Date: 11/4/2005


AND TO THINK THAT MUSLIMS OUGHT TO HAVE BEEN EXTERMINATED ON THE DAY OF "RAPE AND MUTILATION" OF EVERYONE'S MOTHER "INDIA", OR INTERNED LIKE THE JAPANESE LIVING IN AMERICA WHEN JAPAN INVADED USA DURING WORLD WAR 2. /// October 31, 2005 /// MUSLIMS ARE THE MAJORITY IN INDIA /// Recently the Supreme Court of India made a judgment in such a way that when analyzed, it says that Muslims in India are the majority. This is what the Supreme Court of India said on whether the Jain community constitutes a national minority or not. “The Jain community had pleaded that it be regarded as a minority under the Constitution of India. Rejecting the claim unhesitatingly, the Court said Jains are integral to the Hindu faith. /// It did not stop at that. It exposed the naked fact that there is an absence of a constitutional, political majority in India. It further said, ‘In a caste-ridden and religious sects Bharatiya (India) society, no section or distinct group of people can claim to be in majority.’ That is, according to the court, Hindus are not a majority. We have the paradox of an ever-expanding list of minorities on the one hand, and on the other hand, a non-existent majority! Yet, the seculars keep warning us about ‘majoritiarianism’ threatening to extinguish all minorities while the highest court has in effect lamented that we keep generating more and more minorities instead of assimilating the existing ones. S. Gurumurthy said, “India is a country full of minorities with no majority.” /// Historically, how did the idea of minorities and the demand for their special care and protection originate in our Constitution? This is how, it is traced to the British attempt to form separate electorates on the basis of population of Hindus and Muslims which led to a demand for reservations of constituencies and seats in the first elected government to be formed in free India.” This was the British policy to divide and rule. We are still victims of this undemocratic policy, which is still effect. /// Presently in India there is a 20% population of Muslims and not a single Hindu group which equals 20% of the population, therefore, Muslims are the most organized religious group in India. The news media is now claiming that this minority status that has been given to Muslims is a political game for the vote bank. /// Sonya Gandhi, the President of the Congress party is in the process of promoting “Reservation Guarantee” giving 5% of Government jobs and 5% of College entry to the so called Muslim minority. /// In a true democracy everybody is equal and nobody is given more or less rights. If a community has less education and money, then open more schools. In India there are 100,000 villages that have no schools. Maybe the Government needs to focus more on education. We should unite all communities and not divide communities by providing special rights according to your religion. What kind of secularism is that? It’s time for equality in India’s democracy. /// Professor Bharat J. Gajjar /// ...............................000000000