Date: 11/21/2005


In a message dated 21/11/2005 11:52:16 GMT Standard Time, XXX.com writes:/// I still fail to understand if from all the passengers why only my laptop was I subjected to this test because I appeared different with Turban and distinct identity, and I did not find other passengers going through same test. Secondly wherever I have travelled so far the x ray machine has been used only for screening Laptops and mobile gadgets and passed for same in security clearance./// ============/// Please do NOT fail to understand it all any more./// The Fijian and the Ugandan INDIAN, too, as well as the East Bengali Hindu failed to understand as to why he alone was kicked out./// Do you hold an INDIAN passport? /// It may be that you hold an INDIAN passport. The whole world knows that an INDIAN has no personality, identity, decency, guts, conviction or loyalty. The whole world knows what the Pakistanis would do to a Hindu President as compared to the Indians taking real regal care of their Muslim President Abdul Kalam without batting an eyelid./// India's "Father of Nation” Gandhi was at much at home in his mother's lap as in Maulana Abul Kalam's bungalow. He did not see any difference between a Russian Communist and Senator Joseph R. McCarthy. He could invite them both to tea at the same time. When India was being chopped up territorially, he thought it was like cutting the family cake at his birthday. There was singing and rejoicing in Delhi when Lahore was burning. /// The whole world knows how India's greatest man of century Jawaharlal Nehru gave away LAHORE but kept AMRITSAR and SRINAGAR. And the whole world also knows that NO Sikh seems to be worried about his status in PARTITIOINED India, even in much reduced East Punjab or its capital on Union Territory. /// The whole world knows that an INDIAN can be bought for sixpence since India surrendered Lahore UNCONDITIONALLY to her enemies without charging a penny. Would America and even Portugal do that? /// The whole world knows that the “Father of India” Gandhi was as much at home with the enemy as with his own wife. The whole world knows that in India the top two figures are FOREIGN, one an Italian who is seated in front row of Parliament of “BABOONS” in Delhi and the other a MUSLIM who is a PAKISTANI by definition (Act of Partition of India, 1947, that divided India into Muslim Homeland and Hindu homeground). ON top of that India is in the firm grip of ONE dynasty since 1947. /// The whole world understands the ideology of this CONGRESS PARTY that is to “batter and bash the Hindus” till they fare reduced to PULP, and KILL the Sikhs, sometimes with sweet pills and sometimes with bitter bullets. /// The whole world knows that hardly any SIKH List touches such topics. The only safe place would be to see such Truth sent on to www.partitionofindia.com /// Best wishes for Sikh IDENKITY to be known at every port of arrival or call on earth. In the meantime, WHO will tell the world the difference between the TALIBAN and a KHALSA? /// Neither Sonia "Gandhi" nor Abdul Kalam will do that. Nor their BOFORS CHOR did that. /// What the “Mother of India” INDIRA (KHAN) did, was quickly known to the whole world, that the Sikhs are TERRORISTS and she was hunting them down. /// So, we are being searched accordingly. Why do we object. or feel bad. about it if we are reconciled to our POLITICAL status under the foot of Sonia KHAN and Abdul KALAM right now? /// 21.11.05//// ..........................000000000