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date: 12/1/2005

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part time jobs for stay home moms

in a message dated 01/12/2005 21:33:23 gmt standard time, xxxxxxxxxx writes: until decent minded people across the world show concern for the fate of the helpless (persecuted hindus in sindh, kashmir and east bengal etc.) and speak out for those without a voice, there is little hope for the hindu men, women and children who remain in pakistan. ============== when we read the phrase "across the world" we think of the problems, wars, starvation, civil wars, corruption, greed, fanaticism, fundamentalism and mutual quarrels among politicians in every country on earth. they have their own problems more than we can imagine. but here we have hindu brothers and sisters shooting off such phrased into the air and hope someone somewhere will come to help the hindus trapped in pakistan. we forget that this trap was made in india. when pakistan was created, everyone knew what was there in koran for the kafirs. the world and all its "decent people" have watched hindu persecution over six decades and done nothing. so, what change of hearts will the world have now for the hindus who are not 26 per cent as in 1947 but a mere 2 per cent now in pakistan? would the world not wish to keep them as relics of the past in pakistan like the red indians in north america? who came to their help? did the hindus of hindusthan? so it is futile to deny what god said, "i will help only those who help themselves." that is why none came to the help of hindus of noakhali, the sikhs of lahore, the buddhists of afghanistan and the jews of middle east, till the jews rose and established their own equivalent of hindu rashtra with a jew (not a muslim) as the "father" of their nuclear programme." now who can touch the whiskers of jew anywhere in the world? israeli guns and nuclear weapons will hit his head hard. hit his head hard. these four letter, hhhh, are well known to all the arabs and pakistanis and the bangladeshis on earth. we also need to have a four letter word for jenab abdul kalam sahib, who is supposed to be the supreme commander. theoretically this treacherous anti hindu "rat" is still the supreme commander of entire india that existed before partition and will remain so until the disputed partition is sorted out. that dispute will be sorted out only after referendum, challenge, argument or war. three native indian coolies in the pocket of viceroy mountbatten cannot just sigh off one third of india. can they? pakistan still happily sees hindustan under the crushing "hindu bashing" control of congress party that blessed the vulgar islamic state on its illegitimate birth the other day, in 1947. so, should we look to the decent people on earth, just as the starving and dying of niger and zimbabwe are looking? no, thank you. we must look towards the decent people in hindustan. are there any? if there are none to stand up for the hindus anywhere, including south kashmir and bogusdesh, then we are doomed. if our house is on fire, will we expect the decent people in mexico, canada or germany to rush to put it out? we are a land of twenty nine states and in area bigger than european union. not one european state out of 25 is the size of our u.p. both in area and population. we are known as sub continent. so how come, we are pathetically looking up to the "decent hindu loving people" on earth? one would like to know the answer before we go looking for decent people across the globe. the pathetic plight of the persecuted, bashed and vanishing hindus is the foremost concern and responsibility of the government of hindustan who surrendered those areas and the people, including mohammedans, to the devils. that devil has not seen us stand up yet to challenge him, to abuse him, to throw a pebble or rock on him, to hit his head hard. so, the islamic devil is continuing his work of wiping out the hindus from the face of earth, just as his allah commands him, just as it is written in black and white in his koran. both decent and indecent people on earth have been, are, and will be, minding their own business. even worse for us all and our image abroad will be to hold a demonstration in front of any high commission or embassy of pakistan. it is no need to tell them so visibly that we are the victims of islamic aggression. the moment they see us shouting slogans in the air from the position of weakness, their repression will be redoubled in sindh and elsewhere. muslims avoid the "charging bull" but grab, and lay down, the gentle cow, tie its legs up, and then do slow slaughter. now what about the hindus taking upon themselves, at last, the role and appearance of an angry charging bull (like the us in iraq and afghanistan), or even a wounded tiger? we will not only see the hindus in sindh feel safe and secure but also see the temple in ayodhya coming up fast. ..........................000000000

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