Date: 12/12/2005


ONCE THE WHOLE OF WEST PUNJAB WAS UNDER KHALSA (SIKH) RULE. THEN CAME THE BRITISH WHO MANAGED TO PRESERVE SANITY, PEACE and LAW AND ORDER AMONG THE NATIVES.//// THEN THE HINDU MAJORITY BEHAVED LIKE RATS AND JACKALS WITH ZERO SENSE OF PATRIOTISM AND GOT EXTERMINATED BY THE MUSLIM FELLOW CITIZENS IN 1947. //// THEN ALL THE HINDU TEMPLES GOT DESTROYED ONCE AGAIN THROUGHOUT PAKISTAN THOUGH A FEW SIKH GURDWARAS MANAGED TO SURVIVE. //// THE HINDUS IN PAKISTAN ARE STILL "SPAT ON" THOUGH THE SIKHS ENJOY ESTEEM AND RESPECT DUE TO THEIR COURAGE IN GETTING RID OF INDIRA KHAN ON HALLOWEEN, 1984.//// THE PEOPLE OF SWORD ARE RESPECTED EVERWHERE.//// BUT WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE GURDWARAS LEFT BEHIND BY DISAPPEARING, RETREATING HINDUSTAN (LAND OF HINDU "JACKALS" THAT NOW LIES CRUSHED UNDER THE FEET OF ONE ABDUL KALAM AND ANOTHER SONIA KHAN, THE WORTHLESS ITALIAN BORN IMPORT OF BOFORS CHOR RAJIV?/// ONE CAN SAY, THEIR PLIGHT IS PITIABLE.//// HERE IS THE REPORT RECEIVED FROM SOME WHO WENT THERE RECENTLY. //// =========================//// TO ADD to the eye opener account below//// Last night I heard from a RETURNEE from this yatra how PAKISTANI officials sit in gurdwaras keeping an eye on all donations and offerings. //// I am told that at Sri PUNJABA SAHIB there is a notice IN URDU urging yatris to climb up the hill to pay homage to WALI, THE DEVIL who threw stone to KILL Guru Nanak Devi ji. //// The notice says, "Then Baba Nanak befriended Wali, and urged Sikh sangats to visit his GRAVE too."//// Sadly most SIKHS on yatra do go up to donate MORE MONEY to the skeleton of this Wali whose body rotted in GRAVE.//// I was also told that hundreds of victims of earthquake have been housed in most rooms in gurdwara precincts that were meant for Sikh yatris. Now since PARTITION, there is hardly any Sikh yatri except Jathaas once or twice a year. //// I was also told of the THEFT of purse of a Bibi in that ISLAMIC "rob/steal" environment.//// To think that the area was once in KHALSA RAJ and later in manly BRITISH INDIA until the HINDU "jackals" (the majority community) surrendered it unconditionally in 1947. //// Even more sadly, most Sikhs have heard of India's Independence in that year but hardly anyone knows that it was IN REALITY, PARTITION of PUnjab, Bengal and Kashmir that saw millions massacred and many more millions become refugees in their own country with HINDU majority once again. In today's HINDU India neither President Abdul Kalam nor "Mother of Nation" ("Rashtramaata") Sonia Khan will ever visit any Sikh shrine in Pakistan, EVEN IN INDIA.//// I do not expect the SGPC to be up to the mark if the chief minister does not feel his DISGRACE & DEGRADATION by ruling the State of "Lions" from UNION territory of Chandigarh. //// ================== //// THE EYE OPENER REPORT ON A SIKH DISCUSSION LIST://// /// In a message dated 12/12/2005 07:02:56 GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxwrites: //// Dear Members,//// Whaheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh,//// Occasionally I wake up in the morning and switch on to Spectrum Radio FM 558 and listen to a very devoted Gursikh lady, Lucky Dhillon, her lovely Amrit Wela programme.//// Lucky ji covered yatra trip to the Gurduwaras in India and Pakistan during the celebration of Guru Nanak ji's birthday. //// She invites telephone calls from the sangat who tell her their heartfelt feelings and sometimes it bring tears of emotions. //// I was really surprised to listen to the accounts of neglected Sikh Gurduwaras in Pakistan and more surprised to listen that Maulvis are sitting in the Sikh Gurdwaras and they distribute parsad of 'Phulian' viz boiled and fried rice or some sort, to the Sikhs who visit those neglected Gurdwaras? //// This time it borought tears in my eyes not of love but of ...... //// Thanks to the Headless lions of Punjab. //// Any comments?//// Respect for Guruji Group?//// Sgpc? Will you reply this time?//// HARI SINGH NALWA WHERE ARE YOU?//// NAME SUPPLIED.//// ........................000000000