Date: 12/4/2005


The Sunday Telegraph, London, of November 27, 2005, is close to describing England as an "Islamic brothel in the making". //// (See leading article below. For "Albanian" read MOHAMMEDAN or TURKS.) Significantly the paper uses terms like BARBARIANS, BRUTAL and PROFOUND SHAME. //// One has to peep into the motives and motivation of Tony Blair and his Government to see as to why he is UNDERMINING the well entrenched and deeply rooted Secularism, Democracy and even Church of England, in this country by flooding the island with ISLAM. //// There must be a motive. One can guess it. For conceding the vulgar demand for creating Pakistan, an ISLAMIC dictatorial republic on the soil of soft and secular India, there was a motive of Congress leaders and we now KNOW it though it is TOO LATE now to catch them and hang them, or stand them before the firing squad for their HIGH TREASON. //// With regard to Britain, the ruling (and fooling) LABOUR Party (the Party that inflicted PARTITION on India in 1947) wishes to see England turn into the likes of Afghanistan, awash with drugs. And with regard to Mafia and violence they wish this country to resemble Italy and Columbia. //// Prime Minister Tony Blair has started the ball rolling and eventually we can visualise the TREE if we closely analyse the Islamic SEED now. //// Here is the article published in The Sunday Times of November 27, 2005://// Britain should be ashamed //// It is difficult to believe that in Europe today, young girls are tricked, kidnapped, raped and beaten, then kept hidden shivering and frightened in pitch-black cellars, to be allowed out only to be forced to have sex with violent, drunken and abusive men. And yet, as David Harrison graphically reports in today’s “Sunday Telegraph” in the third of his series of articles on the trafficking of women, that is what is happening. //// The flourishing of that brutal and perverted trade - and there can be little doubt that it is flourishing - is a blot on European civilization. London and other British cities are the foremost destinations for the criminals and the enslaved and desperate women whom they viciously exploit. The dark and dank cellars where the women are initially held may be in Mecadonia, but the miserable unfortunates who are kept in those cellars frequently end up as terrified slaves in the brothels of London or Birmingham, to serve tormentors in Britain every bit as vile as the bullies and brutes of the Balkans who kidnapped and imprisoned them to begin with. //// The new sex trade is a horribly modern phenomenon reminiscent of the Ancient world at its most debased and barbaric. It is the dark aspect of contemporary developments that we are used regarding as benefits; quick and easy travel, increased foreign trade, the dropping of barriers between nations, and a less censorious attitude towards sex. The criminal gangs that have mushroomed in the ex-Soviet bloc have reacted to their communist-induced poverty by trading in the only resource their countries have which the rich economies of western Europe want: young female flesh. //// It is - or should be - a source of profound shame that so many British men lack the humanity and decency in sexual matters that would stop them paying for the opportunity to have sex with young girls who have been beaten into dazed submission, and who have lost all hope of emerging from the pit of hell to which their tormentors consign them. //// Tony Blair has at least recognized the seriousness of the problem. In his interview with the “Sunday Telegraph” a month ago, the Prime Minister promised legislation to give the police additional powers to tackle the traffickers in human lives. As yet, however, nothing has been forthcoming. The sex traders’ wealth, sophistication and manipulation, not just of the latest technology, but of every loophole in the law, should not be underestimated. As a nation we must be ruthless in our pursuit of the criminals involved in the sex trade. Those criminals include not just the barbarians who enslave and import the girls to Britain - but also the barbarians who use them.//// ......................000000000