Date: 11/26/2005


A VERY UPSET MOHAMMED CALLS US FOR DIALOGUE./// BUT BEFORE THE DIALOGUE OF INDEPENDENCE OF INDIA, HE TOOK OUT HIS GUN AND PUTTING IT ON THE HEAD OF GANDHI, CRIED, ACCEPT PARTITION OF HEARTS, MINDS AND TERRITORY, OR I WILL PULL THE TRIGGER./// OF COURSE SO INTIMIDATED AND STUNNED IN SHOCK, THE COWARDLY MAHATMA, THE VICTIM, CONCEDED UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER OF LAHORE TO THE ETERNAL MUSLIM MORONS, THE TRAITORS. /// WHAT DIALOGUE UNTIL THE DAUGHTER OF INDIA STAYS ABDUCTED, IS GANG RAPED DAILY BY MOHAMMEDANS AND IS MADE TO CARRY THE FLAG OF ARABIS ON HEAD FROM KARACHI TO GILGIT, AND FROM CHITTAGONG TO SYLHET? /// WHAT DIALOGUE, YOU (DAMN) FOOL, UNLESS AND UNTIL YOU VACATE LAHORE AND SHIFT ALL THE COPIES OF KORAN THERE TO MECCA? /// MOHAMMEDANS ARE ETERNALLY TRAITORS AND COWARDS, TOO. FEARING DEMOCRACY, AND TERRIFIED OF SECULARISM, THEY YELLED FROM EVERY MOSQUE AND MINARET THROUGHOUT INDIA, FROM KASHMIR TO KERALA, "PAKISTAN ZINDABAD." /// NOT ONE BEAST IN HUMAN FORM, FED ON SEPARATIST TEACHINGS OF KORAN, REALISED THAT THE DEMAND FOR PAKISTAN AMOUNTED TO ATTACK ON OWN MOTHERLAND THAT IS LIKE RAPING MOHAMMED'S OWN MOTHER. /// ALL THE MUSLIM LISTS OUGHT TO PUBLISH AN APOLOGY FOR THE MURDER OF DECENCY, SECULARISM AND UNITY OF INDIA IN 1947 AND 0NLY THEN COME DOWN FROM THE CUCKOO CLOUD FOR A DIALOGUE. /// ./// O MOHAMMED, WIPE THE BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT OF MULTAN, LAHORE AND RAWALPINDI FROM YOUR SNOUT, AND THEN COME TO US FOR DIALOGUE./// EVEN A PIG IS HOLIER THAN YOU SINCE IT HAS NOT RAPED A KAFIR FEMALE./// NOW READ WHAT THE SQUEAKING MOHAMMED SAYS TO THE WARRIORS OF SECULARISM AND SANITY IN THE LAND OF SRI KRISHNA AND SRI RAMA./// ========================/// Muslim Muslim World /// 11/23/2005/// You are such a bigot. What are you a "professor" of - racism? /// If you have the honor of a man - then come to any Muslim web-site, open a discussion respectfully - and come learn how mistaken you are about your views of Islam and Muslims. /// Of course, as the bigot and coward you are - I bet you will not post this feedback for your users to read and i bet you will not have open, respectful public dialogue with any Muslim.. /// Whether you post this feedback or not - you know in your heart what is the truth. Of course, you are obviously not smart enough to learn about Islam or at least have the decency to have a TWO-WAY dialogue about your opinions. You have shown how great of a coward you are by posting your hateful words on this site - now lets see if you have any real courage and will come to have these discussions in the open. /// If you are willing to talk to a Muslim - go to www.cair-net.org and let's see what you have to say about Islam and Muslims. And maybe we can teach you some courtesy and respect of other humans which you obviously lack. /// Hope to see you there soon...(YOU ARE SEEING US ON TOP.) /// Muslim./// ----------------/// ................000000000