Date: 11/6/2005


Traitor Sonia Gandhi should be arrested, investigated, tried as a criminal and stripped of her citizenship./// Natwar Singh of the UPA Government was in opposition when he carried a letter from the Congress president and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi to the Iraqi president Saddam Hussain. As Sonia Gandhi or her Congress party was not in power, any correspondence with the head of another nation needs to be cleared by the Indian Government that was in power at that time. Apparently Sonia Gandhi alias Antonia Maino was offering her service to Saddam Hussain with out the knowledge of the Indian government and subsequently forced Indian government to pass a resolution in favour of Iraq in our parliament. This action of Sonia is nothing but treachery. Sonia Gandhi and her agent Natwar Singh were paid separately and handsomely with oil bribe by Saddam Hussain. It is for the first time an Indian political party is proven to be on the payroll of a dictator of another nation and our nation is shamed beyond repair, by the UN report in which Congress party of Sonia and the Indian FM are named as parties that received bribes. We Indians have a right to know what Sonia wrote to Saddam Hussain. Sonia is the real criminal. Coming from a mafia nation she has taken over the congress party using thugs, and throwing out the previous congress president. She is a traitor who wrote and offered her service for another nation, in return for favours. This letter was written without the knowledge of the Indian government then in power. Sonia Gandhi should be arrested, investigated and stripped of her citizenship. The scam came out more than a year ago and I wrote about it. The media and political parties demanded and investigation. Yet the government never bothered to investigate such a treachery by a foreign lady who was foisted on the Nehru family in India by external spy agencies. Sonia should be prosecuted as an international criminal for treachery and for soliciting bribe and collecting it on behalf of a national political party and she should be stripped of her Indian citizenship. /// Bribes to Indian Congress Party by: N.Krishna June 25, 2004 /// Manmohan could be the original ISI agent as he permitted the ISI bank BCCI to operate in India against the advise of RAW in 1983 while he was the RBI governor. Please read the parliamentary proceedings MOTION RE. COLLAPSE OF THE BANK OF CREDIT AND COMMERCE INTERNATIONAL (OVERSEAS) LIMITED/// /// BCCI CONSTITUTED INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL CRIME ON A MASSIVE AND GLOBAL SCALE, Read the US Senate reports. BCCI's activities in India, its relationship with BOFORS fame Hinduja family is well known. Mani Shankar Aiyar is a pro-Pakistani - from the Jinnah House in Mumbai to Kashmir and wants Kashmir to be given to Pakis. If the Pak secret achieves are opened Congress will be linked to ISI of Pakistan like that with KGB archives. In 1966 Sonia worked for an ISI operative Salman Thassir in London. It is now confirmed that Indira Gandhi and Sonia was on the payroll of KGB. U.S. Congressional records shows, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv and Sonia, were on the payroll of Paki Banker Abedi, of Pak ISI Bank BCCI. How 2 ISI agents Sonia and Manmohan can to do anything about the muslim terrorist attacks. /// .................................000000000