Date: 11/23/2005


Posted on web by a learned scholar. /// Islamic Taliban guerrillas have beheaded P.K.kutty (Maniyappan) of Kerala in Afghanistan. /// Maniyappan, an Engineer with state-run Border Roads Organization, was abducted from his car in the Southern province of Nimrozon Saturday, along with his local driver and two guards. /// For decades (FOR CENTURIES!!), Jihadi terrorists have been terrorizing and beheading innocent Hindu women, men and children for no reasons. Beheading non-believers is a brutal practice sanctioned in Islam. /// In recent decades hundreds of thousands of of Hindus have been beheaded in Kashmir, Bangladesh and Pakistan. >/// >In order to justify such brutal murders, Leftists and Islamists have come up with farce explanations and corrupt root causes. Over the decades, we have had numerous phony explanations for beheading, suicide bombing and jihadi terrorism: Social change, peer pressure, poor toilet training, oral need, neighborhood, unemployment, poor education, poverty, whatever. /// These phony root cause theories are irrelevant distraction, because they substitute the real cause of kidnapping and beheading of non-believers. /// Leftists and Islamists miss the point. Where do they fit in? What causes Jihadis to commit such brutal crime? The premise that social changes cause Jihadis to commit beheading is wrong. “What,” we should ask, “is the reason why Hindus, Jews and Buddhists not to commit kidnapping and beheading the non-believers? /// We do not commit terrorism, beheading and brutal crime for reasons called "internal constraints on behavior" that most of us call morality, ethics or values and their emotional epiphenomena, guilt, shame, remorse and fear of God-the kind of emotions that make us feel civilized. we are not supposed to kidnap and kill a non-believer because we have certain standards, and if we violate these standards, we feel guilty. Guilt inhibits us./// > >Muslims are raising generation of kids without internal constraints on their criminal behaviour against non-believers. Muslims are brainwashed into terrorist behaviour at an early age. /// There are no intra or extra psychic factors that restrict their terrorist behavior against non believers. The excuse making industry spawned by phony liberals and pseudo secular journalists must be cognizant of the rigid Islamic ideology that is the root cause of jihadi terrorism and beheading. /// Babu Suseelan /// ........................000000000