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date: 11/28/2005

typing assignment work from home

encouraging terrorists islam is fraud upon human race to steal the possessions of the humanity and enslave even its own followers. it has full support of the article 29(1) of the indian constitution. every high court & supreme court judge, mp & mla talks of the very indian constitution, but no body talks about the drawbacks of bharatiya constitution./// the article 29(1) of the indian constitution is root cause of the day to day attacks by islam. this article must be scrapped. the article 29(1) of the indian constitution is harbourer, aider, abettor and supporter of the islam. bharatiyas cannot get rid of islam without scrapping the indian constitution! for some people allah itself is criminal. allah boasts for being a terrorist. /// recent quake was the best time to insist complete abolition of terrorists organisations in pakistan. just look how pakistan kept cool in face of disaster...it denied personnel assistance. it accepted only indian money - (no indian peoples)-and only indian helicopters-(no indian pilots) - from india. /// pakistan can be cool and pragmatic. india does not want to learn to reciprocate. it could have insisted humanitarian aid to be accepted unconditionally, but it allowed pakistan to dictate terms. if india is not a soft bafoon, what it is??? /// time for pseudo secular indian govt. is which is interested in appeasing vote banks, to go. time to have a fair govt. in bharat. some of the issue to be resolved before india can be truly secular:/// 1. equal laws for all. why are muslims subject to islamic personal law in matter of marriage & divorce? four marriages, instant talaq, etc. so, why not subject them to islamic punishment also, such as chopping hands for theft, stoning to death for adultery.../// 2. no tolerance for religious extremism, even if done by minority. why is that one hindu making religious remarks is branded as fanatic in national headlines. vhp is branded as fanatic. but what about scores of muslim organisations such as simi, etc which are militant. at least never heard of vhp causing bomb blasts./// 3. transparent media. i am amused at the 'political correct' nature of media, not only in india but in west also. whenever muslims do atrocities or foment hateful statements, media goes blind, or reports as 'mob'. but any small thing by non-muslim is blown out of shape. slowly, media in west is getting to senses. when will bharatiya media see the truth? /// can we expect such namby pamby india to root out terrorism from its soil??? /// far from rooting out terrorists / terrorism from soil of india, it is being encouraged by following measures: /// 1. allow visa less access into india, via a bus service from srinagar to muzaffarabad. /// 2. open loc borders in name of humanitarianism without dictating reciprocal terms. /// 3. give millions aid of rupees, most of which will ultimately go to fomenting terrorists camps in pok. 4. plans to re-build infrastructure in pok, whereby terrorists will revive faster. /// 5. send cricket teams, instead of army negotiators. /// 6. withdrawing indian army from siachen glacier, which is strategically nerve centre of india. pakistan can squeeze whole india from there, once our army is out!!!!! /// 7. not taking advantage of indus waters treaty in favour of india. /// kill the terrorists on the spot. send these rogues to enjoy their houris and virgin boys in muhammadan jannats /// why fund and strengthen terrorists? charity to the pakis must not be in the form of hard cash. food, medicine and blankets are all that india should limit herself to. paki agenda is to buy the f-16s, using the earthquake as an excuse or for creating more terrorists for torturing hindus and for breaking up bharat further. /// india could spend this $25 million on her own deprived poor. $25 million down the drain for the pakis. why fund the rebuilding and strengthening of the terrorist madrassah network of pakis? what is saudi arabia and other well to do muhammadan nations' contribution to the pakis? usually muslims do not donate much money. most of the money as aid to pakistan as earth quake relief fund has come mainly from non-muslims. /// hindu organizations seeks reply /// by: aryavrt39@rediffmail.com/// if those worshipping other gods save allah were killed, (koran, the prophets 21:98), why muslims who worship criminal allah be not killed? if those worshipping other gods than jealous jehovah be killed, (bible exodus/ chapter 20 / the ten commandments/ verses 3 & 5) why those worshipping jehovah and his alone son jesus be not killed. if those not accepting jesus their king were killed, why those accepting jesus their king be not killed? (bible, luke 19:27). these slaughters have advantage for humanity. these would provide right to property manusmriti 8:308 & freedom of faith to human race and save honour & dignity of women. (bible, isaiah 13:15 & 16) (koran 4:24; 23:6; 33:50 & 70:30). /// if raping women of alien faith is free from blame (koran 23:6) for muslims, then how can muslims refute christians who have been commanded to ravish the women of non-christians before the eyes of the men of the victim women (bible, isaiah 13:16)? if those worshipping other gods save allah be killed is justified, (koran 2:191) how can muslims refute christians, who have been commanded by jesus to slay those who do not accept jesus their king? (bible, luke 19:27). if snatching the belongings of other person is offence, why the democrats, who snatched citizens?right to property, are not dacoits? where is the moral in that society that is owner of the belongings of the haves? /// muslims and christians are at loggerhead. they would devour human race. /// with all his might, the supreme allah could not increase muslims over christians in population. even in science, technology, arms and deception, muslims are far behind than christians. 