Date: 11/26/2005


6 November 2005/// "PARIS BURNS," so wrote Ch 4 Newsletter this evening. (below). We believe LONDON will be next. /// =========================================== /// (Quote from Channel 4 TV, 6 November 2005) /// Samira Ahmed with the latest from the Channel 4 newsroom./// Paris burns/// ======== /// We all watch in horror and suspense as the banlieues of Paris continue to burn./// Watching the ongoing riots in France raises three questions for me: Are the French where Britain was in 1985, when policing and a central government, blind to social reality, lay at the heart of race riots here? And if, as some say post July 7, multi-culturalism in Britain has been deemed a failure, what about French "integration"? Remember it's only a year or so since France pushed through the hijab ban in schools to reinforce the secular foundation of the Republic and the primacy of citizenship over religion. And where are the young women in all of this? /// Lucy Manning is live in one of the Paris suburbs that's been on fire every night for 10 days. And we have remarkable footage of events from the rioters' point of view, thanks to a team who secured the confidence of some of the "grand freres" trying to calm things in the banlieues. (Unquote) /// ================================== /// COMMENT by INSTT. OF HINDU IDEO.: /// Ch 4 has compared the burning of Paris to Britain in 1985 and many others compare it to the trouble in Ireland. But such comparisons are totally WRONG and misleading due to "political correctness" of our government that will eventually prove to be a trap. /// In all those cases cited above and also the Hindu Sikh divide due to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's politically motivated malicious attack on Golden Temple, Sikhs holiest shrine, in June 1984, it was ONE "family" that was split. Such splits heal up quickly and the families come together. /// But in the case of PARIS, the rift is permanent. It is the rift between separatist, repressive, savage and INTOLERANT Islam and the civilised and gentle proverbial "British way of life" that has acted as a magnet for the immigrants here, now becoming overwhelmingly MUSLIM, and menacing. /// The ones we are getting now are coming from highly charged ISLAMIC republics in Asia and Africa, and from heavily indoctrinated and brainwashed MUSLIM societies. /// Their cultural and political system is totally different from ours. /// In none of them do we see non Muslim minorities feeling safe. /// In none of them do we see regime changes as in a democracy. And by definition, an Islamic Republic looks at the non Muslims through the eyes of warring Mohammed who set out on his charger, sword drawn, to conquer the whole world. /// Within a hundred years of his death his followers did conquer the whole world as it was known then except about a half of Europe. // They had overrun Europe up to Poitiers in France and laid the siege of Vienna in 1683. It was from then that the United Christian forces started pushing them back, but sadly not up to Mecca. /// The rioters in Paris are all MUSLIM. There is not one Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist or even a Christian among them. The Muslims, collectively, have great mental resentment and hostility against their own ISLAMIC governments back home that treat them like dirt or with bullets and torture, especially Saudi Arabia, and they are spiritually (by Belief and common prayer in Arabic) linked to those at the "RECEIVING end" in Iraq, Kashmir, Chechnya, Palestine and Afghanistan. /// On top of that comes their deep wish to obliterate an alien non Islamic civilisation, however advanced and prosperous, and replace it all by the spiritual and intellectual darkness of ISLAM, KORAN & MOH-MUD. /// Iran, one of FIFTY TWO Islamic republics defiling God's earth, even threatened to WIPE OUT the State of Israel. /// They are directly linked through Faith, Belief and (permanent) common interest with those who happily carried out beastly atrocities, terror acts and murders at Moscow theatre, in Kashmir, Chechnya, Palestine, BESLAN, Madrid, New York and London. They have just added PARIS to the list of targets. It was so easy to set it on fire! /// They are also linked to those who chased out female writer Tasleema Nasreen from Bangladesh, imposed FATWA on Salman Rushdie, the Taliban who destroyed the two tall Buddha Statues in Afghanistan, the hijackers of New York's twin towers, the rebels in the Philippines and Thailand, the Mujahideen in Kashmir, the suicide bombers in Iraq and Israel, those who exploded bombs on trains in Madrid and London, the killers of journalist Daniel Pearl in Karachi and the Norwegian tourist in Kashmir, and with those who killed small infants at school in Beslan to serve Allah and to further the goals and ideology of ISLAM. /// It is a paradox that the Muslims while enjoying the comfortable life style of Europeans, wish to raze this civilisation to ground as they did to great civilisations in the past, e.g., Turkey, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and India. /// While PARIS BURNS, there is a perceptible glow of satisfaction in every MUSLIM heart. We will not see their leaders, not even from the United Kingdom, rushing out to pacify the arsonists and looters of Paris. /// They are watching the "victories, scores and successes of Islam" in France and hope the next night will be even more destructive than the previous nights all put together. /// With the number of cars burnt out and destroyed each night for the last TEN nights, the French society has been lamed. /// The demoralised French government and their police have been warned, "You dare touch a Muslim!" /// The French have seen the taste of DEFEAT and HUMILIATION. The French have been insulted and crippled by Muslim terrorists night after night. /// The French are AFRAID. And it is due to this TERROR of ISLAM that Hindu India after PARTITION, gave the top post of President and Supreme Commander to a Muslim. /// It is this TERROR of ISLAM that not only Tony Blair but all the 25 Heads of European Union have gone POLITICALLY CORRECT which means APPEASE ISLAM. /// The one who steps outside this "Ring of Submission", sees their cities BURNING. /// The French will reconsider their decision to ban "Hijab" that led to the resentment, that led to the fires and destruction of Paris, that will lead to the whole of European Union bowing before Islam, OR BURNING. /// And that is a spectacular VICTORY OF ISLAM over the Infidels- something like the Victory over the USA on September 11, 2001. /// 6 November 2005./// =================== /// To accept Mohammed's flag over LAHORE today is to see the same vulgarity and obscenity over DELHI tomorrow./// .................000000000