Date: 11/26/2005


5 November 2005 /// APPEALS FOR EARTHQUAKE VICTIMS SOFTEN HINDU HEARTS AND MELT SIKH HEARTS. /// How many people, while seeing the devastated area and the destroyed dwellings, schools and businesses in Kashmir due to earthquake can look back only 60 years ago when Maharaja Hari SINGH ruled the State of J & K. /// These areas were populated by Dogra Hindus, Buddhists, Pagans and Sikhs as well as the Muslims. Not one is left alive today, some ethnic cleansing to which the world, even subjugated and intimidated Bharat, has remained blind. /// Since the British did not cultivate the art of writing or recording among their Indian subjects and coolies, and since later Bandit Nehru wiped out the memories of that SLAUGHTER and forcible expulsion of all the non Muslims from the whole of Western India, from Karachi up to Gilgit and Chitral, we cannot blame the simpleton Sikh and the kind hearted "nishkam sewak" Hindu for rushing forward to offer his money and clothes to the victims. /// The devastating earthquake of another kind less than 60 years ago is now "history" for most stalwarts of the disunited and demolished Hindu race on our side, and PARTITION and the accompanying HOLOCAUST are unmentionable, in order to appease one Abdul Kalam and the other Sonia Khan, as well as due to the ingrained TERROR of Mohammed imbibed in every INFIDEL'S heart. /// NEVER FORGET HISTORY especially after a DEFEAT since the victor is encouraged by his easy gain of LOOT and TERRITORY, and WILL COME AGAIN AND AGAIN as proven in our history. /// When those massacres were taking place, and the number estimated at TWO MILLION. that is no "peanut" as compared to the odd 70K said to be killed now (don't trust the Pakistani figures that are inflated at least ten times in order to get maximum donations, materials and aid from the world), a "Mohammed" then, looking at the plight of the Hindu destitute orphans and widows and the 15 million others fleeing with bags, and in rags, remarked, "Serves them right!" /// He added, "Allah has punished the Kafirs for their denial of Prophet Mohammed's divinity." /// Now the same Allah has "spoken\" again, just as He did when He dictated Koran, verse by verse, to an ILLITERATE rough tough heartless and woman hater beduin (who dangled the carrot before his warriors, "Capture their women and distribute them among yourselves,"), we are totally incapable of saying, "serves you right!" /// But recalling the scale of devastation of villages, towns and cities when decaying dead bodies covered the earth and blood flowed through rivers, and flames and smoke were rising from a thousand fires, and girls being snatched from their parents and others being abducted and raped all over, I could not be a witness of all that "Hell Made by Mohammed" like the British rulers, civil servants, military jawans, those in aircraft flying above our heads, and some foreign journalists in those bloody days and nights. /// I was fleeing with my parents and did not even look around like a pigeon who shuts its eyes when so many hungry cats are seen approaching. /// Only those who wear the shoes know where it pinches. Only those who escaped any ISLAMIC invasion, or onslaught, can know what I am writing about. /// Among them are the Hindus of NOAKHALI in August 1946, the Sikhs of RAWALPINDI in March 1947, Hindus and Sikhs of LAHORE in August 1947 and all the NON MUSLIMS of Kashmir in the autumn of 1947. Were they mere 70 thousand in number? /// But thanks to television now and THANKS to the earthquake inflicted by Allah that I can see a very minuscule scale of devastation on earth, perhaps ONE THOUSANDTH of what the world could not see across West Punjab, NWFP, Baluchistan and KASHMIR in 1947. /// Now, viewing the devastation in the same area where Mohammed STRUCK in 1947, my WRATH and ANGER against the BEASTS in human form is beyond the power of words to describe. /// I am a Proud PAGAN and not meant to surrender even an inch of that AKHAND BHARAT of 1947, even if I have to perish by default of Hindu nation, still split, divided and squabbling among ourselves. /// I differ from every despicable cowardly and treacherous "Gandhi" who accepts defeat on OUR behalf, and the new bogus borders without fight or challenge. /// Let us proclaim like Sri Krishna at Kurukshetra, Sri Ram in Sri Lanka and Guru Gobind Singh ji at Anandpur Sahib, "We don't provoke anybody, don't aggress against anyone, but if someone or anyone invades OUR territory, then by God, we will give him HELL and chase him back to wherever he came from, right up to Mecca, AND BEYOND, if need be." /// We are thus speaking for all the honourable NON MUSLIMS on earth who did not tolerate the NAZIS but now tolerate the Moammedans in our midst from Srinagar to Paris, Beslan to London, and their 52 crude and primitive ISLAMIC republics that regard the NON Muslims as second class if not THIRD CLASS subjects. /// There is no way that we should spare even half a penny for these venomous Muslims. /// We ought to let them see with their own eyes how it hurts the others, the Armenians, the Jews, the Russians, the Indians, the Londoners and even the Cypriots, and also tell the WORLD that from this very area in Kashmir, starving goat and she-ass riding Mujahideen and Jihadis were going across the "cease fire line" to kill innocent Hindus in the Valley. /// Their latest victims were over 60 Hindu men, women and infants, in Sirojani Nagar and Paharh Ganj suburbs of Delhi. /// Terrorists from this area made sure, with full concurrence of our own HINDU BASHING government in New Delhi, that the last Hindu left Srinagar in 1989 and was never to return. They were, and still are, all at the disposal of BIN LADEN and his AL QAIDA. /// Muslim men ("JAAHILS") from here, whose so-called education was only UNINTELLIGIBLE "Koran By Rote", went out to madrassas in Pakistan from where they went on to join the ranks of Mujahideen to go as far as CHECHNYA, KASHMIR and PALESTINE and joined the Al Qaida to take on the Americans and the British worldwide. /// Many then reappeared in the Valley to terrorise the already terrified Hindus. /// It is, therefore, "HARAAM" for each and every Hindu and Sikh, even Christian, to help these people UNLESS their rulers accept that Secularism is above Islam and are willing to unite Kashmir, then Punjab and finally Bengal under the flag of SECULARISM, not the provocative, repressive, separatist, savage and primitive flag of Mohammed of (Wahabi) Arabia. /// Does anyone think that Abdul Kalam, President of Hindustan, really loves Secularism so much as to commend it to his fellow Muslim Pervez Musharraf, who was born in Delhi? /// You must be kidding. /// Nov 04, 05 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Further follow up, Nov 05, 2005: /// REMMEBER, REMEMBER, THE FIFTH OF NOVEMBER!/// In the United Kingdom those who were crying, “Hang Enoc Powel!”, ought to be themselves hanged now./// Those who are cying “Ban BNP!”, ought to be seen off like the appeasing “Mahatma” MK GANDHI (the real Father of Pakistan) who was embracing his Muslim “brothers” while the so-called brothers were busy slaughtering his fellow Hindus across Pakistan, having invaded Kashmir in full strength on October 24, 1947. BNP hasn't said a word against the Hindus or the Sikhs while we are shouting abuse at them even louder than the Muslims who dominate the media in India and abroad. /// “What is happening in PARIS today will happen in London tomorrow,” conceded a naïve Briton at last who shuns BNP like the bat shunning sunshine. /// He was soon corrected, “NO my dear chap, what already happened in London on July 7, IS HAPPENING NOW in Paris.” (Hats off to the one who understands Islam in Europe). /// REMEMBER DANIEL PEARL?