Date: 12/6/2005


BJP Think Tank - Debate /// Sonia is communal - Dr. Subramanian Swamy//// “Today we must be clear that the fundamental truth about India is that it has a Hindu character and foundation. But Hindus also must know that being a good Hindu is not merely going to temple and performing puja but a multi-dimensional commitment to safeguard the Hindu foundation of India. Ever since the UPA came to power, it is this Hindu foundation that is being eroded and devalued, for instance the arrest of Kanchi seer Swami Jayendra Saraswati on a bogus murder case. In fact, it is an announcement by anti-Hindu forces that they can devalue such an ancient Hindu institution without any reaction”, said Dr Subramanian Swamy in a seminar, “UPA’s travel back to pseudo-secularism: Disowning the Indian roots”, organised by BJP Think Tank in Constitution Club, New Delhi, recently. Dr Swamy said the recent declaration by the UPA government for reservation to Muslims and Dalit Christians was another assault on the Hindu foundation of India. “It is similar to the separate electorate promised by the British imperialist to Scheduled Castes. Therefore, patriotic Hindus must oppose this reservation on the principle that Muslims and Christians are part of the former ruling class of 1000 years and therefore do not deserve reservation. Reservation is only for those classes that have been exploited for centuries”, he observed. //// Dr Swamy mentioned in his address that the UPA government had given a free hand to Christians to convert but it blocked any attempt by other religions to re-convert Christians, i.e., Benny Hinn and Ron Watts had been allowed and treated as state guests even though in their own country in USA they were under criminal investigation. “Similarly, Israeli rabbis were denied visa by UPA government because they were coming to India to reconvert Mizo Christians to Judaism. Mizo Christians are considered lost tribes of Jews. Similarly again, Article 370 was brought into the Constitution to preserve the communal composition of Jammu and Kashmir so that Hindus from the rest of India could not go freely to Kashmir. But terrorists have been given a free hand to drive out Hindus and thereby change the communal composition in favour of the Muslim community”, said Dr Swamy. //// “Christian and Muslim fundamentalists in India have a clear agenda as to what to do. But Hindus do not have a clear agenda to challenge this. We have to recognise that the key nodal point of the Christian and Muslim fundamentalists is Sonia Gandhi and our agenda should be drawn up recognising this fact”, Dr Swamy maintained. //// Shri S. Gurumurthy, Co-ordinator of Swadeshi Jagaran Manch, while speaking on the occasion said unless we were not clear about the Indian roots, how could we find the deviations that were taking place in it? “Therefore we have to know and understand our cultural heritage. The evaluation of any civilisation is better determined during war times rather than peaceful periods. If we see history we find that except during the reign of King Ashoka, no other time religion was used as a basis of governance. In other words, we have inherited a secular Constitution for ages. Our country has not only recognised different faiths but also has accorded due respect to them. For example, the Jews and Parsis who migrated to the country were treated equally and this allowed them to flourish. Ironically, no one has the answer as to how a doctrinally intolerant Islam can live together with an inherent tolerant Hinduism”, said Shri Gurumurthy. //// Prof Vijay Kumar Malhotra, speaking about the dwindling Hindu population in Pakistan and Bangladesh, asked sarcastically where all the Hindus have disappeared that lived in these countries just after Partition. He blamed the UPA government for following a biased curriculum in education at the expense of Hindu thought and culture. He also revealed that the UPA government was setting up committees with its own people and many a times the BJP was not even informed about the meetings. ///// In his opening remark, Shri Balbir Punj, Convener, BJP Think Tank, said ever since the UPA government came to power, it had bent backwards in cultivating the most fundamentalist section among Muslims to strengthen its vote-bank. “ On the contrary, it has blatantly tried to divide the Hindu community”, he said. He stressed that the combination of the Congress and the Communists at the Centre was fraugh with dangerous consequences and the people had to be alert and watchful of their sinister designs. ///// Shri Asheesh Shah, Member, BJP Think Tank, welcomed the guests. Eminent dignitaries who graced the occasion were senior BJP leaders Shri J. P. Mathur, Shri B.P. Singhal, Smt Najma Heptullah, Shri Vijay Goel and Shri Prakash Javadekar among others. ///// -000000000