Date: 12/4/2005


The Indians (HINDUS) have always hung out a large sign, saying “COME IN. BEAT US, DEFEAT US, and SUBJUGATE US. DIVIDE US. RULE US.”//// Thus the entire history of India has become the epic story of INVADERS and CONQUERORS since times immemorial.//// Pre Islamic invaders either integrated or assimilated and settled down in India to become part of the landscape. They had temples, gods and goddesses like the Hindus of India themselves and thus there was NO clash after the country laid down its arms and went under any foreign flag. //// This tradition was abruptly broken when the Muslims first appeared. They came not only for LAND and LOOT like the previous invade4r, but also to CONVERT the natives. //// The horrendous rule of MUSLIM rulers broke the backbone of Hindu resistance and except a few pocket of resistance here and there, the vast landscape resigned to their wretched fate. With rate exceptions the Muslim kings and emperors indulged themselves richly in wine and women. They couldn’t have hoped and prayed for better. //// Sexual indulgence on world record was only interrupted by internecine fights and periods of brutal repression of Hindus and their forcible conversion to hated Islam. Muslims were referred to as “MALECHCH”, i.e., unclean beasts. Conti8nuous beating, humiliating and defeats and insults resulted in a psychological change in Hindu genes. Instead of hatred they started loving the Muslims and still regard them “bhai bhai”.//// The British, who followed the Muslims, did not beat and crush the natives into pulp and thus kept at a higher plane of social interaction. Their fairer skin was a great help in keeping the INFE3RIOR brown away from the SUPERIOR whit3e skin colour. Thus the Europeans was never referred to “bhai bhai” but feared and respected. //// This has given us today’s inter community levels of interaction. Abdul Kalam, the President is a “brother” who can be trusted in the post of Supreme Commander while Italian born Sonia Khan is a superior memsahib who can touch a Hindu’s head with the other end of the stick. //// No amount of progress, no amount of education and knowledge has improved the INDIAN “BABOON” (euphemistically called Baboo”) the slightest bit. //// He is the sovereign in office, with desk and pen, now even with electronic notebook or a full desktop, and a free issue of lap top at tax payer’s expense to run the administration of a cracking system that was invented and “oiled” for over a century by the BRITISH rulers who took over from savage Muslim (euphemistically called MOGUL) rulers who bashed, killed, raped and abducted the HINDUS at pleasure and Will of Allah and took great joy in converting at the pain of death and destroying temples all over.//// The native “BABOON” is well entrenched in his post, in his chair and takes great joy in controlling and manipulating his superiors and demands a price for his attention. //// That price is lavish praise of his good nature, handsome physique and good heart moulded after Bhagwan Krishna. The other ways are even more effective. One is family connections and SIFARISH or a note of recommendation from someone high up, preferably a Member of Parliament or MLA who are all at the service and disposal of Italian born SONIA KHAN and “Musalman Beiman Shaitan Haiwan” ABDUL KALAM, the “father of Hindustan’s NUCLEAR BOMBS”.//// A word about ABDUL KALAM first. He is a PAKISRTANI by definition as per ACT OF PARTITON OF INDIA 1947. //// To accommodate him in their hearts, All (India Congress Party while signing the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of one third of India to INDIGENOUS Muslims promptly declared them a loyal minority, more loyal than even the Sikhs who were branded as TERRORISTS at the same time. //// The enemies of Secularism and “AKHAND BHARAT” were rehabilitated after they bled Bharat to near death. ///// The Constitution written up by a despicable subservient “Bhangi” called AMBEDKAR declared the Muslims superior to the Hindus by deleting any mention of Partition. One has only to see the praises lavished on this TRAITOR who is said to have given BROKEN BHARAT the best possible CONSTITUTION on earth. The mental coolie did not mention PARTITION, LAHORE or East Bengal to appease Global Islam. //// Now back to our BABOON. The most effective way to move his mind and hand is BRIBERY. //// The “”MONKEY” has a strong and compelling precedence. That is RAJIV GANDHI, Son of a “Bi*ch”, who earned his notoriety as “BOFORS CHOR”. There is a case pending against him for DECADES but the BABOONS who call him their God, do not wish to see him sentenced for corruption - NEVER. They would have to smash his statues and rename the Foundations and Institutions named after the “bastard”, they fear.//// So what is the result? The result of all this CORRUPTION and NEPOTISM, INEFFFICIIECY and COLAPSE BEFORE MOHAMMED is the grinding civil service and administration of Congress Coolie Colony India where nothing moves. //// There are MILLIONS of cases where people are crying for justice. IN VAIN.//// But these millions are TIMID “rats” when it comes to COMPLAINING since the ruling BABOONS have the power to liquidate them and eliminate even their distant cousins. //// So who will dare in INDIA, alias HINDUSTAN, alias BHARAT, alias P.I.S.S. (PARTITONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE) to try “BANDIT” JAWAHARLAL NEHRU at last for accepting Partition without transfer of population? //// If a BABOON decides to sit on a case, there is nothing the victim of justice can do. There is none to turn to. //// For good riddance and clean and corruption free administration, PEOPLE of India must put President ABDUL KALAM on the plane to PAKISTAN where he belongs. //// India, in the hands of BABOONS, is now once again ripe for OCCUPATION.//// ..........................000000000