27 islamic countries could not defeat small israel. how would they protect themselves from christians? now muslims are scared for the us occupation upon iraq and afghanistan. how would they protect their islamic countries on the face of the commands of jesus to slay those, who do not accept jesus their king? allah of muslims condones rape of captive women. when serbs kidnapped muslim women, made them pregnant, they were crying and cursing christians. how would they protect their women on the face of the command of bible to ravish muslim women before the eyes of muslims? (bible, isaiah 13:16) democracy, islam & christianity is fraud upon humanity and they must go. /// the worst threat is to the women of aryans and those dictator proletariats, who are neither muslims nor christians. it goes to reflect another important stupidity of muslim and christian women, who are breeding their own enemies as well as enemies of human race. /// muslims may note! vedic culture is their buffer. they are alive because vedic culture could not be eradicated. no sooner vedic culture would be eradicated their allah & islam would be eradicated by christians within short time. /// these economic and religious slave muslims are going to hell in graves since the advent of islam. they would remain there until the day of judgment. do they know who their tormentors are? the sheeps and the religious and economic slaves of jesus, who incidentally are their own cousins, are their tormentors. do they know why? the status is because of their lust for booty and sex! so long as they believe in criminal allah, they cannot survive. the reasons for their defeats are manifold. muslims are less in population and inferior in war technology. moreover, people of their own faith are assisting their enemies. they must switch their faith into vedic panth. they have no choice. /// now, they are, blaming their enemies for attacking upon civilians. however, what they did during their holy wars? they robbed & slew alien civilian men and raped innocent women. these too they did on the command of allah and his koran & jesus and his bible. so how can they blame their enemies for similar behaviour? /// the condition of christians is same. jesus snatches their man-hood and reduces them in to sheep. they are forbidden to apply their wisdom & logic. (bible, genesis 2:17) /// what is the indian army for?/// its duty is to protect indians not paki terrorists./// give guns to the kashmiri pandits and resettle them in kashmir under the full protection of the indian army./// while pakis continue with their jihad against all and everything, bush stands for helping pakistan. bush is hell bent on aiding and abetting the pakis. here is the latest from dawn when the churches were torched in pakistan. this news /// reminds of the advice once given by a paki. she told thus: "when dealing with the goras always remember these golden words: if you lick them, they will kick you, but if you kick them, they will lick you". /// from the way things have gone for the pakis since 9/11, it would appear like there may be some logic in these golden words. as the americans say in a war anything is fair. /// india should import the experienced war mercenaries from serbia to fight war against muhammadan sponsored terrorism. milosevic knew who the real enemies of europe are. god bless his soul. guantanemo is the proof why terrorists are not freedom fighters. /// who can play the key role in counteracting extremism? /// the al ?aida propaganda machine is expanding - its recruitments and public relation efforts fuelled by snazzy internet forums and videos pulled together by media wing called ?lobal islamic media front ?propaganda is a key element in al-qaida strategy to rally muslims to its cause, join its ?rmy?and meet its far flung timetable of establishing a caliphate. al-qaida even has a new online show, voice of the caliphate, which mirrors a traditional news program ?except for the masked anchor and quran and machine gun on the desk, aimed at the viewer. the al-qaida news network has even been showing an english language trailer for a film called total jihad. /// yet all the slick production value in the world can? erase the effects of big public relations gaffes. attacks on western interests in new york, bali, london and numerous attacks in bharat have inflamed western resolve in the war on terror, but has drawn mixed reaction in the arab world. to too many people, there is something admirable or forgivable in slaying of non-muslims all in the name of jihad. but attacks on muslims by jihadis are a different story./// good won? triumph in this ideological war between muslims and non-muslims until the entire arab world believes attacking muslims and non-muslims alike is dead wrong. but indiscriminate slaying chip away at his jihadi armor. bad public relation is its weakness. good won? triumph until muslims who have had enough, have the strength to defeat muslim jihadis. the muslim world must change the culture that celebrates self-immolation and that sick form of honor and pride that goes with self-immolation. if the desire for the murderous glory is what makes suicide bombers act as they do, then scorn them all across the muslim world on whose behalf, self immolating bombers are acting, may be one of the solutions of destroying jihad. /// ========== /// ..........000000000

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