Date: 11/20/2005


AFTER INVITING MOHAMMEDAN WOLVES AND TIGERS, CHRISTIAN AND SECULAR GOATS CANNOT HOPE FOR LONG LIFE./// You Get What You Pay For /// Posted November 20, 2005 /// 6:30 AM GMT Copyright 2005 The Anti-Terrorism Coalition /// On October 27, 2005, two teens suspected of a burglary were on the run from the police in France. The two teenage Muslims hid in a power station and were electrocuted. Immediately, police were blamed for the deaths of these two Islamic criminals and soon, hundreds if not thousands of Muslims were out on the streets throwing rocks, molotov cocktails, shooting at non-Muslims, and even setting people on fire. /// In these past two weeks, since the violence began, thousands of vehicles and hundreds of businesses, buildings, including schools, and according to some reports, Churches, have been damaged by these vandals. The rioters (as they are called), claim that the police discriminated against the two teenage criminals because they were Muslim. However, France, as most Western European countries, is known for its Socialism and "tolerance" towards everyone. Moreover, France encouraged Islamic immigration and passed laws restricting freedom of speech, in order to combat discrimination. It is even illegal to openly critize Islam or Muslims online in France and several French anti-terrorism websites have been shut down for "discriminating" against Islam and/or Muslims. /// France is well-known for its massive welfare system, which is mostly used by France's Islamic population, yet most of those people don't get jobs after years and years. The world and France both claim that the there is "racism," "discrimination," and "poverty" and that's why these riots occurred and are still in progress. However, with all those so-called "anti-discrimination laws," it is almost impossible for there to be discrimination. Could it be that these riots are more than just riots fueled by French racism? /// It just so happens that several bomb-making factories were found right in the middle of France and those factories surely couldn't have sprung up overnight. They have to have been there for at the very least months, if not years and where have we seen that before? Iraq? Afghanistan? That's right! Islamic terrorists are operating in France as well and perhaps the only racism that exists in France is against the French and not by the French. This round of Islamic terrorism has also spread to countries like Belgium and Denmark and in many cases, these so-called rioters have stated that "this land belongs to us." This was exactly what some of the Danish Islamic terrorists stated earlier this week when rioting in Denmark. Would anyone who was a victim of racism, discrimination, or poverty ever say something like this? /// For the past 1400 years, Islam has spread in this way, as Muslims are commanded to take over the lands of non-Muslims in the Koran. "And He made you heirs to their land and their dwellings and their property, and (to) a land which you have not yet trodden, and Allah has power over all things" -Koran: 33.27. /// The horrific truth about these acts of terrorism against France, Denmark, and Belgium is that all of these countries are deeply in the process of Islamization and as long as the French government, as well as Leftists and corrupt politicians continue to come up with "excuses" about what's really going on in Western Europe, Islamic terrorists will only continue to gain more power there, eventually replacing it with their own Eurabia. Western politicians must make the choice between cheap labor and national security, as well as freedom. The last two weeks of Islamic terrorism in France, Belgium, and Denmark should serve as a wake up call to not only them, but to all Western Nations, including America. If we do nothing, it can and will happen here. /// Of course, it is also important to point out that Western European ignorance, greed, and Socialism have led to this and if the Western Europeans would've never encouraged Islamic immigration into their nations or at least never allowed so-called "discrimination" and so-called "multiculturalism" to prevail over national pride, integration, and national security, this never would have happened. It's an important lesson to be learned: You get what you pay for. /// Copyright 2005 The Anti-Terrorism Coalition. All rights reserved. /// ...............................000000000