Date: 12/2/2005


Dear Friends, ///// Unauthorized colonies get constructed but nobody is aware of them. ///// Nobody is aware how they get the electric and water supply? Then, some leader comes up with a Memorandum to the Government to regularize the unauthorized colonies ostensibly to get the votes of residents of these unauthorized colonies. Some fuss is made by the Government but ultimately these colonies get regularized. ///// Unauthorized construction takes place by people on the Government land or DDA land. No one is aware of it till some PIL is filed in the Supreme Court and the Hon'ble Court orders that these unauthorized construction be demolished. Action is taken on the directions of the Court and the unauthorized constructions are demolished under Police supervision. Nobody bothers as to who were the concerned Government officers who allowed the construction to take place. Factories are run in the residential areas. No Government officer is aware of it. These factories use more electricity than is allowed under the rules but officers of the Electricity Department close their eyes. Then one fine morning somebody files a PIL in the Supreme Court and the Hon'ble Court issues notice to the Government. Government does not inquire into the matter as to which officers were responsible for the running of the factories in the residential areas but seeks time from the Supreme Court and announces that it would provide land to the factory owners at some other place. All the above illegal activities take place right under the nose of the Government but hardly any action is taken against the concerned Government officers or the concerned residents because they have got votes. Everything is blamed on the building Mafia but who are the members of this Mafia is not known nor anybody cares. If an S.K. Dubey or a Manjunath informs the Government and opens a Pandora box, he is shot dead. When will our Government actually act against the guilty Government officials or the concerned residents is anybody's guess.///// 000000000