivers, a district council in Hertfordshire. Its involvement demonstrates the extent to which the collapse of BCCI touched many parts of British life./// As the scandal unfolded it emerged that the Luxembourg-incorporated bank had 30,000 British account-holders at the time of its collapse. /// Some were local councils. Among them were the Western Isles, the City of Westminster and Harlow. But individuals were tied up in the debacle too, particularly the Asian community because of the bank's links to India, Pakistan and the Middle East. Many Asian customers were owners of corner shops and other small businesses. In total, the bank has more than 70,000 creditors spread across the world. The liquidators from Deloitte, who were called in shortly after BCCI officially collapsed at noon on July 5 1991, have trawled 70 countries to recoup money for those who lost a combined $10bn (5.6bn). It became known as the most complex fraud the world has seen, yielding cash for drug barons and dictators. Even the more recent collapse of the British bank Barings or US telecoms company WorldCom failed to equal BCCI because of the complexity faced by liquidators in unravelling the mess. Their work is not yet complete. Deloitte has recouped 75% of depositors' losses, having won settlements from the likes of Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers and the sheikh and government of Abu Dhabi, one of the United Arab Emirates. By December they will have paid 81% of the losses in dividends. The liquidators indicated to the 6,500 BCCI creditors it represents in Britain that victory against the the Bank of England could bring that up to 87% or 88%. Such hopes were dashed yesterday. The Bank intends to claim as much as 70m (it actually spent 85m) to cover its costs for the trial which has run for almost two years. In 1993, when the claim was brought against the Bank, the liquidators had little hope of getting back more than 10% of the losses incurred by depositors and customers. /// Timeline: BCCI case /// http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/story/0,3604,1607199,00.html/// Thursday November 3, 2005/// The Guardian /// 1972 Pakistani banker Agha Hasan Abedi founds the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, incorporated in Luxembourg with headquarters in London Mid-1980s BCCI earns a reputation as a banker to drugs cartels, arms smugglers, dictators and the CIA July 5 1991 BCCI is found to be riddled with fraud and collapses with liabilities of $14bn. The Bank of England declares that it may never have been profitable in its history. The size of the debts is later reduced to $10bn Late 1991 Deloitte begins the process of trying to recover money for creditors. The first agreement is reached in February 1992 but creditors have to wait until December 1996 for their first dividend after legal wranglings in courts in Luxembourg Spring-Summer 1992 During the spring and summer of 1992 Abu Dhabi, a major shareholder in the bank, offers compensation to give creditors 30-40% of their money back October 1992 The Bank of England's supervision of BCCI is severely criticised in the report of Lord Justice Bingham's independent inquiry May 24 1993 The liquidators issue the writ against the Bank of England for malicious recklessness against 22 Bank officials who oversaw the supervision of BCCI April 1997 Abbas Gokal, whose Gulf Group was a major borrower from BCCI, is found guilty of false accounting and conspiracy to default. He is sentenced to 14 years imprisonment and must serve a further three years because he has not paid 3m to the liquidators May 2003 The liquidators admit that the search for cash, which has spanned 70 countries and affects more than 70,000 creditors, has run up costs of $1.2bn January 2004 The case against the Bank of England begins. It ended yesterday after 255 days and having won a place in legal history books thanks to the Bank's QC Nicholas Stadlen's record-breaking 119-day opening address /// ...........................000000000