/// http://www.rotten.com/library/bio/journalists/daniel-pearl/ /// REMEMBER VAN GOGH OF BELGIUM? /// REMEMBER TASLEEMA NASREEN OF BANGLADESH (TRAITOR INDIRA GANDHI’S “BASTARD” CHILD, TRULY A BOGUS DESH) WHO IS ON THE RUN FROM ISLAM, “THE RELIGION OF PEACE” AS PER LABOUR PARTY PRIME MINISTER, TONY BLAIR, THE SAME LABAOUR PARTY THAT WAS “PARTY TO ABSURD PARTITION OF INDIA AND THE GREAT MASSACRES AND EXODUS ON SUB CONTINENT IN 1947”? /// REMEMBER THE DAY WHEN THERE WERE HAPPY HINDUS WHO FELT SAFE IN LAHORE, SYLHET, QUETTA, KARACHI AND NORTH KASHMIR, JUST LIKE THE BRITONS WHO FELT SAFE IN LONDON UNTIL JULY 7 LAST? /// REMEMBER THE DAY WHEN THERE WAS NO PROVOCATIVE MOHAMMEDAN FLAG FLYING OVER THE SIKH SACRED CITY OF NANKANA SAHIB? /// REMEMBER THE DAY WHEN INVADER MAHMOOD FROM GHAZNI (1025) STOOD BEFORE THE GATES OF GLORIOUS SOMNATH TEMPLE AND ORDERED IT TO BE DESTROYED COMPLETELY? “DO WHAT YOUR SAAHIB-I-KAMAAL AND AALI SHAAN HAZRAT MOHAMMUD, EXPECTS OF YOU!”, HE TOLD HIS SOLDIERS. /// REMEMBER THE DAY WHEN INVADER BABUR STOOD BEFORE THE MAGNIFICENT TEMPLE IN AYODHYA (1526) AND, HOLDING A COPY OF KORAN IN UNINTELLIGIBLE ALIEN ARABIC, ORDERED HIS BARBARIANS AND MUJAHIDEEN, “FOLLOW THE BOOK AND RAZE IT TO THE GROUND!”? /// REMEMBER THE UNPROVOKED MASSACRE OF HINDUS IN NOAKHALI DISTRICT OF BENGAL IN AUGUST 1946 AND THE COMPLETE SLAUGHTER OF THE SIKHS IN RAWALPINDI DISTRICT IN MARCH 1947? /// REMEMBER THE TWO HARMLESS MAGNIFICENT UNIQUE WORKS OF CRAFTSMANSHIP, THE TALL BUDDHA STATUES IN BAMYAN, THAT WERE AN EYESORE AND PAIN IN THE “A*SE” TO MOHAMMED’S “HARAAMI AULAAD” IN KABUL? /// REMEMBER THE MOUNTAIN RANGE THAT IS STILL CALLED HINDUKUSH? (SUPREME COMMANDER ABDUL KALAM, PRESIDENT OF CAPTIVE HINDUSTAN, IS NOT PERTURBED AT ALL OVER SUCH GRAVE INSULT TO HIS HINDU SUBJECTS WHO ARE MORE THAN WILLING TO KISS HIS FOOT AND EAT IFTAR WITH HIS TOILET CLEANERS.) /// REMEMBER THE MUTILATION AND PARTITION OF INDIA WITHOUT REFERENDUM, CHALLENGE OR FIGHT IN 1947 WHEN THE "FOREIGN ISLAMIC BULL" OVERPOWERED THE "NATIVE HINDU COW"? INDIAN MAP OUTLINE SHRANK BY ONE THIRD OVERNIGHT. /// REMEMBER THE RAPE OF KASHMIR IN 1947 AND 1989 TO WHICH THERE WAS NO RESPONSE BY INDIA EXCEPT THE “CEASE FIRE” AND VAJPAYEE'S "SAMJHOTA EXPRESS" BUS YATRA? /// REMEMBER THE TERROR OF HOME-GROWN ISLAMIC “BASTARDS” IN AYODHYA THAT PREVENTS THE SRI RAM TEMPLE COMING UP IN ITS ORIGINAL GLORY? /// REMEMBER THE ATTACKS ON INDIA’S PARLIAMENT (OF “BABOONS, MONKEYS & DONKEYS”, ADORING SONIA KHAN FROM ITALY AND ABDUL KALAM FROM “ARABIA”), AND NOW THE LATEST ATTACK (OCTOBER 29, 2005) THAT KILLED OVER 60 IN SAROJINI NAGAR AND PAHARH GANJ SUBURBS OF NEW DELHI? (MURDERERS ARE SCOT FREE IN BHARAT WHILE BRITAIN HAS ACCOUNTED FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM.) /// REMEMBER THE INVASION OF CYPRUS IN 1974? /// REMEMBER THE BASLAN SIEGE AND MASSACRE OF SEPTEMBER 2004?/// (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beslan_hostage_crisis /// REMEMBER THE MASSACRE IN MOSCOW THEATER?/// REMEMBER THE “WAH-HAYAAT” OBSCENE, BOGUS AND ARTIFICIALLY CREATED PROVOCATIVE AND SEPARATIST ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN THAT WAS CREATED BY IMPERIAL DESIGN IN 1947 ON THE SOIL OF SECULAR AND DEMOCRATIC INDIA? (MOHAMMED ALI JINNAH AND CLEMENT ATTLEE SUDDENLY EMBRACED EACH OTHER IN ISLAMIC BED.) /// REMEMBER THE BRUTAL MURDER OF TWO LITTLE SONS OF GURU GOBIND SINGH JI AND HOW THEY WERE PUT TO DEATH? /// (SHAME IF YOU DIDN’T DRAW ANY CONCLUSION ABOUT THE NATURE OF ISLAM AND KORAN FROM THAT BRUTAL TRAGEDY!)/// REMEMBER THE THOUSANDS OF HELPLESS FEMALES ABDUCTED, VIOLATED, RAPED AND GANG-RAPED IN PAKISTAN IN 1947? (THAT INDIA’S PARLIAMENT OF “BABOONS, DONKEYS AND MONKEYS” HAS NOT ERECTED A MEMORIAL TO THEM SO FAR SHOWS THE GOAT’S GENES THEY ACQUIRED AT CONCEPTION FROM THEIR DEMOLISHED HINDU FATHERS.) /// REMEMBER THE ORGY OF LOOT, MURDER AND RAPE IN KASHMIR SINCE 1989? /// REMEMBER THE CHURCHES SET ON FIRE IN RAWALPINDI AND KARACHI? /// REMEMBER THE KIDNAPPED FOREIGN TOURISTS AND THE BEHEADING OF THE NORWEGIAN IN KASHMIR BY FOLLOWERS OF MOHAMMED, THE SAVAGE? /// REMEMBER THE DESTRUCTION OF TWO WORLD TRADE CENTRE TOWERS IN NEW YORK AND THE ATTACK ON PENTAGON IN WASHINGTON IN 2001? /// REMEMBER THE MASSACRE OF THE INNOCENT IN LONDON ON JULY 7, 2005? /// NOW LOOK AT PARIS BURNING (NOVEMBER 5, 2005), AND FOR GOD’S SAKE ASK KOFI ANAN AT UNITED NATIONS TO DECLARE: /// “ISLAM IS AN IDEOLOGY THAT IS A FAR BIGGER WORLD MENACE THAN THE NAZI IDEOLOGY THAT STARTED WORLD WAR 2 AND THREATENED TO ENSLAVE THE WHOLE WORLD. /// “I DECLARE EVERY ISLAMIC REPUBLIC ILLEGAL AND VIOLATION OF UN’S CHARTER OF HUMAN RIGHTS THAT COMMENDS EQUALITY OF MAN AND WOMAN, AND OF HINDU AND MUSALMAAN.” /// ---------------------00000000---------------------