Date: 12/2/2005


POSTED ON SHAKTI LIST. DECEMBER 2, 2005. /// Esteemed members of this List, /// I refer to the two caustic/personal e-mails from some esteemed members of SHAKTI Discussion Group (below). I am asked, "Are you going to the demonstration in front of Paki high commissioner in London to protest against the severe persecution and barbaric treatment of Hindus in that country?"// /// Quote: 1. So you'll be turning up to the Hindu Human Rights Protest on the 18th outside the Pakistan Embassy then ??? /// 2. Are you going to turn up to the demo before the Pakisatani High commission ? Yes or No ? (unquote)/// ------------------------------------------- /// To them, my answer is NO. /// 1. It is NO because unknown to them and most ignorant Hindus, Pakistan was created by "highly charged / gone mad dog" Muslim MINORITY because they could "beat the Hell out" of the disunited intimidated ignorant and leaderless Hindu MAJORITY, and actually got away with their preposterous demand to reduce India by one third. /// 2. They rose as one man to commit HIGH TREASON because they had NO fear of retaliation. They saw the stupid "cuckoos" chanting "Hindu Muslim bhai bhai" when they were cutting our throats by the million and abducting and raping our girls by the thousand. //// 3. They also saw some brave Hindu groups here and there, notably in Multan and Lahore, go out in streets to protest against the formation of Pakistan. It is now proven, that HINDU HUMAN RIGHTS were BLASTED before the eyes of the whole world. //// 4. Our leaders like Nehru had to swallow the "MUCK of MUSALMAN" and our top "Mahatma" had to eat the DUST of DEFEAT. At least TWO, if not THREE, Hindu generations have grown up lying in dust, eating muck. Many are totally brainwashed by now and call the "political witch" INDIRA a "goddesss" and the worthless Italian born import SONIA (female "Mussolini, Columbus and Pope" put together) a "Saviour". //// 5. What happened then is known to the whole world. While the Hindus were demonstrating, while our human rights had GONE TO DOGS, and while we Hindus were being SLAUGHTERED, abducted and raped in broad day light, our leaders, yes, our own leaders, were embracing the enemy, eating "Iftar" with them, wishing them Eid Mubarak, thus encouraging the Mohammedan "bastards" to kill more of us, invade Kashmir and even recover East Bengal after its unconditional surrender to India in 1972. How did our INDIRA Khanum feel the pain of LOSS of LAHORE (and North Kashmir, too) up her ****? //// 6. In FACT, our own leaders signed off nearly 15 million of us to the BUTCHERS in broad daylight. Our own LEADERS cared two hoots for our crying & dying, our demonstrations, prayers and tears, and HUMAN RIGHTS. //// 7. Sixty years since, was enough time for our leaders and their dumb HINDU following to see the kind of human rights the BETRAYED Hindus have had in Pakistan. //// 8. Not only our LEADERS like Advani went over to Karachi to praise the Hindu KILLER "secularism" of MUD ALI JINN, but Prime Minister Vajpayee (the Hindu "RAT"), too, went to Lahore to shake hands with (the Muslim "LION"), the Butcher of Kargil. //// 9. Now Shree Manmohan Singh ("BUCKREE") has gone ten steps further along the road of appeasement and opened the routes across the DISPUTED cease fire line, and let them come and go as they please, taking all the seduced and abducted Hindu females with them. //// 10. Hindus, leaders and the led alike, have known the kind of human rights the very first Muslim (Mohammed bin Qasim) conceded to the natives in 712 AD when the savage Arabs brought Koran and Fire for the first time into a peaceful Buddhist/Hindu Sindh. //// 11. Those LEADERS of ours have not vanished. //// 12. What did these leaders do when Indians were kicked out of Uganda and Fiji? Thus, our human rights have been in mud for centuries, not just the last one year. And the Hindu nation has elected and re-elected the SAME treacherous delinked & detached leaders. //// 13. In FACT, the Hindu masses are still under the same GOVERNMENT of "dogs and bitches" who have betrayed the nation right from the dark midnight of 1947 when Bandit Nehru saw the glow of HIS own freedom. He effectively ENSLAVED the Hindus once again, putting them in the bogus "secular" MOUSE-TRAP where the nation cannot even breathe. He told the enemy in our midst to have all the ISLAM they want in Lahore but he told us to "lump" his bogus, stinking secularism of the slaves. //// 14. MUSLIM human rights became the first and the foremost concern of the FUNK (Mahatma), "Father of Nation", MK Gandhi. They still are in our Broken BHARAT. Did you see how the small Hindu retaliation in Gujarat hit the Central Government of India who are quiet over the plight of Hindus in South Kashmir? Do you see how the issue of Sri Ram Temple hits the Government of India and Supreme Commander Abdul Kalam, too? He has threatened to SHOOT DEAD a million Hindus if they advance towards Ayodhya to raise their Temple and TWO MILLION Hindus if they ask him to recover North Kashmir or East Bengal. //// 15. Much revered and worshipped "BAPU" Gandhi set the precedence to ignore the violation of Hindu human rights by letting them go ahead with massacre of Hindus in NOAKHALI and of Sikhs in RAWALPINDI and LAHORE, and of the Hindus EVERYWHERE on earth till he was eliminated by the bravest of us all, Nathu Ram and Nana Apte. //// 16. These two Hindu martyrs and the subsequent two Sikhs and the Tamil warrior lady, tried to liberate the Hindu nation from the fixed frame of mind in which we were, and still are, giving top chairs to our enemies. //// 17. Unfortunately the MINDSET of our SLAVE nation, hammered, bashed and butchered OVER CENTURIES, could not change despite the assassination of THREE "Gandhis" and we went on erecting their "samadhis". //// 18. The reality is that human rights of HINDUS are being violated in broad daylight in full accord with the hostile mindset of our own leaders being held hostage to ITALY & ISLAM, and our RULING and FOOLING (term used by Shri Arwind Ghosh) political Party in PARTITIONED INDIA. Real courage for us is to tell the nation and the Hindus all over the world about our real enemy. //// 19. None can touch a beautiful female if she has strong escort. But when she is on her own, walking through a dark alley, most certainly a Muslim predator will take advantage. Thousands of our beautiful females have gone to Muslim rascals and loafers, including Sharmila Tagore, the grand daughter of illustrious Hindu poet Rabindra Nath, because their "Escort" is EUNUCH or jackal. //// 20. Just see the KHANS taking liberties on Bollywood screen with Hindu maidens. Hindu masses PAY to see these films. Look at the ONE WAY traffic where only the Hindu female is made to convert to savage and primitive islam and forced to bring up her children, too, as Muslims. //// 21. Are these not violations of Hindus' human rights? //// 22. A strong wrestler or boxer can grow old or become ill. Then even a small boy can knock him down. A ferocious lion can also become a "rabbit" due to starvation and then RATS can jump all over its body. //// 23. However, not all the Hindus have DEGENERATED into "rats and jackals". There are some very brave ones, too. Some of these are now contributing their observations, memories and experiences to these DISCUSSION LISTS. //// 24. These Hindus are our INTELLIGENTSIA and they have realised the weakness of the Hindus and the CAUSES. This is brought out clearly by all the postings on these Lists. //// 25. These wise and knowledgeable Hindus know that we are supposed to be LIONS, now battered, bruised and beaten by our enemies who have conditioned us to do a deep salaam to any "malechch" or Musalman. //// 26. So the wounded lioness, our mother, says, "My cubs, now even foxes have the better of us and can bite off our tails for fun. One day you will grow up to be LIONS and everyone will be afraid of you. There is no need to make yourselves RIDICULOUS by demonstrating in front of their holes and burrows, but grow up fast and then take them on. You will then chase them out of the jungle and become KINGS." //// 27. So my thought on being called to join this demonstration in front of "PAKI/MALECHCH" high commission is, "I am a LION and will not degrade myself before these rats. I will rather attend to those who have made the Hindus what we are today." //// 28. I need to make THEM feel small and afraid by telling them, "Pakistan ought to be dismantled. Its ISLAMIC Constitution is a slap in the face of every NON Muslim's human rights in that country. Pakistan is like "spit" sitting on the face of KOFI ANNAN, the Secretary General of UNO and Tony Blair whose Labour Party created it in 1947." //// 29. When Al Qaida destroyed the WTC towers, did the Americans in Washington stand in front of the Afghan Embassy to cry and demonstrate for their human rights? Do we see the JEWS demonstrating in front of any Arab Embassy on earth? Only the VICTIMS, the BASHED, the WEAK, and the BEATEN take out demonstrations. The BRAVE and the HONOURABLE do not. //// 30. So let us keep away from that proposed demonstration in London that will show us weak and our plight so pitiable. //// 31. There will be NO improvement in Hindu Human Rights until the TOP "dog & bitch" is eliminated from the capital of Broken Bharat (Partitioned India). //// 32. The enemy (who cares two hoots about HINDU human rights), is OUR OWN CREATION. //// 33. By ignoring Partition, by NOT daring to erect a Memorial to the DEAD OF 1947, by not establishing a HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM, by not retaliating against ongoing slaughter of Hindus in South Kashmir, we are telling the whole world, not only the Pakistani High Commission in London, that HINDU LIFE IS DIRT CHEAP. Come and KILL us more. //// 34. Sorry to disappoint my friends on the SHAKTI List, I shall not be seen among those who are demonstrating, wailing, shouting, beating chests- Moharram style, in front of the "vermin, rats and mice" of this world, the terrorists and assassins, the MUSLIMS. //// 35. It will only please them, give them the thrill of being mighty and superior, and show the world media who is strong and who is weak. //// 36. Paki terrorists will have a laugh at MY expense. Hindu Human Rights will get FAR WORSE if they see us like weak orphans even in London. //// 37. Weakness INVITES aggression. When the news of this demonstration, with photographs, is published in Kashmir, the last remaining Hindu in the Valley will be killed or converted. //// 38. We need not be FOOLS after 1000 years of SUFFERING at their hands. //// 39. I expect my Bharat to grow up, to become a MAN, and then only, then only, deal with them as America is dealing with them in Afghanistan and Iraq. //// 40. In this battle for human rights and national dignity, America and Britain have ADVANCED while the defeated HINDU has RETREATED, or run away, or is seen crying in front of a Paki high commission. //// 41. By the way, have the organisers of this "Crying Hindu" Demonstration taken counsel of the INDIAN high commissioner in London? What has this despicable "servant" of ABDUL KALAM told them? Is HIS dignity separate from ours? //// 42. Until now it was the Kashmiri Muslims. the Nagas and the East Punjabi Sikhs seen demonstrating in front of the "nincom-pooh/ eunuch" Hindusthani (INDIAN) high commissioner in London. From now onwards we will also see the Hindus performing as copy cats. Who are our "leaders" and where are they? //// =000000000=