Date: 12/5/2005


IN INDIA CORRUPTION, DISHONESTY AND NEPOTISM HAVE MADE THE COUNTRY READY FOR A BLOODY REVOLUTION. //// FOREMOST "DEVILS" WERE ALL THE CONGRESS MINISTERS, ESPECIALLY BANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU, FOLLOWED BY INDIRA KHAN (MASQUERADING UNDER THE NAME OF GANDHI) AND THEN RAJIV KHAN, COMMONLY KNOWN AS BOFORS CHOR. //// BUT THESE INDIAN "BABOONS AND BASTARDS" ARE LUCKY. CENTURIES LONG SLAVERY HAS SMASHED THE WHOLE INDIAN RACE INTO PULP. THE MASSES ARE ILLITERATE, IMPOVERISHED AND CANNOT VOTE INDEPENDENTLY. THEY ELECT THE SAME RASCALS, THUGS AND BANDITS AGAIN AND AGAIN. CAN ONE IMAGINE THE IRON HOLD ON THE WHOLE COUNTRY, THE SIZE OF SUB CONTINENT, BY ONE CORRUPT DYNASTY OVER SIX DECADES?//// ONE DAY THE RECKONING WILL COME AND THAT WILL BE VERY BLOODY DAY FOR ALL THE INDIANS WHO WILL PERISH LIKE THE ANT COLONY IN A FLOOD. //// =============================//// FOLLOWING, COURTESY ", ORGANISER" NEW DELHI. //// Sleazy oil deal://// Apropos Sonia slips on oil slick (Organiser, 20-11-2005); First, it was the Mitrokhin Archives accusing the Congress of having had direct links with the KGB that was brushed aside by the UPA government. Now the Volcker report, which alleges involvement of a Union Minister, has been dismissed on the plea that it is based on fallacies. The Minister says that he is being targeted, but one would like to know by whom. There is no smoke without fire. //// —Lalith M. Jajee, Bangalore //// * * * //// Its likely that there will be few takers for Natwar Singh’s claim that his name figures in the list of non-contractual beneficiaries of the UN oil-for-food programme in Iraq because he opposed UN sanctions and American action in Iraq. If the intention of Paul Volcker was to malign some leaders in India, Paul Volcker was to malign some leaders in India, n Iraq. If the intention of Paul Volcker was to malign some leaders in India, Paul Volcker was to malign some leaders in India, n Iraq. If the intention ofPaul Volcker was to malign some leaders in India, nPaul Volcker waPaul Volcker was to malign some lPaul VolckePaul Volcker was to malign some leaders in India, n Iraq. If the intePaul Volcker was to malign some leaders in India, n Iraq. If the intention of Paul Volcker was to malign some leaders in India, iciaries. The party cannot sweep the allegation under the carpet. Although the inquiry is unlikely to achieve anything substantial, the Government owes a responsibility to the people as the report follows the startling revelations in the Mitrokhin Archives. //// —Arvind Singh, Sector IV, R.K. Puram, New Delhi //// * * * ///// One cannot dismiss the Volcker report as politically motivated. The report is based on the outcome of investigations by a person nominated by the UN Secretary General. Paul Volcker may not even be aware of who Natwar Singh is but the fact is that he was external affairs minister. Shri Singh should resign on moral grounds even if there is no conclusive proof against him. //// —Govind Nath, Sector 14, Rohini, Delhi //// * * * //// Though there may be some weak areas in the report, that in no way absolves the Congress and Shri Singh of the charge that they benefited from the oil-for-food programme in Iraq. No preliminary report is definitive and no one who is named as a beneficiary ever accepts that he or she received commissions. Kickbacks do not surface on straight tracks. Shri Natwar Singh should resign and concentrate on clearing his name. //// —Hilda Raja, Chennai //// * * * //// Although the Congress and Shri Natwar Singh have raised doubts over the veracity of the report, it is necessary to understand as to why it has named only Shri Natwar Singh and the Congress. Between 1996 and 2004, the BJP-headed NDA government was in power and that government also opposed American action in Iraq. No doubt, the report per se is intriguing but the shadowy oil-for-food programme deals and kickbacks are real. A thorough inquiry should be conducted to expose the illegal, illicit recipients of the oil funds or the culprits who fabricated the report to sully the image of a few politicians. //// —Dinesh Agrawal, Railway Road, Rishikesh, Uttaranchal //// * * *///// The contention that the committee did not contact Shri Singh before finalising its report is not convincing. Though this opportunity could have been given to him, the fact that it was not is no reason to dismiss the report summarily. There is no basis for casting doubts on the composition of the committee. Instead of rejecting the report, the Minister should come forward and face an inquiry and clear his name. //// —Lokesh Kumar, Yamaha Vihar, Sector 49, Noida //// * * * //// In the past, the Congress had called for the resignation of George Fernandes when he was defence minister. It also forced Uma Bharati to resign as chief minister of Madhya Pradesh over the Idgah Maidan flag hoisting issue. Now it is the turn of the Congress to uphold the principles it preached. Shri Singh should quit. Let him prove his innocence and come back as Minister. The issue involves our image and prestige and cannot be dismissed of lightly. Instead of giving a clean chit to Shri Singh, the Prime Minister should clean his stables. //// —Namit Tyagi, Maya Puri, Delhi //// * * * //// The Volcker report has made three points clear that the findings were based on Iraqi records, an opportunity was given to all concerned to respond before listing them, and the committee did not say whether getting benefits was right or wrong. The Congress should leave the matter at this. If it still has doubts about the veracity of the findings, it can send a team to seek clarification from Shri Volcker and UN officials. Also it cannot be said that Shri Volcker had any personal prejudice against Shri Singh or the Congress. The best course of action for the Government is to ask the Minister to resign. //// —Gyanchand Upadhyay, Pala Sahibabad, Aligarh //// .....000000000