Date: 12/12/2005


Moghul contribution to India is ZERO. Butt raising 786 worshippers cannot do any good for the world community. Did the Moghuls build any roads?//// Moghuls were so busy in their harems, killing and converting people by force, building self glorifying tombs, destroying temples and burning down work of arts, sculptures and scientific knowledge, it is impossible to conceive if they could build any roads for progress except may be small dirt lanes / roads wide enough for horse traffic.//// ============//// Comment on above. I am looking at the phrase you wrote, "Mogul contribution to India is ZERO."//// It is great falsehood.//// If you have Rs. 100 and I give you nothing, then you can say, "Your contribution is zero."//// But if I stun you with a severe blow on head and then run away with your Rs. 100, my contribution cannot be called "zero". You, my dear friend, are left POORER. Instead of giving you Rs 5 (positive contribution) or giving you NOTHING (zero contribution) I left you MUCH poorer and devastated (NEGATIVE contribution). //// The Muslims did not leave India as they found her. That would have been zero contribution. //// To start with, they REMOVED FROM SCENE thousands of temples that they burnt down, razed to ground, plundered over centuries, not just in one year, 1947. //// Then they REMOVED from the map of India ONE THIRD of her TERRITORY and called it Pakistan. //// We would have been rejoicing today had they contributed ZERO. //// The "rascals" have even robbed us of five provinces including North KASHMIR, and have an eye on Ayodhya to leave us spiritually orphans. The spiritual RashtraPITA of (AKHAND) Bharat is Sri Rama, not Abdul Kalam, and real RashtraMATA is Sita Devi, not Sonia Khan. //// KURU To accept Mohammed's flag over LAHORE today is to see the same vulgarity and obscenity over DELHI tomorrow. ////( //// ................000000000