Date: 12/10/2005


IN THE BRITISH PRESS Letter to Editor, The Times, London. Sir, We the Hindu refugees from South Kashmir have read with shock the letter by Baroness Nicholson, in your esteemed paper dated Dec 5, 2005. Since the Baroness is such a dear friend of the Muslims, please ask her to carry a copy of Koran and write on her bare bosom, “I trust my peace loving Muslim friends” and then go to IRAQ to plead for the British hostage under the bloodthirsty Sword of Islam right now. The following letter by Baroness, published in The Times, London, will be of interest to the Hindus worldwide, since, we too, have such clueless ignorant FOOLS sitting in Parliament in New Delhi who do not know who chopped off one third of India in 1947. Others don't want to know about PARTITION, not to offend their Muslim sons-in-law. The Koran emphatically states, “Do not make friends with the Jews and Christians.” (The table: 55). Furthermore, this British Baroness “Chicken” with a melting heart for Mohammad could have recalled the proof of this friendship in London on July 7 last, and ought to have been more pragmatic for she can also see what is happening in Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sudan, Lebanon, Nigeria, Cypress, Chechnya, Kashmir and so on. Incidentally, in today’s The Times (December 8, 2005) the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams has lambasted such ignorant and misleading thinking. He has elaborated on persecution of Christians, desecration of churches in Pakistan in his article entitled, “From the burnt Wreckage of Church………” ============ Here is the letter by Baroness: Cardinals point Sir, the comments of Cardinal Ruini (“Italian Catholics Advised not to many Muslims”, Nov 30) are deeply unhelpful to the promotion of better relations between Christians and Moslems, will have caused distress to mixed faith couples and will stigmatize most Muslims without distinction. I also firmly believe that they fly in the face of the second commandment, “to love thy neighbour as thyself”. For more than fifteen years I have worked with many Moslem colleagues from the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Peninsula, Turkey, North Africa and the eastern Mediterranean, and it is clear that they are our neighbors, not only in geography but also in values. In fact, Islam takes the very opposite perspective to Cardinal Ruini, as underlined by the Koran’s teaching that most Muslims should look on Christians as their closest friends. The rejectionist attitude of the Catholic Church, as expressed by one of the Pope’s a right hand men, casts a long shadow over the most profound EU values of tolerance and respect for difference, and as a Christian, I call upon Catholics to reject this review. Baroness Nicholson, Vice-Chairman, Foreign Affairs Committee European Parliament. The Times, 5th. December, 2005 (Would she know if in all the MIXED marriages she is thrilled about, how many Christian partners were MALE and how many Muslim partners were FEMALE, and how many of the Muslim spouses embraced Christianity. Are all the mixed marriages to the advantage of Mohammed and his global Islam?) ==================== Would the Baroness comment on the peace loving nature of Islam? Family Prays for Iraq Hostage 'Execution' deadline nears The family of British hostage Norman Kember are praying for his release as the deadline the captors set for his threatened execution approaches. The group holding the 74-year-old peace campaigner and three colleagues has said it will kill him today if its demands are not met. The Swords of Righteousness Brigade has not set a precise hour to carry out its threat if Iraqi prisoners were not set free from US and Iraqi jails. British officials have appealed for the kidnappers to contact them but so far there has been no word. On the eve of the deadline, Sunni Arab clerics in Baghdad asked for the release of the four Christians because of their humanitarian work and condemnation of the US-led war in Iraq. (AOL News, Dec 10, 05.) ===== Leading article in Daily Express, London, Dec 10, 2005. p.14. Lord Carey merits praise for defending Christianity. A leading man of the cross stands up for Christianity: it shouldn’t be an exceptional enough occurrence to make headline news. But in Britain, in 2005, it is. The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, has fired a counterblast to the handwringing of his successor, the self proclaimed “bearded leftie” Dr. Rowan Williams. Dr. Williams specializes in apologizing. He travelled to Asia to say sorry for the crusades, even though they took place long before the Church of England existed. But in an interview to be broadcast tomorrow, Lord Carey is uncompromising in his defence of Christianity. He says he is glad people have “risen up” against the ban on a girl wearing a crucifix at school. As a newspaper which brought the case of Sam Morris public attention, the Daily Express is delighted Lord Carey shares our outrage. He is quite right about how Christians should see the crucifix: “It is not jewelry at all. It is an expression of our faith.” Lord Carey is also correct in saying that most followers of other faiths are delighted to see Christians showing a more pride in the cross. A few who are not shouldn’t be indulged, be they militant Muslims wanting to turn Britain into an Islamic caliphate or intolerant atheists complaining about Christian theology in the film The Chronicles of Narnia. Christianity remains a key part of the British identity and Christians are entitled to rejoice in their faith. Anyone who cannot accept that should find another country to live in. =================== WELL SAID, DEAR CARDINAL LORD CAREY. If even one Shankaracharya in Broken Bharat could speak like you, then he would declare, “Those who don’t like our Secularism (and Temple in Ayodhya), ought to be KICKED OUT to Pakistan.” xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx KURU To accept Mohammed's flag over LAHORE today is to see the same vulgarity and obscenity over DELHI tomorrow. (